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Lots of great hip-hop moves. If you are looking for story, move on.



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Wogma Review

For just a bit there I thought ABCD 2 is going to turn out to be a musical. As Varun Dhawan's character, Suru wonderfully expresses his pain to his mother in a dance form. But nope. That excitement soon washed away as it becomes clear that movie is only and only about the dance competition. Haven't we had enough dance films with the same ol' underdog story? The worse bit is that the story has less and less meat with every film. With ABCD 2 though, at least there are quite a few hip hop dance sequences that look novel and catch your imagination and attention.

In that context, if all you are looking for is hip hop dance, then you will be more than satiated. In almost every dance sequence there is one move that makes your jaw drop and wonder if it was real or some camera trickery.

Beyond that though, the hip hop music itself seems repetitive. Also, while the dances that build up towards the climax have something or the other interesting about them, the climax itself is quite lame – both in terms of the dance sequence itself and the story.

In fact, the final formation of the last dance came together clumsily and wasn't to the beat at all, and quite intentionally so. While this bothered me, its play in the story - which is of little consequence anyway – was even worse. The writing is neglected so bad that when there is no dance on screen, the scenes drag.

And very little of that can be blamed on the actors. The performers are all in top form as far as the dancing goes. The hard work shows in their effortless dances. Fortunately or unfortunately, there isn't much of a demand from them in the acting department. With character sketches that look like they were written on the go, if at all. And a story that seems to be built because there was a sudden realisation that it didn't exist.

But hey, ABCD 2 is blatant about how little it cares for the writing. And it's very clear about its passion for hip hop. So, if you don't care about the story and are looking for groovy hip hop moves, ABCD 2 is just the right thing for you.

- meeta, a part of the audience

Parental Guidance:

  • Violence: None
  • Language: Clean
  • Nudity & Sexual content: Skimpily clad women in dances, but no suggestive/offensive steps
  • Concept: Underdog in a dance competition
  • General Look and Feel: Very hip..hop.

Detailed Ratings (out of 5):

  • Direction: 1.5
  • Story: 0.5
  • Lead Actors: 2
  • Character Artists: 1.5
  • Dialogues: 0.5
  • Screenplay: 1
  • Music Director: 2.5
  • Lyrics: 2

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Poster is pretty nice and colourful - reflects certainly the tone of the film.

However the promos were nothing great - apart probably from top quality dancing.

I heard the songs, and most of them sound pretty average.

However, these Step Up pretenders are difficult to predict with the young generations. They tend to surprise. So fingers crossed. Just like TWM-Returns I would wait for the initial word of mouth to come out before opting to go and watch it.

pragya malaviya:

For the lead actors I thought of givin it a watch. But then I remembered we have Shraddha Kapoor. Oo she is so talenyed when it comes to acting!! Sigh..
The cause and everything is fine. Varun Dhawan is Brilliant and Prabhu Sir is amazing. Buy come on u can't just have pretty face. At least a movie on dance should have had nive music too!!


If Mumbai rains would relent then this movie should see good footfalls. It has the right ingredients for the genX and genY; amazing dancing with the appropriate sprinkling of patriotism. Perfect combo for the target audience.

As for t; an okay watch. Could have waited for DVD. But then I would have liked it even less as the visuals are clearly meant for viewing on giant screens.

Top marks to dances. Everything else is incidental. Music, when experienced whilst watching the film, is appropriate and feet tapping. But yes it's not the kind that you would want to listen on your ipods. Story - seriously nobody goes to watch a dance (or sports) movie for the story. Everything else is just to support the dances. If you like dances, and more so the hip hop style, then the film is for you.

ehinome okojie:

Good start by Any Body Can Dance 2 team, set for 100cr

ehinome okojie:

Fan, Anup and Anuj what do you guys think of Bombay Velvet in the light of Kashyap doing mediagiri in 2010 when he said his dream cast were John Abraham, Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan.


@Ehinome : Anurag is a self indulgent film-maker whose got a handful of fans who're all equally self indulgent. He's no Mani Ratnam or Prakash Mehra who can make hard hitting dark films and yet make them in a mass appealing, commercially viable manner. Anurag's best works like Black Friday,Gulaal,Satya etc have come when he's been away from the spotlight and making relatively low hype unknown films on a shoestring cost with relatively unknown actors. He's better off without the hype and hoopla that surrounds "masala" film-makers like Karan Johar,Farah Khan & Rohit Shetty. As for Ranbir, the mediocre actor is born with a silver spoon (thanks to his sir-name) and hence has a movie with Imtiaz Ali followed by big daddy Rajkumar Hirani lined up. But i have to say, this is the first time i'm skeptical of a Hirani film considering the fact that its not gonna be a typical Raju Hirani comical satire. Its a biopic on Sanjay Dutt and has Ranbir playing the lead. Amusing choice I must say!


ABCD 2 is not a bad film but unfortunately its not that good either. Its a decent one time watch only and only for its awesome dance sequences but unfortunately, this movie does not really have much repeat value. At the box office, this is a sureshot winner and a confirmed Hit, thanks to the entertainment it offers via its dance sequences.
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The movie is not as good as part 1. The dance lover are going to love this dance sequence but unfortunately it lacks drama and story.


Please watch first hour of the movie and come out. If you continue watching it till the end, you are gonna come out disappointed. I don't remember feeling like this in any movie. Opening credits were awesome. And this awesomeness, with continuously diminishing degree, carries on for an hour. After that you get bored of the dance and music. And feel like it should end straight away. Also, the director seemed to be infatuated with 3D effects. There were so many times when he made sure to emphasize the 3D effect, when something sharp came towards the screen, by slowing down the scene. It felt kind of cheap after 3-4 times, because it was overused too much.
In short, movie length deserved only one hour. Audiences would have been much happier, if that was the case.


Kapil: dance lovers go to watch it for the brilliantly choreographed and top quality dance sequences. Story is immaterial. Don't we have people who go to watch dance performances in theatre? This has an audience, and given the quality (and quantity) of dances they would get their paisa-vasool.

Yes the 3-D stuff is overused, kind of a kid with a new toy who wants to show off that he has a new toy.


TWMR : Mega Hit;
Piku : Semi Hit;
Gabbar : Average
DDD : Flop

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I am a dance teacher at Saroj Khan Dance Academy (SKDA) and I likes both ABCD. Bollywood should produce more movies on dance.


You are right. ABCD 2 is all about music and dance and less about a story. I really like the hip hop dance sequences in ABCD but I think the first one is better, though the songs in the second movie is better. Sun Sathiya, Bezubaan Phir Se and If you hold my hand are my favorite songs from the movie.

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