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Zanjeer (1973) might have been one of the early films with an honest but angry cop taking on the corrupt, rotting system. These days we have maybe one a year, if not more. Almost every "star" has one such role to his name. I'd say we have saturated this theme unless there is a truly novel way of putting it forth. In that sense, I am glad it is not a "Bollywood Star" starring in this one.

From the trailers, doesn't look like this year's Zanjeer is the one to do it. If at all, it has all the elements of a film from 40 years ago! The only change seems to be that it is completely stripped of its simplicity, which I assume is the maker's excuse to adapt to the needs of the day.

Not that I don't like a slick film with a contemporary texture but if that means a roadside hawker from the older film is changed to a swanky, NRI woman, it kills the mood of the original film. Not to mention Priyanka Chopra looks like she's playing a dumb character who will hardly make a contribution to the larger scheme of things - except adding to the number of songs, a rather disgusting one at that.

So, the only character that stays interesting is that of Sher Khan played here by Sanjay Dutt. Maybe he'll have something that'll make the film worth it. At least, in comparison to the other songs, the 'yaari hai imaan' substitute is a tad better than the rest.

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