Brothers - Preview

wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?)
quick review:

Long, slow and futile. A few smooth yet powerful action moves. That's it. Then, the only words that linger are - long, slow and futile.



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Usually films based on families, especially those in Hindi, are all about undying love and sacrifice. Brothers seems to be talking about sibling rivalry. That too some serious rivalry. However, so deep is my faith in hindi films wanting to be on the right side of what “should” happen, that I wouldn't be surprised if the rivalry has some deep love/sacrifice theme as the backdrop.

Other than that the film seems intense to the core with light, romantic moments thrown in for good measure rather than role in the story. Much of the intensity seems to stem from the boxing sequences. I just hope there will be a little more meat to the story than just fighting scenes in the ring.

Akshay Kumar, Siddharth Malhotra and Jackie Shroff all add to the drama that seems more a necessity than a frill for a film of this nature. The narrative need only have a little more than a one-line plot for the action seems crisp enough to carry the film.

Music Reviews:
glamsham - "3/5"
Milliblog - "Delightful variety in music by Ajay-Atul!"
Music Aloud - "8/10"