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Yeh Faasley is a perfect thriller. It’s a shame that the first hour and the court room scenes are very mediocre. Which is why the twists and turns post-interval come both as a pleasant surprise and make for one of the best climaxes I've seen in a long, long time.



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  • marketingdunia: Review: Maintain your distance from Yeh Faasley
  • MahzbinDeVitre: Saw "Yeh Faasley" today!!!! Guys, its a must watch film!!! Vry well shot.. Amazing perfrmnces!!! plz go n wtch it!!! :))))
  • KreativeAccess: Yeh faasley good story fab performanes by @AnupamPkher and Tena Desae.. But way too stetched.m
  • friendinlove: The tragedy is that Yeh Faasley isn't even unintentionally funny so it doesn't make the grade of so-bad-that-it's-good
  • filmibaat: Saw Yeh Faasley mashed up, lazily made paymyrent stuff. Kher asserts hes most versatile actor, maybe should just hide all proof of this one.
  • BombayDrifter: How terrible a movie can one director working alone make? Watch Yeh Faasley to find out. Or don't.