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I'm always game for going back to my mid-teens. Gippi doesn't make me repent despite not being the greatest films on adolescence.



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81 tweeters have given Gippi an average rating of 4.4/5.0(?)

69 yays
8 nays
4 so-so
  • yasminshah82: Gippi..wat an awesome movie! Jus loved it..
  • Vivegan: #gippi was a fun movie ..
  • vitudhar: Gippy is a rocking movie...loved every minute of it...what say @saveenkaur
  • vishana2: Sunday movie time! Gippi with @OyeKudiye and Tash. Perfect movie for us to watch together.
  • vedika_saharia: We are like this only..!! So damn amazing... #gippi was better than expectations!! a must watch for all gippi kinds ppl :D Haha :p
  • Varun_dvn: Hey guys catch #Gippi great film took me back to the best times of my life and guess what its only 1hour 30 min @kjohar25 @chink_ster
  • Varun_dreamy: Yes @varun_dvn Gippi is sooo good!!! @chink_ster @kjohar25
  • vandhnababu: Go watch Gippi.. The most fun movie I have watched in a long time... Super cute
  • TheyCallMeAddy: #Gippi ♥ WHAT A MOVIE!!:O cud relate so mch wid d story &abv al I jst cudnt stp laughin!Gr8 n a lil HATKE;)@chink_ster & @kjohar25 Hats off!
  • TheVishalOberoi: Gippi is out ppl... Go watch it now!!
  • TheLoneShepherd: for those who've not seen #Gippi. here -> @chink_ster
  • ThakurShambhavi: Just saw gippi. To anyone about to watch it DON'T. Waste of time, effort and money lol
  • supzjain: #jippi could have been much better film...everythhg was bad about the film....
  • sudnigga: Gippi will make you happy this weekend!
  • sudeepgangula: Suna he #gippi dhoom macha rakhi he har jagah, u r too cute gal
  • Sroy_Magic: Gippi was a fun, entertaining movie. I loved it sooo much!!!!!! Riya vij is Amazing!!!
  • smartmanas: watched #Gippi. It was short, simple and all about selfrespect... n most importantly it was CUTE.
  • SIDIOMS: Go watch #gippi with your siblings, parents, friends or lovers. You will surely come out with a smile :)
  • SiddiquiNaved: yesterday i am wtching movie GIPPI .gud. Karan Joher .gud movie
  • Shreya2609: Gippi is one cute film.Light,sweet and funny ! :D
  • shivangimenonn: Gippi was so cute
  • sheetalRshetty: #Gippi Cute film with Sweetness all around, Go and watch it #Enjoy ;)
  • sharmine_04: GIPPI - all mums will enjoy the memories of their respective kids school lives. While the kids roll their eyes.
  • Sengupta_Abir: #Gippi is an honest, feel good sweet film which touches your heart...@chink_ster is truly honest to her story & characters!
  • sanjussmile: GIPPI #beautiful movie .loved the mom daughter frrenship we don't need to be excellent to have friends we just need a good heart #worthWatch
  • riyaseth919: "Gippi" Awesum Movie Its totally realistic Movie! everyone shud watch it !!!! :D
  • Rinkeshwarr: #Gippi Cutest movie ever! Saw it with my girls and could totally relate. Loved it!
  • RanbirAddict: Gippi is a beautiful film! I think we all should watch it once <3
  • RakshakNagrecha: Gippi.. y r u so irritating. . :@ :@
  • RAJESHKAMATH1: Gippy is nice movie♣worth a watch!!!
  • RajeevRanjanDMK: India's cutest movie GIPPI
  • RachelAnnWhite: #clap for #Gippi whatta darling but nothing to beat booboo..loved d spectacled cutie :*
  • psohal: A bit disappointed with #Gippi. Poor execution of ideas. Could have been a great movie to watch. @kjohar25
  • Princessharp64: When stupid sappy couples sit next to you during a movie,and they just won't stop the cooing!! #Gippi Average movie,not worth it.
  • preetygirlaish: frnds watch gippi :) ....
  • poojalapasia: So mom liked Gippi, though it was a little bold for her taste, I found it ok, good concept but poor execution. Quite funny at parts.
  • PMakhijani: Movie Gippi is straight from the heart...
  • PatelDevansh: Saw #GIPPI last night - it has heart and humor, the two most essential traits in a movie, and chic flicks can't get cuter than this!
  • pandeymrinal19: #gippi awesome movie :D a must watch!
