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As good as any other inspirational story. Spirited and heart-warming performances make Hawaa Hawaai stand out.



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79 tweeters have given Hawaa Hawaai an average rating of 4.7/5.0(?)

73 yays
4 nays
2 so-so
  • zs_zaheer: Hawaa hawaai...fantabulous creation hats off amol gupte n parto
  • YourMomsBiryani: Hawaa Hawaai was such a brilliant movie man. @Saqibsaleem was too good and man the dialogues of this was superb!
  • YashRJain58: Hawaa Hawaai is one good movie you should watch! @Saqibsaleem you were great :-)
  • yashitayashpal: Hawaa Hawaai... Quality cinema!
  • WorldNewsPub: Movie Review Hawaa Hawaai: Wish it had been a better film: Movie review: Hawaa Hawaai is random and loose Star Cast… http://t.co/tOrhJ9xzph
  • woodian: Just watched Hawaa Hawaai ... the movie simply rocks. Brilliant acting by all.
  • Whatsonmamind: Hawa Hawai..one of the most inspiring movies I have watched recently..kudos to Amol Gupte for his direction!#hawahawaii
  • vinayth: I give 4 stars to Hawaa Hawaai.. Partho Gupte and his bunch of friends were outstanding. Poor screenplay though.. Better than sallu flicks..
  • Varsha1901: Hawa Hawaai's first half was fantastic but second half was slow. Gupte packed in all the melodrama formula possible!The kids were brilliant.
  • UJJWALSHETTY92: hawa hawai I will give it 4.5 . The kids are so poor but there heart is so big that a rich guy would also be jealous of them #AmoleGupte
  • tomtrdg: Hawa Hawai is really a good movie. Highly recommendation to watch.
  • TheChiraggohil: Hawaa hawaai is nice movie go and watch it.
  • Tanweeer: Hawa Hawai kaafi achi lagi, kuch jagah gadbad thi per good things make up for it. Sablog dekho.
  • tanishadesai26: Just saw Hawa Hawai It's just BRILLIANT Amazing work by @Saqibsaleem and Partho.Feel so good to see someone from your school perform so well
  • sumeetkhemka: Hawaa Hawaai - an Amazing Movie. Saqib Saleem, you are Super Brilliant. Hats off
  • subhojit_g: Try to spend two important hours of your life. Watch Hawa Hawai. The film has altruism at its heart. #movie
  • standure: Hawaa Hawaai...imperfct film but leaves some indelible impressions..with flaws but also enough spots to tug at heart strings..
  • slyandsulk: Another gem from someone I've had pleasure of knowing, Amol Gupte, is out. Go see hawa hawai. benchmark film.
  • SinghVts: Hats off to the "hawa-hawaai" team! Awesome movie! And moreover- My hanky got wet!
  • shaileshkapoor: Hawaa Hawaai is a fine film. Take its time to find its wings, but then flies high. Champion performances by all kids.
  • saumyaa_parsh8: Anmol Gupte's Hawa Hawai is a true and priceless masterpiece.
  • SanshaCornelio: Hawa Hawaai. For all those Unconventional cinema lovers. Get teary-eyed and then gleam with happiness all in a span of 2 hours. Beautiful<3
  • Sangeeta_ghosh1: Hawaa hawaai ... Warm .. Amusing.. Inspiring ..lovely for family viewing ..take the kids ..Today !! And have a happy Mother's Day !! :) :)
  • sailakumar: Hawaa hawaai awesome movie to watch.... Everybody has to watch and children are must....
  • sachinchatte: The film plays heavily on your lachrymal glands and it is eminently worth a watch, my review of Hawaa Hawaai - http://sachinchatte.blogspot.in/2014/05/film-review-hawaa-hawaai.html
  • Reckoning_Harsh: Movie Review-Hawaa Hawaai: Stunning,Brilliant and Inspirational - Indian Nerve http://indiannerve.com/movie-review-hawaa-hawaai-stunningbrilliant-and-inspirational-15324/
  • raj_iyer5: If u dream high then you need to put your heart into it to achieve it. Thats what Hawaa Hawaai is all about. Must watch film. 4 stars
  • RajjatBarjatya: Hawaa Hawaai is a little gem. Simple story of an underdog who achieves his dream hits home. Wish it was shorter. Must watch for Partho.
  • prernao2: Hawa Hawai is nice film,schools shud take kids to watch them,can help in a small way in discouraging jaanta nahin mera baap kaun hai culture
  • PiyushK11: Hawa Hawai : Nice subject, but this time Amol Gupte flawed - stereotyped father-death sequence was unpleasant. Though Partho, kids rocks!!
  • patelpriyank: Hawaa Hawaai #movie Review : A Movie Every #entrepreneur Should Watch http://www.nextbigwhat.com/hawaa-hawaai-movie-review-297/?utm_content=buffer73984&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer #passion #bootstrapping #achievers #sports
  • NinoyV: Moving and inspiring movies this weekend. Million Dollar Arm and Hawaa Hawaai. Go watch them will leave u motivated. Enjoy the movies
  • Nikhil_Rams: Hawaa Hawaai is a must watch for every parent and child. Amole Gupte proves yet again that no one can make a kids film better than him
  • ndcnn: Hawa HawaI is the sort of film schools will take kids to watch. Full of right values. Ok, I admit felt a twinge of middle class discomfort
  • Muusic_loverr: Hawa Hawai! Makes ur heart happy kinda film! @Saqibsaleem I just couldn't take my eyes off u! Soo adorable! #GoodWatch
  • MumMeLicious: 'Hawaa Hawaai' touched me. it tugged at my heart. It made me cry. Saqib Saleem so earnest n handsome. Partho n d kids so innocently cute :)
  • MrGorantla: Amole Gupte You will make India Proud one Day. Hawaa Hawaai. Loved IT.
