Bombay Velvet - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?) - Unless you are keen on soaking in the ambiance created, then a trip to the theater will be worth it.
quick review:

The lyrical noir and violence are enjoyable while they last. Unfortunately, not beyond that though. Before long, the plot starts getting convoluted.



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Brand Anurag Kashyap has its followers in brooders and lovers of cinema that goes beyond entertainment. Doesn't mean that his films don't entertain, they do but the entertainment has a unique flavor. In a way those of us who like the flavor have gotten addicted to it. It comes as a surprise when his next film looks like it is going towards the more standard format of entertainment. The trailer doesn't tell you whether the film will carry that flavor that distinguishes his films from the rest.

This is not so much to do with more mainstream actors in the form of Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Karan Johar. Yeah, it is a phenomenon by itself that the name Karan Johar seems more mainstream than others even though this is his first film in a major role as an actor.

Yet, it is not the mainstream actors that seem to give up on the flavor. It is something about the story-telling too. It doesn't help that the trailer doesn't tell you much about the story and impresses more with the way its edited than anything else.

And the songs of course. Interestingly, when I started hearing the album I was stumped and couldn't wait for the next song and the next. Only to find out that they all sounded the same to me. All of Anurag Kashyap's previous films have had a wide variety in the way the songs sounded. This time it is stuck to a fusion that it has taken a liking too. Hopefully, like all of his other films, they will blend in so well with the malieu of the film that it won't matter much.

As I watched the trailer I felt more trepidation than excitement. Makes me wonder, do expectations make a viewer more vulnerable to their own likes and dislikes? This one has always been a wonderful, circular, meta kind of a puzzle.

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