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A slice of life. Or something that should be a slice of life - good humor. Vinay Pathak reminds you how to take a joke on yourself and Rajat Kapoor how not to make a joke on the likes of Vinay. And they do so in comical situations that build on top of each other supported by some simple but really amusing lines.



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The oil being the glossy glitter associated with mainstream Hindi cinema. Isn't it a shame this movie is being called one without "stars"? As soon as Vinay Pathak makes me laugh with the way he locks his briefcase, he is my star. If I yell, "aaa-ouch" when Rajat Kapoor gets hit on his back that is already hurting, isn't he doing something right?

Dialogues that characters are made to repeat at every opportunity possible usually make me sick. But, this time, I could have been caught laughing out loud at a couple of such dialogues. Here, they are subtle and an integral part of the personality - not forced, not squeezed in to increase the line-count of the actor. I laughed in anticipation every time. For some reason even the predictable misunderstandings made me laugh. And just when I thought, "okay enough now, this is not going to be funny anymore", the character didn't say it again and the movie ended soon thereafter. The makers knew not to push it too far. That understanding, and the ability to resist the temptation to do it just one more time, is creditable. Sorry, didn't mean to take away anything from the lines that were not repeated. Most of the dialogues are witty and keep you in splits throughout!

Like some of the dialogues, things that irritate in real life are used to irritate the characters and get a laugh out of the audience. E.g., the sound effect used to exaggerate the noise created while handling a plastic bag is just hilarious and needs special mention. This is how cinematic liberties should be taken. And not just because you are allowed to.

There were a few things that, maybe, were 'outside the scope of the movie' from the maker's point of view but left the audience with questions. Like the inconsistency in Sarika's character. (Read more in the "what didn't work" section). The other problem was that in his very short role, Ranveer Shorey overacted. Yes, you read that right. Granted he was asked to pull a face and modulate his voice in a certain manner. But it didn't work. His character looked rather out-of-place in the otherwise believable set of characters. However, here is something that worked. More than half of Milind Soman's lines were very appropriately - Laugh. And he did laugh heartily.

The most wonderful part is that the movie is as much a joke on the simpleton clerk as it is on the arrogant upper class businessman. And yes, these certainly are the kinds of characters that you would be annoyed at if you were with them, but are ready to burst out laughing at because they are with someone else. They make you fondly remember the guys in college who were sources of entertainment not because of any "talent" but because of their personalities. I wouldn't wait for the DVD because this is the kind of comedy that needs to be encouraged - intentional.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Great Review as usual without giving the movie away..

I have to wait for DVD as this won't be played in cinema halls where I live.

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Thanks Ramesh!

Oh, that's sad, but hopefully you will watch an original DVD.


Thanks amit! Yep, I send my posts to Radio Sargam too.


hey meetu nice cool look to the website.....100 times better than the old look :)

Bheja fry for your heart:

[...] Without Giving The Movie Away - Bheja Fry. [...]


Cool blog layout....and your work is excellent is always. :)


Thanks, Amit. I take that as a compliment. The old look was truly pretty drab!

Thanks, Sakshi!


Yeah Pratik, "The Dinner Game" is now on my 'to watch' list. I hope you enjoyed "Bheja Fry" too.


Bheja Fry...

I went into this movie knowing nothing but that it starred Rajat Kapoor, Vinay Pathak and Ranvir Shorey. I have come to expect a lot from Rajat Kapoor, his movies bring back images of ‘Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’ and that whole lot of crazy NFD...


I have watched this film several times as I enjoyed it a lot. And each time I scan eagerly the credits to see to whom is the story ad screenplay credited to. But I never succeeded in finding that in the film's credit displays.

And that part pains me deeply. It hints that this is an unauthorised shameless (almost) frame-to-frame and dialogue-to-dialogue copy of Diner de Con a French classic.

I have watched Diner de con, and can vouch that apart the initial 10 minutes of the films everything else is identical. The "con" character loved to make match stick miniatures of famous landmarks whereas the Hindi version con liked to sing. Leaving aside 2 jokes that played on a pun in French version and so could not be reproduced in Hindi version as-is all other jokes are retained as is. The makers of Bheja Fry did not use any creativity to change any scene or any dialogue or any character or any joke. And that is what pains - Copying without adding any value-addition. In that case just distributing a Hindi dubbed version of Diner de con would have been more appropriate.


@Fan I still think making a copy well, isn't too easy either. I don't say they should copy frame by frame or not give credit (a certain no-no!) but it is better than botching the original up.

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