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Three characters tell you they are only human. They are all insecure. They are self-destructive when in love. They are directionless. And unfortunately, this last sentence can be said about the film too. While the characters are superbly set-up individually, when woven together they just don't gel. And the standards set by the start leave you feeling high and dry by the time it reaches the finish line.



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NOT A REVIEW - just wondering what makes atyachar (torture) worth it...

So we are flipping channels one evening and a Dev D promo shows up. The flipping stops. Abhay Deol is snorting up something. I get this queer déjà vu that feels like Requiem for a dream. The better half says, "paagal hai ye aadmi!" (This man is mad!) in-sync with director, Anurag Kashyap's name showing up on screen. And he hasn't even seen No Smoking!

I'd say, "long live such craziness." - The kind that guarantees something 'different' for its audience - whether they like it or not. The brand that even a non-consumer recognizes.

This time around it's Devdas - a novel written almost a century ago - readjusted to fit or misfit in today's environment. So, the parameters are set and yet the promos convince you that it's not going to be the same.

I'm not a huge fan of stories with Loser protagonists - especially the ones with a capital L - lead characters who are clueless and spineless. Devdas surely falls into that category. I'm getting over this misgiving, convincing myself it’s the pathos of the losers that makes for movie material. Getting there...gradually.

Meanwhile, along with the promos, the music has also piqued interest. 18 songs by the man behind the music of Aamir, Amit Trivedi. In combination with the man behind the visuals of No smoking's songs - I'm certainly in for an audio-visual treat. An intelligent musical? Is that even possible?

Of course, there's loads of talk on the movie at Passion For Cinema - how the story came about, how some of the music originated, two deleted scenes and loads more. The movie making process sounds really haphazard. I guess there are many ways to make a movie - dynamism, keeping an open mind is one of them. The most interesting bit is from Anurag during his temporary bout of depression -

I felt judged and that gave me the idea to what to do with Dev.D. Write a story about the young people who were judged by the society and were given no chance to come back. That is what Dev.D is. It’s the story of the outcasts. People we give up on, because they are stubborn, because they refuse to confirm and they don’t listen. they want to do their own shit, take their time figuring the rights from wrongs and in the process discover themselves. Like i always said, Dev.D is the story of self realization, self discovery , self destruction being one of the routes to it or the result of it.

In general, each movie brings with it excitement and apprehensions. I'm excited about a movie capturing the generation X that finds itself confused between its eastern roots and western sensibilities. I'm really intrigued by the soft porn look the official site is given. Not only is it bold, the entire concept looks like its mocking society's value system and maybe even questioning them.

But I'm a little uneasy about it being set in Punjab and Delhi. With other films in and about these places, I've felt like I lost an experience because I didn't get it! Very frustrating indeed.

Anyway, I didn't care much for Anurag's Black Friday but No Smoking was mesmerizing in a very weird sort-of a way. So, right now the series is level. The India-Sri Lanka one though we are all set for a 5-0! Woohoo!!

- meetu, a part of the audience