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You’ve loved Steve Carell and his voice-overs. And Tina Fey needs no introduction (Viewers of 30 Rock, rejoice!) Date Night fits the screwball comedy genre and is thankfully not just a series of gags, placed one after another. The punchlines are funny, as are the performances – a splendid one in a scene featuring Mark Wahlberg – and this isn’t surprising, coming from the director of comedies such as Just Married, Night at the Museum. Couples will love Date Night, especially considering it is a story about the dilemma of a suburban couple, as much as about the mess they get into. Not sure if you want to own it on DVD, but certainly rent it or borrow it.



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Plot Summary

Date Night tells the story of a young married couple's crazy adventure one evening, when, desperate to have dinner at a fancy restaurant, they smartly occupy the table of another couple - the Tripplehorns - who fail to turn-up against their reservation.

Now mistaken as the Tripplehorns, Carell and Fey (the Fosters) are confronted by cops on the look-out for a flash drive. How the Fosters go about dodging them and eventually find a way to go back home, is what forms the rest of the film.