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Four short films. All work wonderfully at some level and don't work as well at other levels. Bombay Talkies worth a watch nevertheless.



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80 tweeters have given Bombay Talkies an average rating of 4.2/5.0(?)

61 yays
8 nays
11 so-so
  • wanderinwhiner: Bombay Talkies. A breath of fresh air. Loved it.
  • Vivek_mak: Bombay Talkies - Loved it. Liked all the shorts, but favs 1) dibakar 2) Zoya 3) Anurag and 4)Karan. In that order.
  • vajra87: Watched Bombay Talkies....simple , short and beautiful compilation of stories ...
  • tweeterinder: Everybody, go watch Bombay Talkies for you'll be surprised. (In a good and a bad way) #JustGiveItAWatch
  • TheNaique: Bombay Talkies through its four stories manages to show how Bollywood affects the life of common people quite wonderfully. A good watch.
  • TheGhantaTimes: There is nothing spectacular about Bombay Talkies. Don't go with high expectations.
  • TarkeebiPitaara: Bombay Talkies reminds me of so many wonderful movies like cinema paradiso, amores perros...cinema at it's best. Except for KJo story.
  • SwarajKumarTudu: 'Bombay Talkies' a movie to get refreshed.......
  • SundeepMujumdar: Just watched Bombay Talkies. What a refreshing experience. Must mention Nawazuddin. And, take a bow @DibakarBanerjee ... You are exceptional
  • spaul7: I liked Bombay Talkies!! Its a strong movie...simply loved nawazuddin siddiqui!! Kjo film ws surprisingly gud!! rest all were gud as expctd
  • slasherama: Bombay talkies. (y)
  • siddharthsabikh: Bombay talkies 10 on 10 a musttttt watch
  • sidchoudhary: Bombay Talkies, an almost perfect tribute to 100 years of Indian cinema - 4 different stories around lives of...
  • shrikant2502: Bombay Talkies... Awesome Performances.. Must watch.. :)
  • shashanksharma: Bombay Talkies.. Amazing way to bring up the 100 glorious yrs of Indian cinema..
  • Shanu_Singh: Bombay talkies #mustwatch @kjohar25 @ankash1009 all the directors must be... should be so proud! Much love!
  • shagunbhansali: Bombay talkies - a movie that could have been so much more.
  • Screwdrivering: Bombay Talkies. It is a masterpiece with 4 masterful quadrants. #movies
  • SaurabhAwasth21: Bombay Talkies is the worst movie made in 100 years of Indian cinemas:)
  • sandy1404: Bombay Talkies - Movies worth talking about #iLikeMuch
  • sajitharaghu: Bombay Talkies, a very fresh attempt from Bollywood and one of its kind! Was a treat to watch the performances of the artist!
  • sai_ganesh: Bombay talkies was good. Pains me to say this but was a bit disappointed with Kashyap's film. Storywise: Dibakar > Zoya > K.Johar > Kashyap
  • ronakhegde: I blame it on Karan Johar for not letting Bombay Talkies scores 5 star
  • RashiBareja: Bombay Talkies #mast
  • randomrobin: Bombay Talkies was fantastic, so heartening and refreshing to watch character based films, my favorite kind, happy.
  • Rahulpathak_31: Bombay Talkies is not tat great.. @kjohar25
  • PurryThoughts: Bombay Talkies is a different film, but overall is just the essence of good recent movies - essence of Bollywood. Recommended!
  • pseudomystic: bombay talkies..aashiqui 2 is only music..wo ghar par sun lo..[email protected]_chokri: Bomaby talkies dekhu? Ya Aashique 2?”
  • prempiyush: I didn't interpret Kashyap's story in Bombay Talkies as a satire. For me it was a tribute. #gyaan #meriBhaawnaayein
  • patel_sana: Bombay talkies is brilliant. Kudos to all the directors. A must watch.
  • parmeshs: Bombay Talkies is simply brilliant. Each of the 4 films is so special. A must-see, at least twice.
  • nehanitrate: Bombay Talkies..a real treat :-)
  • Naughtanky: Just watched Bombay Talkies. Bloody Karan Johar has hit it OUT OF THE PARK.
  • miooww: Saw "Bombay Talkies":-) Nice movie...especially Karan Johar's story was interesting ;-)
  • MinorityReview: Saw Bombay Talkies. The Karan Johar short was really bad, the Dibakar Banerjee short was brilliant and so was Zoya Akhtar's.
  • meanymeen: Phenomenal work on Bombay Talkies! Loved every bit, especially the credits. Love it @ankash1009
  • mannsinha: Thumbs up 2 Bombay Talkies .. Liked Dibaker > Karan > Zoya > Anurag
  • manishbakliwal: shoot out at wadala -***1/2 bombay talkies -**1/2
  • manasblues: Bombay Talkies. What shit movie.
  • little_chefB: What the hell was Bombay talkies?? Not a single story was finished well, some warped msgs! Only good thing was nawazudin n the kid #fail
  • laisasalove: Am I the only one who was underwhelmed by all four Bombay Talkies films?
