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More or less what you expect with a little twist thrown in. Ok fine, a couple of genuine laughs too.



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93 tweeters have given Dilwale an average rating of 3.7/5.0(?)

68 yays
22 nays
3 so-so
  • zulhelmihazlan: Dilwale. 4/5.
  • zainab_sufiyan: Umm , I think #Dilwale was too good as the comparison of #BajiraoMastani
  • yaseenk94595462: Dilwale dekhi abhi mast movie hai mere bhaiyo
  • Xo_Mids: Dilwale was so good guys
  • WeenaPradhan: Awesome looks and work @iamsrk in Dilwale. Never looked so good and apt performance. Love SRK. Kajol was amazing too
  • VkSana18: DILWALE...what an Awesome movie...Every1 should watch it once...Luved it @iamsrk @Varun_dvn @kritisanon Great work guyxz✌❤❤
  • virginiakimba: Film review: The star-crossed tale of #Dilwale fails to shine: ... https://t.co/MKQ7C1BZhb
  • VermaVerma41: Watch Dilwale.
  • Varunliciouss: but All I know is! Dilwale is spectacular! and I've loved it too the core!♡ @Varun_dvn #DilwaleWorldWideHit
  • utkarshbhrgv: in #DIlwale no one acted well, direction was worse & the story, this was so f**king illogical & senseless. @iamsrk
  • tfqtorretto: dilwale was aweesome i swear
  • techyhere: And yeah #Dilwale is terrible.
  • Sush_salian: Finally watched Dilwale. Romance, Drama, Emotions, wt not.. Everyone must watch.. N of course @iamsrk was looking damn HOTTT...
  • suhanaujang: Wonderful beautiful charming princess @KajolAtUN I fall in love ur movie #Dilwale
  • subhojyoti146: Dilwale's Biz is At Par with JaiHo for the Weekend.
  • SRK_RaDzzJulY10: Dilwale Dekhne Phir Janaa Hai Yaar
  • Srk_parul: Finally dekhli dilwale n loved it ❤️❤️❤️ @iamsrk plzz mere sath waisi 5 min ki date plzz
  • SRK_Arjuneeti: Dilwale is so perfect.
  • SRKsCrazyFan: #Dilwale You never learn acting till you die: @iamsrk via @indiacom https://t.co/Dh7ATYcEWI
  • SRKFanJTHJ: Leaving twitter in a week or two . I cant see so much negativity abt my idol @iamsrk . Enjoyed #Dilwale even 2nd time u r too good in film .
  • SreosiR: Watched "Dilwale" .I loved it!!! SRK rocks!!
  • srai5458: Dilwale is good film.
  • singh1659: Bajirao mastani - A true love story of a great leader & warrior,,nice movie love it.. Nice option To see instead of dilwale
  • shyam__bala: #Dilwale enjoyable. Sanjay Mishra ( Apple Singh to WC99 cricket fans) steals the show. SRK/Kajol can still own the screen 8/10
  • ShivagangaHubli: Loving #Dilwale ...interval tym @iamsrk ..yaar ur looks kill me ..muhaaa
  • shakil763: My review on dilwale 2.5/5....better than happy new year worse than chennai express
  • shaikjilani_786: Wat an entertaining film Dilwale was,joyful ride enjoyed thoroughly with family,special mention that kids r extremely loving Dilwale
  • SanthM: I don't understand all the trolling for #Dilwale. It was not THAT bad! I enjoyed it, actually. Shahrukh was fun to watch on screen :-)
  • sakilurrahaman9: thanxx to shah rukh,kajal,barun and kriti for the superb,blockbuster film dilwale.its a amazing movie.......... one of the best film
  • sabkilengayab: #KamaalRKhan #KrK Review about #Flopwale #Dilwale is the best review amongst all. Point to Point #BoycottDilwale #DilwaleWorstFilmEver #SRK
  • Ram_Khan: Dilwale is full on Paisa wasool go for it! https://t.co/wKw4JXBwnl
  • Raheelkhawaja87: worst film ever ... copy cat... same boring SRK #DilwaleWorldWideHit #Dilwale nothing new ..
  • pujabanik5: Finally watched dilwale...srk & kajol r just awesome....... Love u
  • Pretty_Mano: Watched #Dilwale last night... its great movie... <3 loved those five minutes :)
  • Prem_dillwala: Chud gaya dilwale Flop hogai dilwale
  • prayashitweets: #Dilwale .....in love with this film !!!! :-* https://t.co/yl3YqUL1Dc
  • paresh021: Smashing acting by srk with blistering play by varun & kajol .a full entertain family movie a must watch #dilwale movie.
  • OyeMehaki: Dilwale is the worst thing SRK and Kajol have been in and they have been in Gopi bahu wala drama.
  • Ootkarsh: #Dilwale was typical tatti from Rohit Shetty. Funny in couple of scenes. Heavy overactin by some stars. Wasted. SRK & Kajol chemistry rocked
  • nischay_nm: Dilwale is very nice movie It touchs go go before house full
  • NisaZahra07: superb fabulous movie #Dilwale...... ntar mlm mw nnton lagi...
  • NareshRathwa: Finally watched Dilwale.....(2nd time).....a very good movie.....read my review below Superb acting by Ajay... https://t.co/YcCPti1JnX
  • Nairrrrrrrr: Dilwale :)
  • munimkazia: Dilwale is probably the worst Hindi movie I've seen.. And that's saying a lot.
