Bol (Punjabi, Urdu) - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

The heart doesn't reach out to any of Bol's characters. It is slow and gets repetitive and preachy about serious topics like mistreatment of the girl-child and sexual orientation. The treatment doesn't let you get too involved.



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Having been so blessed in life, I often think of the things that I should be grateful for. The list always seems to be never ending, but invariably it ends at one thing... that I was born a MAN. Nothing in the world scares me more than the thought of being born a woman or a eunuch in a country like Pakistan.

Those are the first few lines from Pakistani film, Bol's director's note. Why shouldn't I look forward to it given the premise? Moreover, I loved the director's (Shoaib Mansoor) earlier film Khuda Ke Liye. The anticipation of that kind of warmth and sensitivity being applied to a woman protagonist's plight brings goose bumps.

Interestingly, the trailer doesn't give away much about the story which is the way I like it. And yet it pulls you in.

It could just be because I've enjoyed the two Pakistani films I've watched. It could be because I read the director's note before I watched the film. It could be because the only things I have read about Bol (mostly on twitter), are superlative praises.

I usually like listening to the music for the first time while watching the film, so I haven't heard the music of Bol yet. But again, there's a good chance I will enjoy that because of the Khuda Ke Liye experience. Although I'm not the biggest fan Atif Aslam has. In fact, he has potential enough to annoy me. Hopefully, his acting skills will be better.

What are your thoughts about the film? Are you anticipating it as eagerly as I am?