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A dull romantic film adds twists in the end to put every thriller worth its salt to shame. And an attempt to mask stiff, expressionless actors with awful makeup and even worse dubbing.



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Wogma Review

In the spirit of full disclosure, the 8.30 AM show I was booked for was cancelled due to a technical glitch. The 11 AM show that I rebooked myself for, started at 11.50. So bear in mind that I had a mighty, almost 4-hour long frustration pent up.

Even so, finally when the trailers before the show began, I dutifully reminded myself. "It's not the makers' fault. It's not Prateik Babbar's fault that he can't act the show didn't start on time." As the film reels on, I tell myself, "Oh don't be so harsh even though you can do better make-up with your recently acquired knowledge about lip shades and sundry. This is a regional film trying to reach out to a wider audience. Accept those sensibilities." And stop talking to yourself. With that reprimand in about the 15th minute of the film, I promise to give the film a fair chance.

But Ek Deewana Tha didn't want it.

I was allowing myself to acknowledge that problems with inter-religion marriages persist and are not bygones of the 80s and 90s, even if we claim to have embraced the 21st century; that there is something very sweet and innocent about 'love at first sight' even if it is by a character you couldn't care for. I'm not going to be judgmental about what a good-for-nothing he is. I appreciate that having been fed on characters that are white or black, it's natural for me to get annoyed by a lead lady who is thoroughly confused about her priorities in life. It does happen in real life, doesn't it?

And then, I gave up.

Groping for slivers of hope isn't good enough. The actors have to look and feel real. Awful dialogue delivery + awful dubbing + awful make-up = total exasperation. In addition, this romantic film grows twists and turns, one would tire of, even in a thriller. More on that later. First, please tell me there is some news byte, somewhere, that talks about how director, Gautham Menon repents the choice of Prateik Babbar and Amy Jackson. I haven't seen any of his Tamil films but I'm told that the Ek Deewana Tha's original is an amazingly touching film.

We could even have blamed Amy Jackson's dubbing for the lack of variation in intonation, but any one fish from Finding Nemo is more expressive than her and Pratiek Babbar put together.

It's a miracle then, that there were a couple of scenes that make you sense a spectacular moment between the two. There was even a misplace but well-done father-son scene between Sachin Khedekar and Prateik BabbarJust when you are beginning to get hopeful about some click between chemistry and biology, you are cut rather rudely into the next scene and land into the next abrupt event in the leads pair's life.

The background music adds to the chops from one scene to another and sometimes dishevels you bang in the middle of a film. That coming from a film touted as a musical by A. R. Rahman and Javed Akhtar. I don't know about them or Gautham Menon or the genius marketing team that came up with that tag-line, but my head hangs in shame.

What could still have been a sweet film in the blast-from-the-plast kind-of a way completely lost it in the last half an hour or so. In its attempt to do something different from the regular love story, we have writers going amok and finally confusing themselves like their lead character about what they want out of this film. The climax is such a cheat that one's you are through with it you realize, the relaxed, build-up of the whole film was with only this purposed in mind, as if all the writing energies were focused only on making the audience guess and double-guess. You realize that the first two hours of the film had nothing really going in them or for them.

I started out, hoping that I wouldn't let the frustration from the delay of the show come in my way of enjoying a romantic film. As I recount the things that went wrong, I wonder if some of you might think that I allowed that to come in my way of being completely disappointed.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: Fist fights.
  • Language: A couple of beeped out abusive words.
  • Nudity & Sexual content: A few lip-to-lip kisses. And mention of an urge to make love.
  • Concept: True first love and love at first sight.
  • General Look and Feel: Nothing too exciting.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1
  • Story: 1.5
  • Lead Actors: 1.5
  • Character Artists: 2
  • Dialogues: 1.5
  • Screenplay: 0
  • Music Director: 1
  • Lyrics: 1

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I guessed it must be a remake of one of his earlier films. Your take on the original makes me look forward to it a lot more than I did so far. :D


I should fix my review of the tam version a bit.. I think I would loved it if I was a teenager..because it feeds on that kind of romantic notion..and a lot of chemistry between silamabarasan and trisha...
So its sort of with mixed feelings that I left the movie.

Interestingly..the tamil version and telugu had different endings...wonder what he will do in hindi?


Aah, I know exactly what you mean. Well, we'll know soon enough!


The film was highly publicized with A R Rehman musical , but none of the songs were upto the mark . I presume it to be an experimental film with it's ensble cast . Pity u were exhausted for 8 hrs long :D

Nishchal Diwate:

when i saw the movie i though its better than an average film. but everywhere i found so much bad reviews. but if i think on the observations u have made it makes a great sense to me although i still will ask romantic movie lovers to watch it atleast once.


@Pradeep I have gotten really curious about VTV. Have they released a copy with titles?

@Guddu You didn't count the couple of hours for the review.

@Nishchal I'm glad you appreciate my comments even though you don't agree. :D


I've seen the Tamil version- VTV. Not a great story that some of its crazy fans talk about, but definitely worth a watch. I guess its Rahman's musical magic! And the way they presented it. The chemistry between lead actors- Silambarasan and Trisha was really really good and the scenic beauty of Kerala(note- I am keralite :-D). I think that worked well for VTV. Prateik-Amy pair looks dull...and even I am waiting for the news where Gautam admits to regret his choice of cast.


@Shreya :)

@Divya Big blunder. Apologies and thanks for pointing it out. Corrected the mistake.


supperbbbb movie..i luv this....khan's get crores for sense less movies...and meaning full storiess,fabulus directing,full of super hit songs,mindblowing acting got flopppp... o_O

App sabka jstar:

whoever have worte this matter i just want to slap him/her for writing such thing
How can thewriter say this thing about awful makeup or dubbing a girl have came to set her flim carrier in bollywood industry from england and we are not supposed to write such awful reviewabout girl or women if any say about the writers family relative who is a girl about her makeover clothes she wear how will he feel
my concern is that nobody should write such an awfup coment
i only want to slap and kick on ass of this writer

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