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Is love permanent? An urban romcom that tries to get a grapple on love. It is charming in its own way, but ultimately ends up having very little more than a regular romedy, as it likes to call itself.



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33 reviewers have given Happy Ending an average rating of 2.3/5.0 (?)

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Thumbs up by Johnson Thomas, Free Press Journal ...Saif does well in a cleverly delineated double role and Illeana complements him with charming insouciance. Kalki manages to give yet another worthy performance and Kareena and Preity manage to look interesting in their respective special appearances. The film though belongs more to Ranvir Shorey and Govinda who bring the house down in their segregated corners. Both are strikingly funny in their free-falling effort to connect with the audience. And that’s mainly why this film scores well on the rating scale.... full review

Thumbs up Indicine ...overall Happy ending is a good one time watch as long as you belong to the group of audience that the flim targets. It lacks the soul of cocktel, but is far more fannier. At the box office, the flim should take a slow start and then rely on word of mouth. The luck of universal appeal will tremendously rectrict its potential at the box office.... full review

Thumbs up by Mohar Basu, koimoi ...Happy Ending makes fun of all the films which have made it our bucket list of classic love films and does so without a hint disparaging malice. Yogi and Yudi played by Saif and their well-placed complimentary, smart-alecky camaraderie, along with the poker faced humor of Govinda makes this film a peachy yet relevant and essentially a droll, chucklesome watch. There aren’t many ‘fur and feathers’ films which go down well with me, this is one of the sparse few which qualify as exception.... full review

Thumbs up by Joginder Tuteja, Movie Talkies ...This is what the film as a whole does too (barring 15 odd minutes in the middle of the second half) when it keeps itself quick and snappy and concludes at the point where it is apt to declare a Happy Ending. The way this film has turned out, it indeed seems to be taking that route for audience entertainment as well.... full review

Thumbs up by Divya Solgama, MoviezADDA ...Dum? There is a good amount of dum in the first half of the film. The dum fades out, as the movie progresses towards its finale portions. Still, it's worth a watch, for the fun element associated with the film, along with foot tapping music and enjoyable performances by the lead actors. In short the movie is like a sassy start with non stop fun in the first half of the film, followed by glassy ending towards the end, which was a bit plain in comparison to the initial part of the film.... full review

Thumbs up by Anish Mohanty , Planet Bollywood ...I watched this film in a single screen theatre and witnessed many people making an exit halfway through the film. I remember Armaan ( Govinda’s character in the film) saying how he would like to build a fan base among the multiplex going audience who do not watch his films. Well, it’s impossible to please everyone.... full review

Thumbs up by Srijana Mitra Das,, Times of India ...Happy Ending has happy ingredients like sparkling dialogues, certain lines - "Tumhari reading pe kuch log so gaye - kuch mar bhi gaye the" - laugh-out-loud hilarious. Key performances stand out. Saif stylishly pulls off his charmer plus bummer inner voice, fat, hairy, spouting philosophy. Laughing at himself, Saif's terrific when he mumbles at Aanchal, "Mageoudwivme?"... full review

So-So by Anna MM Vetticad, annavetticadgoes2themovies ...Directors Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, who helmed 2011’s fantastic Shor In The City, have a flair for low-key storytelling which is why they’re able to pull off this film despite its issues. It helps that though they are spoofing romcoms, their tone is not mocking. Besides, they acknowledge through the voice of Armaan, that lofty ideals notwithstanding, cliches do succeed. Happy Ending is sadly not as wacky as it could have been, but it’s genuinely funny and unobjectionable, which makes it easy to forgive the film its many shortcomings. I was conscious of all my grievances while watching this film, but I couldn’t help laughing non-stop either.... full review

So-So by Aparajita Ghosh, Apun Ka Choice ...Happy Ending does have some happy moments. The songs are catchy and well-shot. The dialogues are crisp and laced with wry humour. The best of them are given to Govinda and he delivers with a straight-faced fluency. The film isn’t really a ‘hatke’ rom-com as it’s cracked up to be. But Saif Ali Khan and Govinda make it watchable.... full review

So-So Bollywood Hungama ...On the whole, HAPPY ENDING is a film which leaves you with a happy feeling. It drags in parts but is worth a watch, at least for Saif's performance.... full review

So-So by Rukmini Chopra, Bollywood Life ...In an era of mindless 100 crore films showcasing exaggerated kicks, punches, unnecessary item numbers and impractical love stories, Happy Ending is refreshing, pleasant, different and worth a watch!... full review

So-So by Smita Vyas Kumar, Desi Martini ...A mediocre story that is saved by a very funny screenplay. A time pass watch... full review

So-So by Bryan Durham, DNA ...As Armaan Ji says, "300 rupaiye mein logon ko zindagi mat sikha!" Now, if that's not a master class on making big money in Bollywood, I don't know what is. If only Raj-DK had kept it as short,simple and precise, this would be recommended as a two-time watch. In its current avatar, one should be more than enough... full review

So-So by Ravi Kandala, fullhyd.com ...Happy Ending takes a bit of time to take off, but is fun once it does. If an urbane, subtle romantic comedy is your thing, then go see this one - it is non-taxing, and you will laugh out loud a few times. ... full review