  • movierp: Review: Hawaa hawaai: Hawaa hawaai is entertaining, utterly sweet and inspirational.http://bit.ly/HawaaHawaaiReviewmrp #HawaaHawaai #moviereview
  • MitraGadhvi: Hawaa Hawaai Is Superb... Don't Miss It...
  • MissKhushiSen: Must must must must watch Million Dollar Arm & Hawaa Hawaai. We laughed, we cried. Completely worth it.
  • MenInBlueDvotee: Saw "Hawaa Hawaai" this morning. What a movie! Must say Amol Gupte has redefined meaningful cinema yet again, loved it truly!
  • MeNIHALKDALWAI: Hawaa hawaai.... Amazing movie.. Loved it
  • madhukarpandey: Hawa Hawai is mind blowing. Simple & predictable, yet so awesome. Amol, you are a gem I knew already, but your... https://www.facebook.com/reachmadhukarpandey/posts/10203150194369735
  • MadCow_AG: Hawa Hawai - what an amazing film!!
  • luggagedeal: Movie Review-Hawaa Hawaai: Stunning,Brilliant and Inspirational: There are two kinds of kids who head out earl... http://t.co/cbV86hj3kA
  • lovesurbanyogi: Hawa Hawai a must watch!
  • LopamudraaDaas: 'Hawa Hawai' is a gd movie,bt d last part ws similar wd Bhag milkha..runnin n rememberin father's death..Partho Gupteis d wonder kid :)
  • LonelyFanBoy: Hawa Hawai is one solid emotional film perfectly depicting bittersweet life w/o being melodramatic bt some sidecharacters do lack the punch.
  • lipiks: #hawaa hawai is magical .. Kudos to Parthi , Saqeeb and cmplete crew fr such fab moments . Loved it.
  • kunaljp: Hawaa Hawaai: Hats off to Amol Gupte for making a feel-good movie on skating. And to the casting director for getting all characters right
  • KRUTIKABUDHANI: You have to watch Hawaa Hawaai, superb film. After Stanley ka Dabba, this is it!!
  • kings04470544: Hawaa hawai film very nice
  • journokaran: Watched Hawaa Hawaai... must watch for kids... listening parents ? #HawaaHawaai #amolegupte #parthogupte
  • jiturai5: heyy guys plz go n watch hawaa hawaai !!!!
  • itsmedattu: One of the best movies I had ever watched,Hawaa Hawaai,the story of Arjun Harishchandra waghmare.
  • idrrajdeep: It is manipulative & melodramatic at parts.But the inherent honesty made Hawaa Hawaai a film with a big heart.A nice feel-good experience.
  • Hiteshp98316045: Hawa hawai is superb movie
  • HemantNitsure: HAWA HAWAI is a MUST watch. Sad only 1/3rd seats are filled in theater :(
  • hemangjshah: Saw Hawa Hawai. Super film. Amole Gupte has an awesome ability to make good movies with children at the focus. Highly recommend it!
  • gambhirshranya: Hawaa Hawai is simply fantastic! Go watch it now! This one can't be missed. @Saqibsaleem @humasqureshi. The entire cast is outstanding!!
  • EtTuSahu: Hawa hawai is a really nice movie. Amol Gupte made it a bit commercial but lovely movie nonetheless. Must Watch!
  • DrBboyRx: Hawa hawai, a feel good movie. Must watch.
  • DeepaChaudhuri: Hawa Hawaai. Go watch it. Take your kid (s) too
  • debjitghosh007: Hawaa Hawaai is an underdog story crafted and executed gleefully....must watch #HawaaHawaai
  • Chitrarthsharma: #Hawaa_Hawaai an awesome & touching story of a boy who works at a tea stall & makes a total of 45 rupees per day.... https://www.facebook.com/chitrarth.sharma1/posts/624390980984339
  • brajkishoredas: Saw hawa hawai Once again amole gupte proved that why he is one of my favorite director... Taare zameen par,... https://www.facebook.com/BKDphotography/posts/632898760119803
  • Boeing0777: This Hawa Hawai is super boring !
  • Bhaskar8883: central roles dont hv effective dialogues. Hawaa hawai needed better scripting/dialogues. Other kids rock & have most funny punch lines
  • ashishrathi19: HAWA HAWAI movie... simple yet superb. two hours utilized.
  • aseem_arora: Hawaa Hawaai is so good that I needed mutton and lager after it to keep the night perfect. Isse kehte hai direction!
  • arjunramb: HawA Hawai a very inspiring movie !! Truly enjoyed it
  • arifkhan7: Hawa Hawai is an exceptionally well made sports based movie, reminds you of Chak De India in certain scenes with the same feeling of pride.
  • anurag_jhalaria: Hawa Hawai: A simple movie made with great determination. Amol Gupte is a genius and his son Parthi is a sheer talent. Go & get motivated!!
  • akt18113: Hawaa Hawaai a lovely movie! Must watch!!!!
  • aishasharma25: Also saw hawa hawai ..partho Gupte is quite good and his coach the biggest eye sore about the film ...!! All in all overhyped ..
  • abhishe88493798: U most watch hawa hawai.....simply wonderful......
  • abhaykumat: Hawaa Hawaai What a brilliant film.