  • Oshin_Serrao: #gippi one of its kind! @kjohar25
  • oneindiaHindi: करण के स्टूंडेंट की बकवास कॉपी है 'गिप्पी' #Gippi
  • nutcrack87: simple, Genuine, beautiful #gippi #RiyaVij
  • naznin17: I am just like #Gippi :D ♥ Love to eat and sleep LOL :P
  • namobunny: Omg #gippi is so cute
  • mufcpathak: Gippi such a cute movie! :* <3 ^_^
  • MissCandyFlaws: Gippi-3/5 Warm, enjoyable watch. Honest attempt to showcase transactional teenage phase! Little predictable post interval.
  • mathurnimisha: #Gippi a must watch Awesome it is!!
  • lokeshtweetz: #Gippi sweet,cute,lovely & super fun movie. A must watch for everyone. Thank you so much for such a lovely movie @kjohar25 & @chink_ster !!
  • lavanyasawant16: Gippy a must watch film awesme movie
  • labellagorda: Just watched Gippi....cute film :-)
  • Kuch_Bhi: to my all female frnds ..... watch gippi n reclaim ur early teen
  • Kia1720: #Gippi !! Reminded me of the 90s hollywood #chickflicks!! Aweeeesome!! #meangirls @kjohar25
  • khatua_sweta: gippi is so cute n chubby i love it
  • khatru_singh: I dnt believe i actually enjoyd Gippi..a bachcho wali hindi muvi!! :-)
  • kausty1984: Gippi. Stay you. Nice movie.
  • Karankashyyap: #Gippi Gippi Gippi- is film ki sabse khaas baat yeh hai,ek smile pure one n half hour ke liye,apke chehre pe chipak jati hai,beautifulllllll
  • jhanvi_8: saw the movie "GIPPI" awesome movie!!
  • jayantgajria: Thank God I did not force my son to come along for Gippi...he would have disowned me as a father!!!
  • Jaseem_Akhtar: #Gippi is a sweet one time watch... :)
  • insane2shar: #Gippi ⭐⭐⭐'s
  • innocentalian: We are like this only...#Gippi is awesome...
  • indraneel2mukh: #Gippi is a heartwarming tale of teenage life,ups and downs, insecurities and successes and most importantly enjoying the gift of innocence
  • imkashishs: loved the film 'GIPPI'. . . . . An amazin film awesome. . . . .
  • HimanshuKapadia: #Gippi = Slightly disappointed. It was ok, but could've been so much more! Guess it needed a more mature Director. #IMO
  • gopeeka01: saw #Gippy nice movie @kjohar25 .. am sure many of us will identify in that Character.audience in the theatre was like "ohhh no its over."
  • Gippi_FC: Naam baby se, baby doll hoyi gawa! A story I could relate to! Lots of stars and likes! #Gippi. :D ;) (y)
  • forever_tanisha: #GIPPI !!!! (Y)
  • div_ranbirk: #Gippi reminded me of my skul daes...Slow bt lovely movie...Gals vl definitely love it !!
  • DilnazKarbhary: When u wake up the next morning,still smiling about the film u saw last night,u know the film will have a permanent place your heart#Gippi
  • dayanandvats: Gippy very good movie. Go with family. we want Tax free ho Gippy.
  • darshanshah1988: #Gippi - fun, cute, entertaining. Well done. @chink_ster @kjohar25.
  • crimsonjaded: Fill your weekend with SUPER BIG SMILES! Go watch #GIPPI and give yourself a BIG TIGHT WARM HUG! @MeetGippi
  • codelust: Gippi was such a letdown.
  • ChandrikaKhulla: gippi seems to be the story of my life,dayyym :)
  • AyeeHomess: Finally have the whole story straight. I definitely still love Gippy!
  • AnushkaHiran: 'Gippi' a sweet,heart touching movie. A must watch. There is a lot to relate to your own life stories too. ❤
  • AnOddYellow: Gippi was even more enjoyable thanks to my mother's reactions.
  • anesthetizethat: #Gippi was such a refreshing, feel-good movie. After a loooong time!
  • AlishaSijapati: #GIPPI was cute but damn, I could have written better script then Sonam Niar. It lacked in story telling. Wish they would have extended it.
  • akshitbshah: Gippi a great movie @kjohar25 #class
  • AdoringRANBIR: Seriously i don't think any other film has explained that clearly about a plump girl & her feeling ! GIPPI! Rocks @MeetGippi @chink_ster