  • kshitij_g: Just back from Bombay Talkies, bravo Dibakar Banerjee, and Anurag Kashyap, you never fail to impress! Perfect wrap up of a Sunday!
  • kchaudhry2010: Indian cinema comes of age with bombay talkies. Sensitive topics wisely portrayed. Loved it @kjohar25 @zoyaakhtarFC
  • kavshik13: The 4 short films that make up Bombay Talkies are definitely a worthwhile watch. Nicely pays tribute to the 100 years of Hindi films.
  • josephradhik: Bombay Talkies reaffirms my faith in Indian Cinema. Our filmmakers have immense talent and vision but are constrained by market demand.
  • jerrystweet: Bombay Talkies is a much better name for #Bollywood. More authentic to our roots #bombaytalkies
  • Jeelish: Just saw Bombay Talkies. As much as I loved the films, I'm not sure if they're really celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema.
  • jayvbhatt: Bombay Talkies, a decent attempt. In ranking of the parts , 1. Anurag Kashyap 2. Dibankar Bannerjee 3. Zoya Akhtar 4. Karan Johar Cheers
  • iUc1: Splendid Movie BOMBAY TALKIES. This movie reminds us of power of the Bollywood. @kjohar25
  • Itsmy_rule: There is nothing spectacular about Bombay Talkies. Don't go with high expectations.
  • irunnyy: Bombay Talkies. @ankash1009 better than @kjohar25 me thinks. Loved the concept.
  • InsaneOrange9: Bombay Talkies review Karan Johar: Brilliant script and direction. Smooth finishing. Glitches in Hooda's acting. Rani, Saleem fantastic. 1/4
  • iBasil: A weekend with two good movies....Mumbai Police and Bombay Talkies... Mumbai Police - Prithviraj has proved...
  • HET4L: Bombay Talkies! #win
  • gujjublackadder: Bombay Talkies - Well played !!! @ankash1009
  • gauravvvch: Bombay Talkies is brilliant. Tk a bow the Fab4. Karan surprised all of us wid a brilliant tale, remaining 3 r nwys alwys superb @ankash1009
  • gauravmukherjie: Loved Bombay Talkies
  • fk_tweeter: #ForumKeralam new thread (by ballu): Bombay talkies - A Modern Cult !! #Kerala
  • drajayjain: Stay away from Bombay talkies. Film critics giving 4 star to this movie are more corrupt than our railway minister. #bombay talkies
  • djakhiltalreja: Bombay Talkies - Loved Zoya & Anurags stories. Highlight - Child actor Naman Jain was funny & character...
  • debyoti: bombay talkies lucky to get tickets.more than decent work from karan for the rest.all intelligently done cinema. loved zoyas story
  • DannySura: Just watched "Bombay Talkies". Apart from Zoyas story, the rest lacked soul and heart. Not a good way to celebrate 100 yrs : (
  • dandydujour: Loved Bombay Talkies!!! Each story was a treat to all senses! #masterpiece
  • cornerd: Bombay talkies. Well played.
  • chillnews2: “Bombay Talkies is that rarity which makes us thankful for the gift of the movies.” – Subhash…
  • ChiknaVakeel: You know it's something really different and special when @kjohar25 's short scores way above @ankash1009 's short.
  • Charles88854282: For all the #100YrsOfIndianCinema Bollywood fans, Bombay Talkies is a must watch! So much to see so much to understand.
  • balmaa: Bombay talkies :-):-):-)
  • AvinashJha_Live: Want 2 wish good luck 2 Karan Johar 4 the Sridevi -Madhuri joke in Bombay Talkies b4 Sri fans watch it. :P Still laughing at it.Brave move.
  • aprajita2012: A terrible celebration of 100 years of Indian cinema - Bombay Talkies!
  • Appy_Fizzz: The best thing about Bombay Talkies is how each story is someone's favorite. For me @ankash1009's > Zoya's (for the dance) > @kjohar25 > DB
  • anujaiyer: Be what u r. Dream what u desire. Seek what u want. Do what u dare. 4 stories. Bombay Talkies. KJo's narration walked the talk.
  • ankitsharmatup: Ok, coming to this movie "Bombay Talkies". It was a brilliant interpretation of cinema in its realism. Liked each short story
  • aneesinha: Bombay Talkies..fresh of breath air
  • Amoli: I saw Bombay Talkies. Nothing great about any of them, just btw. Wait for it to come on tv.
  • AmigoSmile: Movie Review: If you watch one film a year make sure it's 'Bombay Talkies' -
  • amazingissunny: hmmm Bombay Talkies ...sabh k mu pe sirf ek hi comment "wah bhai wah"seriously is it a blockbuster?eh....
  • akshaisarin: today. celebrate the power of dreams and perseverance. Ashi - for making 'Bombay Talkies' what looks to be the Bollywood film of the year...
  • Aar_Paarekh: Bombay talkies, 4 stories enough to show 100 yrs of our evolution, to prove that our cinema is not just fictional stories, its us.
  • aaradhnauppal: 2nd half of bombay talkies redeemed itselt. Thank you @Zoya Akhtar and @Anurag Kashyap