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Gangs of Wasseypur II delivers on the promise of being a quirky revenge saga. A saga which holds no bars and lets loose the internal animal which revenge itself seems to have given birth to. A saga so full of characters that a keen film-lover would want to watch twice – only if they can stomach the violence in almost every frame and profanity in every other sentence. Others, shouldn't even bother.



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8 readers have given Gangs of Wasseypur 2 an average rating of 3/5.0.
4 yays
2 nays
2 so-so
  • Want to Watch by Rahul:
  • So-So by guddu: Huh ..
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by harish iyer: Yet Another Foray Into A Forbidden Territory Of The Human Mind - Revenge, Wrath, Lust and Anurag
  • Want to Watch by Juan Mata: Nice
  • So-So by Raj: Opportunity lost with enthusiasm and zeal - uncontrolled show of ugliness. Sorry!
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by hj:
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by critic:
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Murtaza Ali: Gangs of Wasseypur II, like Wasseypur I, has its flaws and seems overdramatic at times, but despite
  • Nay! Thumbs Down by Samir:
  • Yay! Thumbs Up by Vikrant Shetty: Kick Ass