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Emotions are kept at bay in this dark drama. A story with a lot of meat is dealt with pretty superficially.



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75 tweeters have given B.A. Pass an average rating of 3.9/5.0(?)

55 yays
14 nays
6 so-so
  • _Anand_i: Double Graduate... Saw BA Pass! .... Nice movie...evry youngster shud must watch..I guess...! This Year India's only entry to Oscar #review
  • VEDKEBOL: #Vedview BA Pass:- Suparbb Movie . But plz dont judge the book by its cover, $imilarly dont judge the BAP by its... https://www.facebook.com/rjved/posts/378212895634182
  • varunfc87: B.A. Pass was just fantastic!!
  • urfis: BA Pass is a superb movie!
  • TwinkyJain: # Honestly pls don't watch BA pass ...... :D its a kind of p*rn movie :p :D #Timewaste -_-
  • trishapatel6: I loved the movie Ba pass.... amazing acting... by all the actors..PS it does have too much of sex for an Indian movie.. hehehe
  • TheJadejaVu: B.A. Pass! Oh wait... aaj hi dekhi... Nice film! #MoviesICannotGetOver
  • Text_O_Holic: #B.A.Pass Is Very Good Movie!
  • TausifSid: Movie review: BA Pass - Three and a half stars......
  • taniameer: BA Pass time
  • swatityagi1009: BA Pass with @ankitmalikjas amazing movie superb acting of everyone ......!!!!!
  • sumit_roy_: BA Pass is a ballsy film that depicts sex in a way that's raw, disquieting & visceral with an assured maturity. Gorgeously shot, well acted
  • sudnigga: B.A.Pass ho gaya!
  • stoicbar: chose to watch ba pass with my bowys over conjuring with her. I feel so stupid now.. #Facepalm
  • sr_raut: #BA.Pass has a good plot. The treatment could have been much better.
  • sourav456vishwa: B.A pass is a good movie...........
  • SomeBirdie: Watch 'BA Pass'. Heard good reviews plus there was no other option nearby on the time we required. But it failed my expectations.
  • Sober_Sardar: BA PASS - A Must Watch Movie.
  • SINCORLEONE: people watch B.A.Pass.. it's W O R T H a watch!
  • Shivam_Negative: B.A. Pass got FOUR STARS...and it DESERVES it.....!!!!!
  • shantusharma: BA Pass passes the test. Interesting story. Good execution.
  • santoshrajaryan: WatcHd B.A PASS...AwsumE movIe..
  • samirpatel0085: BA Pass is a gud movie but the novel is the one to look out for...
  • sameersaifi007: B.A. PASS amazing movie @shilpashukl act so well overall paisa wasool story ....#bapass
  • ritesh_vita: BA Pass- thumbs down. Depressing & Disappointing
  • RishabhaNayyar: B.A Pass is a great example of how a good story will most often than not make for a great film! Well done Debuda!
  • readytotrance: B.A. Pass takes you through the dark and ugly roads of sexual exploitation of men in an unprecedented manner. Must see. Kudos.
  • RajeeKhushie: B.A. Pass. Beautiful. Flawless. @tongatalkies @shilpashukl
  • PuvvalaVirat: B.A Pass only for multiplex audience. Story line picha different. Manam ame anukunthamu oo daniki opposite ga jarguthundhi. Decent watch.
  • prasun772786: B.A. PASS. Congratts !! Team B.A.PASS !! CLASSIC performance guyz....Superv exhibition...Great spirit...Carry onn... --prasun banerjee
  • PrashankRai: B.A. PASS IS EPIC FAIL...
  • pirutman: Thorougly enjoyed B.A Pass, which is refreshingly bold & brilliant. @shilpashukl shines throughout being the hot seductress! A must watch!
  • pateldev13: B.A PASS is a very nice film.
  • paritransolanki: Friends !!!!! B.a pass movie is not good
  • ParakramRana: Watched BA Pass and absolutely loved it. Intense and it takes you deep into the story. A must watch.
  • NyayBhushan: BA Pass movie is not to be missed- While redefining Delhi noir it pushes d envelope in all directions. Kudos to Shilpa Shukla @tongatalkies
  • ninja_chaacha: B.A PASS is something different.Good concept. It was very brave of shilpa shukla to do this role. Hoping to see her in future.1 time watch.
