Bhoothnath - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

The first half-second half syndrome strikes again. Bhoothnath starts off with imaginative use of animation and has a cute, very enjoyable first half. The latter half not only makes you sorely miss all of it, but also replaces it with lectures (albeit short), a depressing attitude towards youth that go abroad for better prospects, and very avoidable religious connotations.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just letting you know how I look forward to an Amitabh-starrer

31st August 2007 was when I last saw Big B on the big screen. And I would like you to forget that I even remember that occasion. Not to mention that in exactly one month we are going to be exposed to yet another RGV-Amit Roy combination with Sarkar Raj. Hmmm...

Flash-back to the current week. I get curious whenever I see any actor in a role that he/she hasn't done earlier. Bhoothnath is being marketed as a lovable ghost. It's not like we haven't seen this before. Recently we saw Jackie Shroff play Bhoot Unkle. While I thought it was a shoddy movie, the kids who've seen it loved it. I blame that on the choices they have. I just hope Bhoothnath isn't going to take its younger audience for granted.

Juhi Chawla is yet again in her sugary-syrup avatar. Granted, her giggles and laughter bring warmth, but wouldn't she like to do something different? Till then, hoping her smile brings the same sunshine this time too.

The costume and make-up (like in Bhoot Unkle) of the ghost look good and well, scary. A far cry from the lovable ghost image, though. We can't really expect Jackie Shroff or Amitabh Bachchan to look like Casper - the friendly ghost now, can we? I just hope the heavy make-up will not translate to heavy-duty over-the-top acting.

The thing that attracts me most these days to movies with superstars in them is the curiosity about the script they have chosen. Each time, I hope, a movie that has caught the fancy of a high profile actor has a strong script. Bhoothnath's synopsis boasts of a transformation in the attitude of the ghost from irritable to that of love and innocence. Ghost or no ghost, Amitabh or no Amitabh, a transformation in character is one of the things I anticipate the most in movies. Is it believable? Is it one on-the-face event or is it a series of smaller, subtler occurrences?

Yeah, general anticipation, general curiosity, general hope that this Friday, I'll watch a good movie...