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You'll watch a great film unfold that is engaging despite being slow and violent. Yet, it is quite literally incomplete. Powerful performances and rustic visuals and sounds make the film worth a watch just by themselves.



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53 tweeters have given Gangs of Wasseypur an average rating of 4.1/5.0(?)

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  • yashchhatwani: A perfect blend of blood,abuse,dialect et all. GoW has it everything a dacoits story has. Depiction of a ...
  • WhorribleWriter: Gangs of Wasseypur is so predictable you can easily imagine what is coming to you. A lot of characters hastily mixed in a hot potpourri.
  • V1PL0VE: Assal dehati romance dekhna ho to @BajpayeeManoj aur Reemma ko kapde dhote huye dekho GoW. Dhoti geeli na ho jaye to kehna.
  • taruche: Saw/suffered a "movie"called Gangs of Wasseypur. Why did they make it? Shldv taken @madversity 's suggestion abt Vicky Donor seriously.
  • TanveerTaj7: Saw Gangs of wasseypur. A slow movie, but brilliant actors and hilarious dialogues. #mustwatch
  • tanuj29: “Humare yahan kabootar bhi ek pankh se udta hai aur doosre se apni izzat bachata hai” #GoW #mustwatch
  • sushil_kr_hans: GOW sud b a land mark movie in bollywood.less known but potent theater artist except @BajpayeeManoj made it sucsfl.Congrts @ankash1009
  • SurajitDasgupta: #GOW Expletives do not a film make. There is more to Bihar/Jharkhand than gaand, laand, aand, madar/beti-chod and bhonsdi ke.
  • SudhirU: Still in hangover of #GoW
  • soniasingh_ss: Chotu.well put :) RT @harsh16dec: Film Directors r like Gods. Gangs of Wasseypur is a gift frm heaven. Thank you ...
  • snehachauhan12: #GOW post interval was a drag.
  • SmilePleez: GoW was a thrilling experience. I would love to watch it again and again. Anurag Kashyap, take a bow!
  • Slowbum: Anurag Kashyap's vision of an Indian 'Godfather'? Visceral in spurts, rambling in others. Reserving my judgment till concluding part #GOW
  • sir_s_r: A movie can't be good just because of foul language, cuss words and a learing character.. Disappointing GOW :-(
  • shubham_dkiller: Gangs Of Wasseypur! Sheer brilliance. Anurag Kashyap... Thank You for this fantastic experience.
  • SATISHAKABOY: gangs of wasseypur ,,,,,,,,have to be crazy enough to handle this one,,,superb movie
  • SagarMundhra: Just like Gangs Of Wasseypur RT @ChalHuttt Judge me if u like but I think Starbucks coffee is highly overrated.
  • ryecatching: "..Wasseypur" Is Not "Shanghai". Period. - I rated Gangs of Wasseypur ★★★☆☆.
  • rosie_merv: Watched Gangs of Wasseypur twice in two days ! :P and as everyone did, simply loved it !
  • rohitnigam04: Gangs of Wasseypur : That Legendary NSFW movie which every normal boy would love to watch ;-) ... Every character is justified, AK :bows ...
  • ramzkaur: GoW is a wonderful movie wid a story... unfortunately - we (the viewers) only seek the entertainment factors now (item numbrs/khans&kapoors)
  • phoenix2701: Tip: do not watch 2nd half of 'gangs of wasseypur'...
  • phand00: #GOW was brilliant. Much expected. Great direction, great acting. Except if only I knew that there is a 2nd part. Took me a day to figure.
  • OldM0nk: Gangs of wasseypur. What awesomeness!
  • nkit_kv: #GOW . A terrifically cast. Another aspect to Bihar. ManojBajpai , simply clever and merit. Anxiety awaits a sequel.
  • nikster007:
  • MrTippler: #RememberTheTime when self-proclaimed critics panned DevD like they are slamming #GOW now. And remember how we gave zero fucks !!
  • moibole: Dhanbad ! Gangs Of Wasseypur .. engages you so beautifully with every scene .. whoa what a film !
  • manoj_maddela: O oo! Womeniya.......Gangs of Wasseypur is more like Gangs of Awesomepur
  • maneeshphatak: Gangs of Wasseypur will be a cult movie. Provided the second half lives up to the standards of the first.
  • MahiKhakh: Big B fan of Gangs of Wasseypur film an i am also
  • LovaiiNavlakhi: Saw the raw, rugged cinematic wonder Gangs of Wasseypur last nt. The interval seemed far away, but didn't want the film to end. Brilliant!
  • KrupalN: Gangs of Wasseypur...Every character in the movie eye-catching...Kashyap's material is strong..
  • komalkhiani: Gangs Of Wasseypur -Good movie, nice fun music as well as background score, amazin dialogues n humour..Must watch!!
  • KamathGurudutt: A brilliant review of a dumb film Gangs of Wasseypur by @SudhishKamath in The Hindu. Mostly agree with him.
  • kaju02: couldn't resist.Watched #GOW again...
  • jhandubaba: so what film to look unto next. now that #gow is all watched and marveled at ? #plissRemind
  • iChai_T: Gangs of Wasseypur #Awesome
  • iamamyth: Must watch #GoW again. Soon.
  • hukam12: paisa wasool gangs of wasseypur ,......teri keh ke lunga....todd movie ...
  • gnuger: Gangs of Wasseypur was a disappointment, ok the portrayal of hooliganism was good but again far too less than reality
  • dkaddy: After Gulaal & Black Friday, another masterpiece from Anurag Kashyap.. Gangs of Wasseypur a must watch..
  • diptakirti: Khalnayak. Trishul. Muqaddar Ka Sikandar. Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki. Gangs of Wasseypur pays quirky tributes to cinema I grew up with. #win
  • Diggy_SinghDeo: Anurag Kashyap delivers and how....cnt wait for part 2 of Gangs of Wasseypur
  • bhanuahuja9: Gangs of wasseypur ..... Superb!!!
  • Bhagat_Rahul: #GOW ,well narrated story by anurag kashyap ,to me the movies stands wd SLUMDOG MILLIONEAR.Great job done,wants to see GOW 2,3 ,4 & so on
  • ankur_sengupta: One simply doesn't watch Gangs of Wasseypur at the theatres once.
  • ankurkashyap89: Gangs of wasseypur is a nice movie but 1 time watch only, good job Mr. Kashyap
  • AmritaThavrani: #GOW has been watched. Mind half blown. Realistic to the core. Bloody creepy at time, thrill rest of the time. Engaging Always.
  • AmeyNatu: A full-on Bollywood film without quite being one.plot & the treatment given both are unique of a kind!!!! Take a #GOW @ankash1009
  • akssit: I rated Gangs of Wasseypur 10/10 #IMDb
  • AJandial: #GoW: An epic with some of the best music in recent times.. Hats off to Manoj, Anurag and cast of Gow. Nothing hits harder than GoW
  • AditiKhairnar: The music is lecheroulsy attractive!The cinematography impeccable!Casting could not have been better!Script is flawless!Hail Anurag!#GOW