Review - Aaja Nachle: Not glitch-free, but enjoyable nevertheless

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Aaja Nachle is another ordinary story narrated pleasantly and in a digestible manner. So, you know the end, but you wait for the next obstacle that the protagonist will face. The dialogues are a good spread between funny and casually profound. A good first half and the magnificent climax makes you forgive the multiple glitches in characterizations and a few in the script. There are only so many things you can do with a feel good movie.



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I really like this trend of combining commercial cinema with believability. Where full advantage is taken of liberties given to the art form but yet no major leaps of faith are required. The one main thing the makers ask of you is a little benefit of doubt in character transformations towards the end. But by then you have enjoyed yourself enough to give it to them.

It's a musical, so neither is great acting demanded nor is it delivered. Everybody has to do their bit without going over-the-top and that's what they stick to. It is very interesting and rather commendable that although Madhuri is the heart and soul of the movie, only once in a while do you realize that it is Madhuri you are watching and not Dia. The gripping script deserves as much credit as the woman herself. She is aging gracefully, and it's great that she is playing mother to a 10-12 year old and not posing as a college student. I am really glad they didn't work very hard on covering up the blemishes on her face. Makes her more earthly.

Fortunately, the story is not just about her. And the movie is not just about her magical smile and wonderful eyes. Focus on just one character makes a movie very plain. Anyway, there is nothing very remarkable about her character. Aaja Nachle is more a comment on the onslaught of commercialization. About how politicians and businessmen play together to achieve whatever fancies their whim. It is also an attempt to show how a new educated breed of politicians can use this power to make a difference if they will. And all of this is running in the background, so there is no preaching. All-in-all, pretty decent fare for a feel good movie.

After a long while, a really long while, I was thinking, "oh cool, it's not even interval yet" instead of "oh crap, it's not even interval yet." The first half was very engrossing. And that the script was in the safe hands of Jaideep Sahni was a comforting thought during the interval. "Even if it drops, it's not going to plummet to the bottom." And drop it does. The second half seemed rushed. The little nuances of characters that I admired in the beginning were all mish-mashed and lost by the end.

But, the 20-minute grand finale in the form of a play makes up for all of that. What a spectacle! Yes, they don't let you forget you are watching a movie that has Yash Raj money pouring into it, and not a play. The edits, camera movements, art design all work towards that...and what a spectacle!! The lyrics, the music, the performances, the costumes, the colors, the choreography all make you wish that your eyes didn't need to blink. And that makes the extra half hour (over the standard two-hour length) acceptable. The audience in the theater was clapping after the play. It's almost as if the makers anticipated this and left a brilliantly timed pause at the end of the play.

Is it only befitting that the who's who of the Indian "parallel" cinema is asked to sing and dance? Because the characters in the movie are also the most unlikely to dance. Who would have imagined Ranvir Shorey, Vinay Pathak, and Konkana Sen Sharma would all be part of a musical? Or is it just that the producer wanted to say, "See, I made them dance too!" I wonder.

Is this becoming a formula at Yash Raj Films?

  • One "star" whose name will pull in crowds
  • good, relatively low profile actors to form the rest of the cast - who shouldn't mind/should have the exposure
  • an above average, feel-good script
  • dialogues that balance humor, charming believability, profundity
Just an observation, not complaining...not yet.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Aaja Nachle review | DesiPundit:

[...] enjoys Madhuri’s comeback film, Aaja Nachle. Aaja Nachle is more a comment on the onslaught of commercialization. About how politicians and [...]


Madhuri or Madz as she would like her to be called (I guess), mother of two, aged 40, but still sizzles in her truest form. And I do not care if all those critics fail to recognize it. Probably they should get their lenses checked, or perhaps change their retinas.While I’d give this movie 2 stars out of 5, add another one coz a Star is already there. Madhuri did "Show her Jalwa".


I wish the music of the film was promoted better. Considering its a musical, you need memorable tracks. Kudos to Jaideep Sahni once again. He knows the pulse of the audience so well by now, for mass market films.

Rohan Tribhuwan:

Although the ever-jabbing critics have been no good to such a lovable movie,the audience have appreciated it,even the non-fans.just for the fact that the ensemble cast is one of the best ones of recent past and when you are watching Aaja Nachle,not for one moment does it occur to you that this movie is only about Madhuri..
all the characters are pleasant and realistic.their interactions are believable(thanks to the screenplay) and the songs are well-placed.
to comment about Madhuri would be as unnecessary as unrequired.just that they dont make them like HER anymore...!!
one of the better movies of 2007,simplistic(just like the movies of a time gone by),the right amount of everything,makes for a feel-good only wishes the critics had their heads in place while reviewing it..but then again,whoever said the critics fit their jobs??
highly recommended,just like Dancing when you feel happy :)


Sujoy, Acropol, Rohan - I am really glad you guys liked the movie too. I was wondering, why so many people did not like it. each his own...

Acropol, I think the songs are better to watch than to listen to. And once you have watched them, they grow on you.


this is perhaps the most accurate description and evaluation of the movie that I've come across. sadly, though, other reviews have done their bit and some of us might lose out on a good film.
well a big "thumbs down" to all the "so called" CRITICS............I've been to the theatre twice and would still look forward to seeing the film mentioned, and quite appropriately so, "Not glitch-free, but enjoyable nevertheless"


Thank you, unlikelypal! I have watched it twice too and don't mind another go :)

I visited your blog. Very interesting thoughts you have there. I am sure you have had more than four. Do update regularly.

Kamaal Mustafa Sikander:

I found the movie interesting, refreshing and different. I specially enjoyed the casting-ouch! ... LIC agent and all.


Thank you amrendra anand and wish you the same!


hey i saw the movie to man~~~its a pretty cool movie and yes as the movie says madhuri is back—- its true. its a very family entertainer type of a movie~~~must watch 3.5on 5( the music rocks


it's nice movie.maduri is really beautifull like those days

amreeta bhui:

i love aaja nachle it is a great movie my mum was crying


oh me too, vivek! Not the tears bit though :)


@TimELiebe you might not get the sense of how i was/am laughed at for liking this film so much from the comment space here, but believe me, i've heard quite a few nasty things. :) comes with the territory :D

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