Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - Preview

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An ode to unrequited love and its victims. Reminds them to bask in their one-sided love's glory. The film slices and dices emotional relationships in many, many ways. Watch but please not with cynical unromantics.



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Friendship that turns into love though it can predict the heartbreak. Can there be a more soul-sucking theme than that? Must be dementors at work, right? Karan Johar picks all these themes that sound like they involve a lot of soul-searching. And then, the execution, the story just is a broad stroke and thus disappointing. This time however, the trailer promises more.

It promises some wonderful performances. Just that one shift of expression in Anushka Sharma's eye at minute 1:20 made my heart skip a beat. All her pain and disbelief captured instantaneously, before the character could mask it. And of course, Ranbir Kapoor's “I'm hurt, so I will hurt you with my look” look has always been a killer. Add on, Fawad Khan's voice and more. The only vulnerability in the performances might be Aishwarya Rai as femme fatale.

The trailer unfortunately gives away a lot of the movie. It made me wonder what is left for me to discover. Just which man and woman get together isn't remotely exciting enough. That leaves us with the details of how the relationships are built, go through strain and the various interactions. Actually, if done well, this would be more than enough for what one has come to expect from Karan Johar films.