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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
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I'm always game for going back to my mid-teens. Gippi doesn't make me repent despite not being the greatest films on adolescence.



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Wogma Review

Gippi or Gurpreet Kaur needs to be comfortable with who she is. But, for that one should know what one is, right? Gippi, the film, concerns itself with the struggles of the ordinary teen - the one who is just about average or even below average at academics, sports, popularity and so on. But this teenager could easily be any common person, and the school setting changes to the work or even family environment. Sure, Gippi is over-simplified, but the cute factor makes up for it.

Set in Shimla, the film has a cozy, warm feel to it. To top it off, you have a chubby, cute character trying to make her place in the world or at least be okay with whatever place she has. You have additional layers of first love, sexuality, teenagers trying to cope with the changes in their bodies. The curiosity, the giggles make the characters and thus the film relatable.

However, the nastiness that these kids pelt each other with seemed a little over-done, but then maybe that's how life for kids these days is. Also, for all the "fun" Gippi is made to say she is, the film would have been served better if there were some exposition to her fun side. Instead, we see a grumpy adolescent who is treated badly because she is fat. She is also called ugly, but that didn't come across either. Riya Vij is too cute to be called ugly, even in fiction.

Yet, its her performance that keeps you hooked through. Her innocence reaches out to you. She uses her eyes very well to convey that her genuine personality. If only, she didn't have that slight delay in her dialogue delivery that puts the timing of a dialogue off. In fact, that is the problem with the entire cast, except maybe for Divya Dutta. Since the entire cast has its timing off by that fraction of a second, I guess it is the director's doing.

Despite these lapses, the world of Gippi is worth a peek into. If for nothing else, just to remind you of small moments from your childhood, moments we have long forgotten.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: A couple of slaps.
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: No nudity, but there is talk about periods and the anatomical parts of the reproductive organs in a school setting.
  • Concept: The coming of age of a girl in her mid-teens
  • General Look and Feel: Cute and warm feel.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 3
  • Story: 3
  • Lead Actors: 3.5
  • Character Artists: 3
  • Dialogues: 3.5
  • Screenplay: 3
  • Music Director: 2.5
  • Lyrics: 2.5

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nice review !


Thank you!


Though I haven't seen this film, I shall recommend viewers "Mahek Mirza" by Kranti Kanade. It was made in 2008 and still remains little known. The DVD is available in stores by Shemaroo. Another is by Gurinder Chadha " Angus, Thongs and perfect snogging.Enjoy....


@Raghunath oh are they in the same genre?

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