Chillar Party - Preview

wogma rating: Pride of your DVD shelf (?)
quick review:

I loved this "white chaddi" revolution. Does it matter, whether the chaddis (underwear) are pink or white, and whether they are the ladies' variety or kids'? Maybe kids can't start a revolution and what they want or think doesn't really matter. But, what if they took that extra step to make it matter? Would we stop it? I wouldn't which is why I fell for the Chillar Party. And yes, yes, Sallu bhai, you have surprised me, in a very, very pleasant way!



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Salman Khan turns producer. And he makes a kids' movie, no less. Well, whether or not, it's a movie for kids or not we don't know yet. But it's a movie with lots of kids in it. Kids who like mean machines. Kids who mean business. Kids who look like they have taken their Dabangg lessons from the master.

Is this Salman Khan's way of creating a new generation of Salmaniacs? Fortunately, the trailer tells me otherwise. My apprehensions are kept at bay because the promo itself says that there might be an actual story. Each of the kids has an identifying trait. That's saying a lot considering Salman Khan's character is the same across most of his films.

Cute, no? Not only the kids, the characteristics assigned to them too. The language used too. When I looked at the official website and the language used, I was skeptical. That it might just be kids using "adult" language. But the children seem to be carrying it off pretty well in the trailer. It seems like something I wouldn't mind if my children watched. It might even be a film that I want my children to watch.

The first disappointment, though, is already here. A movie that seems to have the potential to be entertaining and different and has the amazing Amit Trivedi for a music director has such ordinary music. Wonder what's the story there?

Music reviews:
milliblog - "Functional music by a composer from whom we’ve heard better."

music aloud - "7/10"

Bollywood Hungama - "2/5"

HappySing - "A perfect end to the worth-a-try album with its ups (Chatte-batte, followed by ek school) and downs (probably the second sound, more for being a repeat of the first)."