Fan - Preview

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“You want real acting from me? Here! Take that! And some more!” an emphatic announcement by Shah Rukh Khan in a not-bad thriller.



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A fan who he is absolutely obsessed by the star he is a fan of can't handle it when the star is put off by the fandom. If I didn't know it was a Shah Rukh Khan film, I would have been intrigued right away. But, as soon as you have Shah Rukh Khan's persona attached to a film in which he plays a 'star', I became skeptical. The skepticism only multiplied when the fan is a look-alike of the star, that is one more Shah Rukh Khan.

Why does the fan have to be a look-alike? The rest of the trailer looks like any other action film, chase sequences and all – which seems like a genre shift for director, Maneesh Sharma. That is always something to look forward to.

“Fandom versus Stardom” seems to be the theme of the film. Let's hope cinema, that makes either possible, wins.