Review - buddha mar gaya: Yuck!

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An easy winner for the most distasteful comedy ever!



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95 minutes of runtime = 30 minutes of direct crassness + 0 innuendos needed because of direct crassness + 35 minutes of disgusting dark humor that ultimately makes you sick in the stomach + 30 minutes of people shouting stuff that I had no inclination to understand

95 minutes of runtime = 45 minutes of borrowed music + 45 minutes of the loudest background score + 5 minutes of one original(?) track

95 minutes of runtime = 7 minutes of Rakhi Sawant's boob show (whatever!) + 3 minutes of Anupam Kher telling you that you will die laughing (liar) + 10 minutes of Ranvir Shorey's over-acting (sob) + 25 minutes of Om Puri, Anupam Kher, Prem Chopra, and Paresh Rawal having sex (yuck!) + 5 minutes of cat-fights (hmph) + 5 minutes of literal "aaaaaa" shouting (headache) + 40 minutes of other cast being generally deafening because that is the genre of the movie (more headache)

95 minutes of runtime = 3 funerals + 1 Rakhi Sawant saying, "Sigmund Freud" + 7 (at the last count) soap opera-ish sleeping around + 3 distasteful gay jokes + 1 slap on womanhood every time a woman comes on screen + 1 reveiwer wanting to know who enjoys this kind of comedy

95 minutes of runtime = 90 minutes of reviewer wanting to get out of the theater + 5 minutes of reviewer trying to hide her face while getting out of the theater + 32 number of minutes of reviewer hating her job for the first time ever

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Review - Buddha Mar Gaya...

An easy winner for the most distasteful comedy ever! ...


epifinibox, i've no clue where this came from...but...ok...

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Meeta - what on Earth was that, and what did they use to blackmail or extort Anupam Kher and Om Puri to appear in it? We barely made it twenty minutes in before we all agreed to turn it off in disgust - although hearing Kher intone "You Will Die Laughing" over and over again in the opening credits number was kind of funny, maybe?

I don't think I've seen a film that relentlessly witless since I was watching stupid American sex comedies in the 1970s. Next to it, God Tussi Great Ho comes off as a model of intelligence and good taste.

I see from the credits that Paresh Rawal came in later. I'm not sure if it's brave of him to push the envelope of "What's Funny" in Indian comedy so insistently, or appalling that he's in so much utter crap.


@TimELiebe This movie is just not worth the discussion!


@Meeta - I shall confine it to the same pile we consigned Vivah....


@TimELiebe and worse...

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