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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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As good as any other inspirational story. Spirited and heart-warming performances make Hawaa Hawaai stand out.



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Wogma Review

You have an innocent looking child. He is poor. He has to work hard. And then you see a gleam in his eye for something unreachable. What's there not to like about stories like these? Especially when there are reasonably decent performances. Hawaa Hawaai is yet another story that inspires to reach out for your passion. At the same time, It attempts at sensitizing you to the issues of child labour in Mumbai slums - which is nice, even if a little too in-the-face. It is yet another story that you can watch. The only problem is the words "yet another".

Hawaa Hawaai's story has a very "been there, seen that" feeling about it. The melodrama doesn't help its case. And then it has a preachy undertone, which borderline beats its own purpose. The good thing is, every time it goes into one of these zones, it manages to get back on track pretty quickly. In fact, it even makes some points rather subtly, in contrast to its own style thus far.

The writing is very simple. The story doesn't dig deep into its characters, nor does it even try to create too many ups and downs. In fact, the first down that our protagonist Arjun aka Raju (Partho Gupte) sees came way after I thought, "isn't this all happening too easily for him?"

The beauty is that you don't mind things working out easily for Arjun. His character and situation has been built up such that it'd be wrong of you not to sympathize with his condition instantaneously. Yes, the film is pretty judgmental about its audience. It wants to educate. It wants to sensitize. All very noble, except that it gets patronizing every once in a while.

Fortunately, the combined effort of the actors, doesn't allow the patronizing to become overwhelming. Partho Gupte's earnest performance; Saqib Salim's enthusiastic one; and the knowing irony that the four kids in Arjun's gang bring out together don't allow you to get bogged down with the overt effort to sensitize.

I also found myself intermittently tuning off the lyrics to the songs playing in the background. One, there were way too many of them. Two, the music wasn't too great. Three, the lyrics are predictable.

In any case, will I take my kids to watch this one? Yes, for sure. And hopefully, that will contribute to efforts in inspiring some form of social responsibility in them. That - Hawaa Hawaai might be perfect for.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None.
  • Language: Mostly clean. A couple of abusive words used.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: None.
  • Concept: Passion and perseverance can take you a long way.
  • General Look and Feel: Has a light yet dramatic mood.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 3
  • Story: 2.5
  • Lead Actors: 3.5
  • Character Artists: 4
  • Dialogues: 3
  • Screenplay: 2.5
  • Music Director: 2
  • Lyrics: 2

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The question is - Will this film make money? As, such films need to.
Even though we keep praising films which don't ride on the "RICH & FAMOUS" actors/directors/producers and are well-attempted, or even, at times, well-made, it still remains a fact that "BOGUS & MINDLESS" films led by Bollywood stars (read ShaRK, SalaMAN) keep joining the 100/200/500-crore club. Such a shame!!


Hi Meetu!I am from Bangladesh. I am biiiiiiig fan of yours. I have been following wogma for years. I am looking forward for your review on the upcoming movie 'children of war' which is based on 1971. haven't found the movie's name under wogma's 'coming soon' list. Aren't you gonna review this?


@moviebhakt Well, it is what it is. I am just glad that the films are being made.

@wogmafan Hey! I couldn't watch the film for various reasons, but Pradeep did and he reviewed it here - http://wogma.com/movie/children-war-review/



Yet another sincere heartwarming attempt from Amol Gupte and son after Stanley ka Dabba.

I whole heartedly recommend it to all the hindi film fanatics.

Suman Chakraborty:

Direction: 1.5
Story: 0.5
Lead Actors: 3.5
Character Artists: 0.5

Dialogues: 1.5
Screenplay: 0.5
Music Director: 1
Lyrics: 0.5


@Fan :D

@Suman oh come on, it wasn't that bad. :D

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