  • nikeswamish: My verdict: BA Pass (2013) This one for cinema lover ..... go n enjoy reality ....... ***.5 http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/movie-reviews/hindi/B-A-Pass/movie-review/21526019.cms
  • NewsenseBTE: watched another indian movie today, B.A. Pass. What started looking as thought it was soft core porn escalated quite a bit. Great movie.
  • nautankibazzz: Watched #BA.PASS, For me its a Must Watch Movie.
  • Mr_Insolent_: Guys must watch BA PASS ;)
  • mohitroshan: B A Pass 3.5 stars our of 5 #bapass http://twitter.com/mohitroshan/status/363863673074237441/photo/1
  • maximaminima: Quite liked BA Pass. Had read the toi review for it, and thought it was way better than that. A great attempt at unconventional treatment.
  • laisasalove: B.A.Pass is passable. The sex is awkward, the acting is a joke. But it will still get bhaav for being oh so scandalous. *rolls eyes*
  • KhoteNawab: BA Pass :-D
  • kabir_kate: #BA Pass what a surprise !!! Go watch it!
  • jonzworld: BA Pass good work
  • IshtdeepSingh1: Aur B.A.PASS full number key saath pass ho gyi @shilpashukl
  • iBawaalBaccha: B.A Pass Is Fail
  • ghantaa_talkies: Nice to see people speaking abt films like BA PASS...will gv them d impetus :-)
  • GauriKumar10: Forever scarred. B.A Pass should have never been passed >.<
  • GaurangTrivedi: BA. Pass nice movie and concept... Go & Watch friends. Happy Friendship Day to my lovely friends.... :)
  • Firaaq8: In a bold n brilliant attempt, team B.A.PASS(ed) wid distinction. Shadab, Shilpa n Dibyendu; First Rate! Cello ruled d bg score n how!
  • fasttickets: B.A. Pass: Scored a FIRST class. http://blog.fastticket.in/2013/08/ba-pass-scored-first-class.html
  • Eat_TweetSleep: I watched BA pass today. But somehow I didn't like that movie.
  • dushyanthechamp: BA PASS....yeah just seen it awesome movie... will recommend to everyone.. hats off to @shilpashukl
  • Director_Gautam: #NOWFOLLOWING - the very talented @tongatalkies. The director of BA. PASS. Really an outstanding film,Superb performances & gr8 vision shown
  • Dash_Adyasha: B.A. Pass..not bad!
  • Come_On_Pappu: Waaw WaaW B.A. Pass Ho Gayi
  • Charan15: B.A.Pass 3*/5 A realistic approach which depicts relationships.. emotions.. hard circumstances.. human mind.. and... https://www.facebook.com/charan1506/posts/602521196436353
  • caprismart: B.A. Pass. Highly recommended
  • boljantabol: फेल हो गया बीए पास - http://boljantabol.com/2013/08/02/ba-pass-hindi-movie/ http://twitter.com/boljantabol/status/363246943775903744/photo/1
  • bhagyak77: BA pass !!!!!!!! hot stars... but film toh fail ho gayi ........so boring
  • BeingPankaj1: 'BA Pass 'reivew not perfect but nicely d0ne...
  • BeingNiv: Must watch BA.PASS... Fab movie great story line... Kickass acting
  • babanitin: Baba's verdict: BA (Pass) interesting movie showed yet another dark side of the society! Money drugs lies deceit - one time watch nN
  • AudreyCoutinho: watched B.A. Pass and hated it..but thinking back now, maybe it wasn't so bad, just a little too depressing.
  • ashwaniti: BA Pass 3-1/2 ***
  • Ashu_rocks2020: B.A. PASS...gud movie....
  • ankash1009: Oye BA Pass has released in theatres.. Go watch it.. really super film.. and super performances and a director i will always look forward to
  • AniGuha: +1. RT @krnx: Thoroughly enjoyed BA Pass. Recommended.
  • AkshtaSaxena: Just watched first show of @BAPassTheMovie awesome piece of work. Congratulations team B.A.Pass. http://twitter.com/AkshtaSaxena/status/363190739938705409/photo/1
  • abhifilmy: B.A. Pass - a good film with some minor loopholes
  • aayush_lfc: B.A.Pass is absolute shite. Only good thing abt it is that is gets over within 1.5 hrs. Money wasted. gutted
  • 2guddd2btru: BA Pass was so depressing,shelved d idea of Ship of Thesus y don these arty types make some happy movies.