  • MrImransk: Thé Süpérß møvîë øf #Dilwale
  • MohdAza16966829: Dilwale very good movie https://t.co/RMrH3Sr4KZ
  • meLaksh19: Guyzz must go watch #Dilwale It's amazing #DilwaleWorldWideHit
  • maapraveendeo: I have never seen such a boring movie like dilwale.
  • lodha_nidhi: No matter how much I force myself just did not like Dilwale! It managed to irritate even the most ardent of SRK fans! #dilwale #wasteoftime
  • KumarLuv: Dilwale: It is like the actors knew this script is written by some school boy, and they should act accordingly.
  • khyenisaa: #Dilwale ✅ Not bad but yet still can't beat KKHH & KKKG
  • Kalamwali_Bai: Went to watch Dilwale with no expectations. It still disappointed me.
  • KadwaTruth: #Dilwale best movie to end 2015 with. Love you @iamsrk ! You make everyone believe in love.
  • JohnnyCruise2: Dilwale-Quite disappointing
  • jeetofcourse: Watched dilwale. Srk-kajol show all the way. Srk's acting, look, beard-mind blowing. Last 40 minutes were the best
  • jeetendrask: #Dilwale is a good film, and has been criticized way beyond what it deserves. An entertaining watch, SRKajol make you fall in love, again!
  • i_m_mudussar: Awesome movie by srk dilwale #DilwaleWorldWideHit
  • i_amnikita: In theater to watch #Dilwale all over again. Love u @iamsrk #DilwaleWorldWideHit
  • iPriyankaBhatt: Wasooli bhai ek dum mast hai! #Dilwale
  • im_MonicaJain: Watched dilwale today ❤❤❤❤ n evry scene gave me goosebumps in my body ❤❤❤ @iamsrk @Varun_dvn @kritisanon @RedChilliesEnt lved it lyk hell❤❤❤
  • imNitsjha: #Dilwale rocks #DilwaleWorldWideHit
  • iKatolicious: #Dilwale was entertaining. Some scenes are too hilarious. @Varun_dvn, @varunsharma90 and Johnny Bhai provide ample laugher.
  • IamtanM: I watch now #dilwale wonderfull the romance jodi is back @iamsrk @kajolatun
  • iamkashan1: my weekend was as boring as dilwale
  • Hudawiyahh: Im not one of the hindi film fan, but Dilwale is seriously worth-to-watch movie. Seriously
  • HinaaShakeel: Dilwale was sooo good! Uff how i missed seeing Kajol And Srk together
  • Hassan45678910: Such a brilliant movie. #Dilwale# #Romantic# #Action# & #Love story# Watched in Myanmar at Shae Saung Theatre. https://t.co/qrYOs2zEln
  • harisalisyed89: Watched #Dilwale it was so nice @_KritiSanon @Varun_dvn @iamkajol @KajolAtUN @rohitshettyfilm @kingofbolly @SHAHRUKHKHAN0
  • fizaman: Dilwale for 3rd time. Imma happiest gal indewerrrlllllllllllll #srk (@ Cathay Cineplex in Petaling Jaya, Selangor) https://t.co/h0Re7cxIbu
  • Farisul_Hakim: Dilwale the best. Memang main emosi doh cter tu
  • farinanana16: Thank you Dilwale for make my day
  • FarahAqilahFA: Dilwale is the best movie ever! Nak kasi 5 star! Yayy
  • Duapuluhseng: Dilwale sumpah hakak kasi 10/10 ⭐️
  • dreamer11_ana: I loved this Dilwale
  • dineshptnk: Dilwale .....Rockz shah bhai ....Full too entertainment... Enjoyed evry bit....& love u as always ...@imsrk_
  • Dhriti_smita14: #Dilwale-3star @iamsrk @KajolAtUN @Varun_dvn @kritisanon #BajiraoMastani- 4star @RanveerOfficial @deepikapadukone @priyankachopra
  • dharmik18: watched #dilwale its awsome, it delivers wht u expect from a rohit shetty movie loved it
  • deyabhi86: #Dilwale# not as exciting as said#
  • darwis_smith: let's watch again .. #dilwale full movie >> https://t.co/wC1yC8HP4g #DilwaleWorldWideHit
  • CuteMadhu16: But ya,being neutral,not bcz Im a true SRKIAN,among the two films #Dilwale is a winner.It has every single element that a blockbuster needs❤
  • ctnabilah: Just watched #Dilwale ! Awesome movie! Falling in love with SRK @iamsrk all over again! Love U… https://t.co/uJpcp3ifGC
  • CristianoYani7: #Dilwale for the second round ✔ And the third round is coming. I can't limit myself when it is about @iamsrk
  • Chirags59459185: Dilwale awsomeeeee ramlal and pogooo
  • bhardwajdev51: Dilwale is supar flop movie
  • bamazeera: I give 10x100 stars for this movie. Legends always the best
  • atqhiskndr: DILWALE WAS HELLA FUN
  • anup_rathour: Finally watch #dilwale only for @rohitshettyfilm not for srk. Excellent job done by Rahit shetty and prove his excellence
  • Andresm44662992: Dilwale Rock https://t.co/xQv7EqbqeQ
  • AlBasharQuresh1: I love dilwale...baji rao mastani. great picture but not battle for dilwale
  • ABshekB: Want 3 hours of my life back. #Dilwale what a waste !!