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Expectations met. Action-packed, lots of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif, passable stunt and close to no story.



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88 tweeters have given Bang Bang an average rating of 3.4/5.0(?)

58 yays
26 nays
4 so-so
  • World_XNews: Movie review: Bang Bang is a waste of time and money
  • Visheshcool: Fab music ... Stunning HR moves... It's bang bang day....❤️❤️❤️
  • tweeter4Mahi: Watched #BangBang Neerasam vachesindi. First time Hrithik movie ki walkouts chusa. Boring scenes/no fresh story. Disappointed
  • trippleh1: #BangBang #boring and its a dry day too... I'll have to settle with Benadryl today
  • SupriyaDugar: One of the best Bollywood action films #BangBang
  • SuperGops: #BangBang multiple instances through the movie where I was yawning out of bore. Was thinking of leaving at interval too.
  • SRKPiku: HR was damn good..That's it..Story was not so good.Direction was Weak. #BangBang
  • SrivatsaKrishna: Second half marginally better. Overall movie #bangbang terrible waste of time. knight and day was infinitely better
  • SmitRana007: Watched #BangBang. Awesome movie. @iHrithik and #KatrinaKaif did a fabulous job. Just loved it. Must see. One of the best movies of 2014.
  • simply_rachu: I Must say #BangBang is the Bollywood movie shot like Hollywood movie.. Must watch. Mind blowing performance by @iHrithik Dil khush ho gaya
  • ShonariaSharma: फिल्म रिव्यूः 'बैंग बैंग' तो फुस्स हो गई: कोहिनूर चुराया है यार, कुछ तो इज्जत करो. 'बैंग बैंग' फिल्म का नायक र...
  • shaggynaughty: bravoo 1st day 1st show bang bang ossam movie gud work doneby hrithik sir n katrina love u hrithik roshan sir ;* @ihrithik ummha..
  • Shaal78: Bang Bang is a pathetic movie!!! Very disappointed.
  • scorpio111128: #BangBang paper thin script might create a watchable film but it won’t be a brilliant or memorable watch.
  • SaurabhTyagiS9: I watched #BangBang b4 some time it was realy outstanding movie by @iHritik @kat #fb
  • sarthak_gouda: Just watched bang bang , it is great , hit of the century
  • sareesh23: Thumps Up ( definitely, positively, decisively ) for Bang Bang !!!
  • sarabmeet: Bang bang was alright . Nothing that great. Extremely draggy tho. Unexpected twists throughout the movie.
  • sapangoyal: ISBPL: #NEWS Movie review: Bang Bang is a waste of time and money: I would suggest you save your hard e... #world
  • santoshchandu11: just now watched BANG BANG movie its superbbb every one must watch it
  • santosh0929: Bang bang is bang on .,,, hrithik and super action makes it a super entertainer . Great locations amd Katrina add to the beauty . Must watch
  • sandeeponthenet: #BangBang The jokes in the movie are actually a joke. Extremely disappointed.
  • salkulfree: Its a hit! Yeah its a hit! Both #BangBang n #Haider are a hit
  • sagarcool03: #bangbang superb movie :) enjoyed... thanks Duggu, Kat & Danny....
  • rjakshay10296: jitna dard kick dekh ke hua usse jyada bang bang dekh ke ho raha hai..bas 5 din movie kuch kama legi..-ve wom hai..
  • Ravii9999: Watch it for @ihrithik's BEST Performance & BanG BanG Action Sequences....!!
  • Ras_D3_PC_DP: And atlast sae bang bang *___* :D @iHrithik dam u were sooooopp good :* amazing concept just loved the dialogues..the action.. And ur dance
  • Raka061: As #BangBang is not up to the mark, finger crossed for #HNY
  • RAJ_z: 5 4 3 2 1 ..... #BANGBANG awesome movie... need to watch it again... luv u HR... :*:* :* @iNisha @iHrithik @jyotiHR1
  • raj_roock: #Bangbang superhit h Boss.....Great lead pair, lovely action and dances.... @iHrithik
  • rachitmathur5: #Haider super hit hai !! #BangBang super flop hai !! Not a fans verdict !! @shahidkapoor rocks @iHrithik rocks Katrina u sucks
  • prawalaashish: #BangBang ... Nice movie with @iHrithik looking dashing and acting superb...Katrina looks out of place...
  • PranjalDas_58: we got our money's worth #bangbang
  • nottyrox: Bang Bang Is SO-SO -SO Grand Movie .. Even The Price 1000 Is Less For Bang Bang .. #BangBangDay
  • NkDumre: mind blowing movie @ihrithik truely international star ..#bangbang
  • nicksp16: #BangBang mind boggling movie! @iHrithik has given everything to the movie! And his chemistry with #Katrina is fantabulous.
  • nbnrational: #BangBang disappointing
  • naresh4098: Don't expect a mind-blowing storyline, and focus on the thrills and frills. You'll have a good time. #BangBang @iHrithik
  • NaikSomnath: Bang bang ...its nt a bollywood movie its a Hollywood flick... Awesome movie...full Paisa basool...
  • MyselfIndrila: Watched #bangbang @ihrithik is d only man who can create this magic... Totaly powerpact wid sheer awesomeness
  • mukulmathpal: great thriller action suspense romantic emotional movie... i really enjoy today with #bangbang
  • moviesteem: Movie review: Bang Bang is a waste of time and money moviesteem #movie
  • me_bhav: #BangBang awsome !! simply enjoyed it even though its a remake !!! @iHrithik u were simply marvelous ....
