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Cheeni Kum comes across as the perfect recipe for the weekend. Great performances, great dialogues, hilarious situations, well-defined characters, great visuals…the ingredients are all there.



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Cheeni Kum comes across as the perfect recipe for the weekend. Great performances, great dialogues, hilarious situations, well-defined characters, great visuals…the ingredients are all there.

R Balki (Balkrishnan), the debutant director, has done a commendable job, and not since Farhan Akhtar’s Dil Chahta Hai has a first directorial venture come out so impressively. Like Farhan in DCH, Balki has done the story himself and has come up with well-etched out characters. The characterization has been done so well that even cameos like the chef’s crew or medical store-owner impress.

The performances of Amitabh and Tabu are of the highest quality, though Tabu impresses a little more than Big B, and her screen persona at times reminds you of Shabana Azmi. Both lead actors impress with their comical timing (non-slapstick) and their Urdu diction is always spot-on - I wish the irritating journalists of ‘Aaj Tak’ could speak Urdu like this.

The movie also marks the return of music maestro Illaiyaraja, and he has done a tidy job. The mellifluous "Jane do na" number by Shreya Ghoshal has a lilting effect. Singer Vijay Prakash has done Amitabh's playback wonderfully well - thank god there is no Sudesh Bhonsle for a change!

Editing by Chandan Arora is slick and glitch-free. PC Sreeram’s Cinematography is impressive, and he has captured the locales of both London and Delhi beautifully. The dialogues of Cheeni Kum clearly take the cake, with the sarcastic repartee every now and then being the flavour of the movie.

Remember Ayesha kapoor? The girl who bagged all the awards for her role in Black. Well, she is not there in the movie, but she might have been one of Balki’s inspirations while writing the movie (more on this in the notepad section).

The movie is primarily a comedy, but it is neither devoid of a story, nor is it a palliative for the neurons. And what’s more, it has a message too, which the young at heart would surely love.

Vis-à-vis other movies of its ilk, Cheeni Kum comfortably scores over Jogger’s Park (though JP had richer & varied music) and Nishabd. Amitabh’s role is cleanly developed and thankfully there are no traces of the gaucherie of Sexy Sam.

All in all, Cheeni Kum is a movie that should certainly be watched. The movie has one or two small sequences (though comical), which may warrant parental discretion, so decide for yourselves if you would like to take your kids along.

Happy viewing!

This review is by guest reviewer Anurag Anand. Anurag is a Chemical Engineer by accident, an HR practitioner by profession, and a lotus-eater by choice. Based in the historical city of Panipat, he is passionate about bollywood (in fact, the music more than the movies). His other passions include cricket, equity analysis and reading.

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Deepak Jeswal:

Yep, I too loved the film, and for most parts worked for me!

My review is here:


its not a social film and not suited to be watched with family especially with elders...

muzaffar khan:

its not a movie. it's a boring movie yaar. it's a waste of time and money.


Wow, Fahd! Where did you get that from!? Tabu a manifestation of't have thought of that in a thousand years!


It's one of the best movies I have ever seen.


Meetu was right when she recommended this to me - it's an intelligent, enjoyable humorous romantic movie with well-written and played and mainly realistic leads, brilliantly played by Tabu and Amitabh Bachchan. There's an adorable neighbor moppet dying of "blood cancer" who Bachchan's chef/restauranteur befriends - she's just as believable thanks to Swiri Khara's performance (as is so often the case with Indian child actors, I'm amazed at how good they are!). The secondary characters, his mother and her father, might be a bit more cartoonish, but still well-acted by Zohra Sehgal and Paresh Rawal.

There aren't any big musical numbers, but in a movie like this they'd be out of place - and what songs there are are well-integrated into the plot.

I bought this on DVD because it wasn't available on Netflix - and I'm glad I did.


@TimELiebe Yay! I'm so glad you liked it!

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