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wogma rating: Watch when on TV (?) - Only if you are interested in watching the energy infused to the music.
quick review:

Watchable for the energy that visuals can add to the upbeat, festive music. Else, very passable.



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73 tweeters have given Banjo an average rating of 3.6/5.0(?)

51 yays
18 nays
4 so-so
  • TinuShinde: #Banjo lay bhaari @Riteishd dada... @NargisFakhri
  • tanmays: #Banjo was surprisingly good. Was expecting it to be like just another Ritesh flick. But @meranamravi made it work. Great job!
  • simplypratima53: After long time liked any movie #Banjo so so zabarjast music I loved, fantastic job @Riteishd @NargisFakhri
  • SaqibLatifKhok1: love ur movie #Banjo Dill jeet liya sabki acting ne @Riteishd @Riteshd_fclub @TeamRiteishd
  • sandeepkchanda: Loved #Banjo
  • Sam_Nitin1: RT nawabjha: #Banjo is a good musical drama. Here's my review on htTweets
  • sachincena200: A mind blowing movie #Banjo !!! Grt chemistry of @Riteishd and @NargisFakhri ...must watch movie if u r a bollywood fan #publicmetre
  • RukhsRD: Loved the fact that taraat's n chriss love was not focused bt Banjo was focused in the film.Ending was exactly acceptable @Riteishd #Banjo
  • Rk_wasim: Watched #Banjo its so impressive amazing concept and @Riteishd and hair was ufff Wow...
  • reyaz99: #Banjo movie is for story lovers and it will inspire with the one dedicated towards his/her dream.. #Riteish #Nargis
  • RD_fan_Veena: Watched #Banjo never had fun like this before.. Totally loved it @Riteishd & @meranamravi -magic - hats off to both of u. Rating **********
  • Ranu48925557: I like this movie #Banjo
  • RakiiSolanki: What a performance @Riteishd and @NargisFakhri your gaali wala scene was amazing and the music was on top all the time #Banjo.. Bajaate Raho
  • Rajyasree: Too good. @aarungeorge watched Riteish Deshmukh-starrer, Banjo and discovered many things about cinema and music.
  • RahyalR: #Banjo #lifesmasti #awesomemovie Ritesh nice work after so long A grades
  • PikusukulSourya: Great pieces of work by the banjo team.Nice movie.9 out of 10 for them.#banjo @Riteishd @NargisFakhri
  • niTin_rAUt_7: #banjo लय भारी... #तैराट @Riteishd एकदम झकास performance @NargisFakhri ....
  • nishanthooda001: Fabulous work has done by @Riteishd as a result film was also fabulous. I loved the concept. It was awsome keep rocking #Banjo
  • MusicalDoctorOZ: Do go and watch Banjo ... @Riteishd & the film, both are looking super cool...
  • muksibadal: Watched #Banjo loved @Riteishd s acting after a long time should do more solo films @NargisFakhri great job congratulations to all the team
  • mpculturebpl: बैंजो, लुप्त वाद्य खासकर जिसकी उपस्थिति आधुनिक और लोक संगीत दोनों में रही, उसके कलाकार का संघर्ष मॉर्डनाइज़ सही, अच्छा प्रस्तुत किया। #Banjo
  • meSonalee: And he's a rockstar...LOVED him in the film...he's a true scene-stealer! Very very cute performance by #Ishaan in…
  • mastiiitv: Is #Banjo​ must watch the movie of the month? Watch Mastiii #MovieReview now.
  • maharashtraone: #BanjoWithTix #Banjo has great energy!! must watch movie!!
  • LidiaBender14: Ravi Jadhav: Riteish Deshmukh was my first choice for 'Banjo'
  • kobo_bang: #Banjo _Bangs Grrr8 work from @Riteishd in all forms,gr8 looks dear @NargisFakhri Really hattsoff @meranamravi asli radaaaaaaa
  • KhanAhmadIrfan: #Banjo is best experience.- @nargisfakhri :)
  • Jholl_master: Banjo great movie,must watch @Riteishd great work
  • ipraveenanand: What a fantastic movie..Take a bow @Riteishd @NargisFakhri #BANJO #Mustwatch #Musiclovers
  • iamsurya939: Beautiful movie #Banjo @Riteishd, @NargisFakhri
  • iAdeshmukh: Watched Banjo and still watch it every day on YouTube...Hats Off to u @Riteishd and Director @meranamravi Rating: *****
  • HemantAnjara: #Banjo Its really good movie. I enjoyed alot thanks @Riteishd @geneliad All go and watch once... Aali Re aali aata Ritesh chi Baari Ali..
