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True to its name, Ajab Gazabb Love show cases an amazingly weird (not in a good way) love story which is juvenile, regressive and mocks at poverty when the attempt, I assume was to sensitize.



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48 tweeters have given Ajab Gazabb Love an average rating of 1.8/5.0(?)

14 yays
28 nays
6 so-so
  • zeenie82: Highly recommend you watch AJAB GAZABB LOVE for its feel-good appeal! I think its spiked to release ur happy hormones :) MUST WATCH :)
  • WannabeEngineer: Brotip of the day: Don't watch Ajab Gazab Love.
  • VIVECKVASWANI: Vashu has also managed a very wide release for Ajab Gazzab Love, which is a laugh riot!
  • travelligence: You know what's definition of bad luck: When u r stuck in a goddamn city, and you hv to watch "Jacky Bhagnani", Ajab Gazab Love. :(
  • tarushmacgupta: Ajab Gazab Love - Ajeeb Gareeb Story.
  • SuSamson: Ajab Gazzab Love - What a disaster!
  • surajumarye15: Saw Ajab Gazabb Love, it is an average movie. I rate it 2.5/5
  • sunnysjoshi: "Ajab Gazabb Love" izz a waste of time.....
  • shrutiparikh1: ajab gazab love rocks.wil give tough compitition to soty
  • SanchitaBh: #Ajab_gazabb_love ---> nonsense || LOL ||
  • SameerAlobaidli: I rated Ajab Gazabb Love 1/10 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2356959 #IMDb
  • rrohit_deshmukh: Ajab gazab love , ultimate movie ! Awesome commedy ! @PushkarKunjar fuck u bitch !
  • Ronaksatra1: Awsum movie ajab gazabb love @jackkybhagnani u rock man...:)
  • rhythm_sethi: People on seeing Ajab Gazab Love will just say: Jacky Bhagna Ni, kyuki jahan b bhag k jayega - pitega zaroor.
  • relationext: Ajab gazab love is a very funny film , must watch
  • realshashank09: Movie Review Ajab Gazabb Love - one love story nice comedy touch ! 3/5 rating ! @jackkybhagnani is best movie so far !
  • rajnishgupta01: #Ajab Gazabb Love - a complete entertaining movie. Fun, Loving, Family entertainer. Great Performance by @jackkybhagnani . Must watch.
  • r1kartik: 2 movies starring Arjun Rampal in a week. One of course was OK. The other predictably pathetic. AJAB GAZABB LOVE http://kartikr.blogspot.in/2012/10/ajab-gazabb-love.html
  • Preeyum: Ajab gazzab love.. Serious bull shit :p
  • prathod2008: Ajab gazabb love movie is awesome , kirron kher comedy is awesome .
  • pradyotghate: in Ajab Gazabb Love everyone acts like victim. But true victims are viewers.
  • nsaini10: ajab gazabb love .. Movie is good drama but in end something awkward
  • manoOol_Shaikh: Ajab Gazabb Love was Ok-Ok types :)
  • Krishnandu: AJAB Gazabb Love : 3 / 10 :(
  • kauserheena26: Ajab Gazab Love is awesum movie a must watch. . .[email protected]
  • KanuniAadmi: Ajab Gazabb Love overall is a 4 out of 10. It was a meh movie.
  • Kablewala: Sanjay Gadgvi directed both Dhooms. And now Ajab Gazab Love. What a come down.
  • Invincibleabbey: Ajab Gazab Love, simply disastrous :/ Bt Kirron Kher rockss !! \m/
  • intweetz: Ajab Gazzab Love is a superb movie... for a 90s audience. Watch if you have nothing better to do. Full review [2/5] -> http://bit.ly/VL78ks
  • Imtiyaztimes: Ajab Gazabb Love Movie Review : 1.5 out of 5 Stars
  • iamsidddd: Hey Guys try and avoid Ajab Gazab Love....Neither is it ajab nor gazab its just A mental torture....
  • iamLPman: Ajab Gazab Love A Headache -_-
  • iamkrsh: Shook hands with you when you came to bhawanipur college/school Kolkata, Ajab gazab love a wonderous movie , real good acting by you ..!!
  • HimanshuKaush18: Ajab gazab love..gud movie...full paisa vasool movie...@jackkybhagnani
  • gujarat_news: 'Ajab Gazabb Love' not so loveable | http://tinyurl.com/8lj29xq #Bollywood
  • filmsofindia: Here's the movie review of AJAB Gazabb Love! Films Of India gives it a 2 star -... http://fb.me/1kgl6nf7F
  • ET24HOURS: Movie Review: Ajab Gazabb Love, Movie Rating -2/5 http://entertainment24hours.blogspot.in/2012/10/movie-review-ajab-gazabb-love.html
  • DushantDush: owsum movie yr.......... AJAB Gazabb Love.............
  • DonyaPatel: #Celebrity Review Ajab Gazabb Love is outdated http://dlvr.it/2NX4LW #BollyWood
  • DaveYagnesh: #Ajab Gazabb Love is a waste of time and money! The film fails to entertain in either romance or comedy.
  • DaminiAmma: what to watch this weekend- Chakravyuh. what not to watch this weekend- Ajab gazab love (double yuck!)
  • Cinemawale: Cinemawale critics movie #Review of "Ajab Gazabb Love" - Rating: ★ 1.0 / 5 stars - Critic says: Waste of... http://fb.me/221BS0Vwe
  • Chandmouliman: Ajab Gazab Love is really Fresh Crazy Comedy ... A Rich family act like a poor family to impress heroine and her dad haha keka
  • BolegaGossips: Ajab Gazabb Love, a futile tale! http://ow.ly/eOllm
  • ashitweety: Ajab gazab love - 3 stars, Chakkravyuh-3.5
  • ARORASAGARR: Ajab gazabb love is an amazing movie.. Congrats JB.. Supperrbbb effort..
  • ananya116: Is walking out of a theatre for a movie that you've come for reviewing acceptable? #CantWatch Ajab Gazabb Love! Why, Gadhvi, why?! >.<
  • agniva_speaks: Ajab gazab love is average ! Audience reaction is below expectation.