So-So by koel Purie, india today ...And what's with Govinda being the scene stealer in two back to back films and not being given enough scenes to steal. His ability to laugh at himself full throttle meant I couldn't look at anyone else when he was on screen. More of him and the slobbish Yogi and I'd be recommending this film. In it's current state, go see it if you've seen all the hollywood offerings because it is meant purely for us multiplexers.... full review

So-So by suarabh Dwivedi, india today ...The title of the film does not justify its ending. It is too predictable and falls flat in the end. You can watch the film if witty comedies entertain you. Another reason to watch the film is Govinda, Ranveer and Kalki. All in all, it is an average film with not so happy ending. ... full review

So-So by Suhani Singh, india today ...Happy Ending works as a feel-good, frothy movie. But as a romantic comedy it rehashes the familiar ingredients with few new additions. In Armaan's words, it's barely 'hatke'.... full review

So-So by Rohit Khilnani , india today ...Happy ending is a decent one time watch.... full review

So-So by Sanjukta Sharma, Live Mint ...Govinda steals the show. He obviously relishes the role of the animated, absurd, irreverent ageing Bollywood hero—doubly zany since he is on the comeback trail himself. The scenes in which he appears are unremittingly funny—and possibly the reason Happy Ending was not entirely a waste of time.... full review

So-So by Shubha Shetty Saha, MiD DAY ...Saif, who undoubtedly has excellent comic timing, however seems largely handicapped because of lack of a plausible script. Yet, he makes the most of it as he plays the cool dude and his much wiser twin rather effortlessly. Kalki and Ileana are pretty good as well. But it’s obviously Govinda who overshadows everything and everyone whenever he appears on the scene (sadly not as many times as one wished he did). Govinda doubles you up with laughter as he shows us the shallow and self obsessed world of a megalomaniac Bollywood star.... full review

So-So by Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV ...Do not expect the world from Happy Ending and you might actually find in it enough enjoyable patches to make a trip to the multiplex worth your while. ... full review

So-So by Noyon Jyoti Parasara, Now Running.com ...Happy Ending is recommended for anyone who is even slightly interested in romantic comedies. That however does not take help the fact that you would want more out of these two directors than just give you something 'regular'. For one, I would have liked if the film had more to do with the writer trying to figure his story rather than his love story... full review

So-So by Aparna Mudi , ZEENEWS.COM ...It is definitely a good watch, especially if you go with your loved one. It has clean humour, without any glaring sexual innuendos and would be a good film to watch with your family as well!... full review

Thumbs down Daily Bhaskar ...Nachcho saare G padh ke’ and ‘Paaji tusi’ will easily make it to the list of peppiest songs of the year. The film has amazing music.... full review

Thumbs down by Divay Agarwal, Desi Martini ...Happy Ending is a terrible mash-up of many hit rom-coms. Govinda & the soundtrack are the only high points. Skip It!... full review

Thumbs down by Ameet Bhuvan, Desi Martini ... too much same in the name of being different!... full review

Thumbs down by Rachit Gupta, Filmfare ...But those are flashes in the pan. They redeem an otherwise inconsistent film. A movie that opts for straight-laced romance over sex-charged comedy. And when you do that, you don’t end on a happy note. ... full review

Thumbs down by Martin D'Souza, Glamsham.com ...Ileana is capable of much more. Whatever happened to the girl from BARFI? It is only in the last 15 minutes that she actually emotes and acts and reacts. For Saif Ali Khan, since this is his production, it is 'hair down' day for him. Just chill seems to be his mantra in acting. For Govinda, he seems to be finding his feet in acting again. This was a good 'Net Practice' for him. For us though, it was a Happy moment when the film ended! ... full review

Thumbs down by Anupama Chopra,, Hindustan Times ...I suspect that somewhere in there was a genuinely sparkling and subversive love story. Sadly, it never emerges.... full review

Thumbs down by Rajeev Masand, IBN Live ...It's easy to see why Happy Ending doesn't work after all. This is a film that wants to be many things all at once - a rom-com between a fading star and the next big thing, also a clever satire on Bollywood. It's overlong at 135 minutes, and on occasion dreadfully boring. Saif Ali Khan can still pull off goofy humor better than most others, but how many times does he have to play the same part before we can all agree that he's too old for this schtick?... full review

Thumbs down by Nishi Tiwari, Rediff ...But Happy Ending, at its core, is pretentious and doesn’t quite live up to expectations, save for Govinda, who lights up the screen with his mere presence and those legendary moves. In a film that every cast member is so desperately trying to fit in, he is the only one who actually manages to convince us that he truly belongs there and he knows it.... full review

Thumbs down by Sonia Chopra, Sify Movies ...It's disappointing that director duo Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru (Go Goa Gone) have come with as film that is pretentious and hollow, embracing the very cliches it makes fun of. After all, it's unfair when a pot calls the kettle black.... full review

Thumbs down by ANUJ KUMAR, The Hindu ...Kalki Koechlin and Ranvir are effective in their supporting parts and Govinda for the second week in a row proves his worth as a scene stealer. As Armaan, he really reinvents himself and hopefully the industry will take note of his talent all over again. With his impeccable comic timing he threatens to eat up everybody around him in one gulp. Alas! the writers haven’t given him enough scenes to display his histrionics.... full review