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Either I am super-dumb and don’t understand how things work in life, or the moviemakers have no concept of how real people behave. For obvious reasons, I am leaning towards the latter interpretation.

There are way too many questions that crop up and remain unanswered. Why does Ishwar (Amtiabh Bachchan) behave a certain way for 27 years and then make a 180 degree turnaround in behavior at the most inappropriate juncture in his son's life? Why is Aadi (Akshay Kumar) such a nondescript loser despite being portrayed as smart and educated? Why are we being asked to feel sorry for this loser? While I am at it, why is Akshay Kumar made out to be a 27 year old?

If a movie is about relationships, shouldn't it, at the very least, have consistent characters involved in those relationships? And this one should have been easier, right? It is about just one relationship, so only two characters need to be well-defined.

Why anyone should try and excel at the art of making Amitabh Bachchan overact, is beyond me. I weep silently when I see the 'master of comic timing' run around trying to hit someone in an attempt to make me laugh. Director's actor and all is fine, but didn't he feel one-bit silly while saying the lamest lines ever? What did I do to deserve this? Oh sorry, this isn't about me, is it? Okay, time to snap out of "questions" mode.

Boman Irani and Rajpal Yadav as comic relief serve their purpose. They relieve you from the drudgery of bad-scripting that forms the main plot. But, the same type of joke is repeated once too often and you want relief from the jokes then. The overall plot is not a bad premise for a movie at all. But the way the details in the script have been handled is outright shabby. E.g., it is amazing that no one on the crew has ever seen how a pregnant woman is treated or behaves. No, pregnant women are not patients. They should live an active lifestyle. But, it's silly when you dance and sway around in air at one point and are not allowed to do a single household chore in the next.

The redeeming factor is that you feel like slapping Aadi into reality, which means Akshay Kumar has done his job well. Of course, the assumption being that his character is meant to irritate you. And tears jerked every once in a while for a sensitively handled scene here and there.

Nonetheless, in a futile attempt to please crowds, a decent story has been slaughtered with soap opera-ish situations, ridiculously placed songs, and jokes played out in skit format. And such imprudence shall not be forgiven.

Alrighty then, I am off for a week-long holiday. Yep! Vacationing meetu = no review this Friday. Until next week then, hasta-la-vista...

- meeta, a part of the audience

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