  • HassanMuridwala: #ThisSunday enjoy #bollywood movie #banjo
  • gritopoetico: Banjo is amazing
  • gavade_gajanan: only banjo ....lage raho ritesh dada
  • DINESHJAGDISHDJ: Wow gud movie great work Ritesh. One of solid roles of Ritesh's career#Banjo#Ritesh Deshmukh
  • Dhirend51962234: Banjo is great movie pls watch it if you already watch it so pls see again.
  • deepakg35: Watched #Banjo, @Riteishd लय भारी दादा , भारी काम केलत, छान
  • bcompany: Simply loved #Banjo movie. Honestly and simplicity of @Riteishd rocks. @NargisFakhri cools super awesome.
  • basha82645: #Banjo entertain movie... Good to watch..
  • bablanikapil: awesum movie.. #banjo
  • atesh98: Watched #banjo movie awesome i gave 3star all team 2good funny name pepar,grees,bajya&tarat full on enjoyed with my friends rada rada
  • AnupammMathur_: Banjo ko Baar Baar Dekho
  • anpadwal: #Banjo Film Review | @Riteishd steals the show in this musical celebration! लई भारी... by @Riteishd via @c0nvey
  • ankitanair24: Watched @banjo , superb storyline. Definitely a must watch. @Riteishd at his best in dis. Loved u totally. U can add me as 1 of ur fan now.
  • anand20199: Ganpati bappa morya #Banjo love it @Riteishd lovely movie sir and u rock the band "Ganpati bappa morya "
  • anaggh: Banjo: Liked it.
  • Aman93deep: #Banjo is a must watch, Music is average but the sound of Banjo(an instrument) will make you want more. 3 stars #reviews
  • Ainatbadhon: Just watched #banjo its seems like bar bar dekho... Supe duper blaster #banjo loved it..
  • 12345ankitgoyal: good movie to watch...!!!
  • Sethumadhavan: #Banjo-The music is a plus & Riteish Deshmukh does well but overall very predictable fare.
  • Revolution_A: Banjo(2016), watch the movie only for Ritesh Deshmukh's acting. He is at his best. #BanjoMovie
  • girishjohar: Saw #Banjo... only relief & good is @Riteishd ... music is below avg...moments are far n few ...loooong too
  • bizzarebhide: Riteish Deshmukh is the ONLY good thing about this film. #Banjo
  • __Hamza: Banjo ? :"/ ye movie hai ? haaa thuu
  • VishRathi1: #Banjo to lagta hai agle Hafte mein puri utar jayegi.. #Disaster
  • urs_crazyking: Lack of Banjo was music if music is not good how musical movie will b. Liked @Riteishd as always True rockstar And my big brother #dharmesh
  • t2telegraph: Parched is a universal tale of sisterhood, but Banjo strums the wrong notes #t2reviews
  • Sumitrajkadel: Watched 30 mins of #Banjo -I have only few words for this film "Bencho yeh kya tha" . If u have guts then go and watch bencho . (No rating)
  • SaluHeer: Banjo flops nargis cant speak hindi will some of these actresses please learn hindi u work in hindi industry first learn hindi then acting
  • RKhabar: रितेश की फिल्म बैंजो' में संगीत तो है लेकिन इसका आनंद नहीं है
  • RJTapan: Banjo movie jova karta ta to Road par avta jata Banjo Sambhdvo saro....
  • rij79: Baffling why some actors in #bollywood insist on doing bad solo movies when they r meant to be good supporting actors only #banjo
  • RanjanPant: Avoid #Banjo @Riteishd wasted. Had to walk out at interval for sanity
  • PappuManji: One of the mist senseless movies watched in recent times #Banjo please avoid!!
  • niranjan_synd: Watched Movie Banjo it is totally waste of money....
  • keenu30: Banjo: A Musical Disappointment
  • katamulgi: Movie review of #Banjo "Bhencho" movie..
  • ilovefuddi: #Banjo 1 of the worst film of year,congrts @meranamravi for debuting with & ruining also @Riteishd career,u really did Natrang?Now retire!
  • IAm_ssorry: [email protected] sir, #banjo ki to baj gayi band. Ma'am @NargisFakhri ko lekar bajaoge shadi me band?
  • Gurmatpal: #Banjo 1/5 (most boring movie of the year, offers nothing new)
  • dysleksick: Life aapko 2 choice deti hai. Ya to #Banjo dekho, Ya na dekho. Go with the 2nd Choice. Such a poorly scripted movie. Total waste of money.