  • memyselfrohit: Saw #BangBang ... MIND-BLOWING !! @iHrithik Take a bow!
  • manoj_victory: #BangBang 1st half is Good
  • MaiHunSatish: Watched #BangBang Really Banged us! Superb @iHrithik and katrina. Well done Sid!
  • machpai: #BangBang is jus mind boggling..wonderfully adapted for Indian aud!! Team take a bow!! @iHrithik @sujoy_g @VishalDadlani @ShekharRavjiani
  • londonguy121: #BangBang is one decent movie to watch from usual Bollywood crap these days, happy to hear all the positives from all. 5 4 3 2 1 #BangBang
  • lathu: Movie review: Bang Bang is a waste of time and money
  • krish_reebok: Better watch Knight and day , which itself a mediocre film , BANG BANG is not upto mark
  • king_sadashiva: #BangBang : Although its not as good as Knight and day kinda fun..still its a great watch for bollywood movie lovers.
  • kadburies: doob gayi bang theatre se nikle saale ro rahe hai
  • jogpushkar: Saw #bangbang regret to share my disappointment #hritik as usual was excellent
  • jkvis: #bangbang @iHrithik mind blowing ! Loved it !
  • Jihaarifin: Bang Bang is such a really nice movie
  • jagmeet_93: I'd rate it 5.5/10 #BangBang
  • jagdishsosa: Watched Bang Bang today it was just awesome, Duggu at his best and no one can touch him. Proud to have Duggu in bollywood:-) Don't miss it.
  • i_hrithikian: Watched it!! Loved it!! @iHrithik @foxstarhindi Bang Bang! #BangBang #BangBangBeginsWithHrithikandKatrina
  • ishpru: #bangbang delivers what it promises! <dances around>
  • ishaantdhimaan: Ultimate Mvie fully Bang Bang... #BangBang
  • iRaj_HR_MSD: Don't go by the reviews these idiot critics are giving ! Go and watch #BangBang ! Make this weekend special
  • ipraveensharma: What a waste of Hrithik & Katrina! #BangBang is too predictable and old school. Disappointed. #Review
  • iPrasenjit_M: #BangBang is an Awesome movie.. A perfect entertainment package. Trust me it doesn't matter how much u spend in...
  • inshulker1: Bang bang kadak movie . Hats off hritik for yr hard work man !
  • imSKH: #bangbang the bakwaas movie
  • iankitsrk: Just Watched #BangBang ...Awesome Movie...Specially The Hi-Fi Action Scenes.. It Will surely break #Kick's overall record.
  • iamyuvigak: Must say best action movie I ever watched regarding Intel world in Indian Cinema, loved it to the core @iHrithik #BangBang
  • IAMRMER: Bang Bang - Hrithik , Katrina Movie Review Rating : 3.75/5 A Must Watch For All Hrithik roshan fans Movie Is...
  • HrithikInspires: #BangBang! is a superhit. Great lead pair, lovely action and dances, full entertainment. (Review By Komal Nahata)
  • Govindjangir5: #Bangbang superhit n #Haider total washout
  • govindgilda: Watched bang bang with @Shrikant_S_S .. Not too good...
  • faizalcccf: despite all the overakkal chalakkal scenes bangbang is worth watchng
  • Deepuzoomout: Bokkalo boring bokadia cinema, deenikante meher Ramesh billa 10times better... #HeadBang #BangBang
  • concisetrade: Our Ratings: Haider : 4 / 5. Bang Bang : 3 / 5 .
  • Codecdont: Awesome hrithik.. Dil jit liya bang bang:-)
  • Chirag_N_Desai: Bang bang... a nice watch, if nothing else just the chemistry between @iHrithik and katrina kaif is more than paisa wasool
  • BubblyDentist: Bang bang is a total disappointment. I never say this but do yourself a favour & do not watch it.
  • BoL_BLoGGeR: Bang Bang is wonderful. One of the coolest movies I have seen in Bollywood's action genre. @iHrithik looks too amazing to even blink 4 a sec
  • Blasius_Dsouza: #BangBang gosh...Dhoom 3, Ram Gopal Verma ki aag was better
  • BinduGorantla: #BangBang amazing movie. @iHrithik and Katrina bth are fabulous... Loved it totally
  • Being_mG: #BangBang right mesh of luvv story with a superb action...
  • BeingPhatak: Bang Bang. Hrithik Roshan. Hats off.
  • ayush1997jain: Great movie #BangBang @iHrithik rocks.The stunt sequences were amazing.
  • arvindrawatcom: "Bang bang" third class Bakwaas
  • aishwaryasrma: Watched #BangBang finally as all of the shows in @IndiaCinepolis Jaipur are houseful. @iHrithik & Katrina both are superb throughout.
  • Adityadec4: #BangBang is far better than Knight and Day. Bollywood movie in Hollywood style. Its Bollywood time now.
  • adhyayam: Superb 1st half, dragging yet bearable with some good scenes,Romance btn lead pair made this #BangBang watchable.Hrithik's show All the way.
  • abhi_preityfan: wow.. #bangbang amazingggggg . god of dance mindblowing #hrithikforever . will watch it again and again [email protected] @Hrithikdbest