Waiting - Preview

wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

As much about D-day as it is about the smaller things that keep us going. A sweet DVD/TV watch when its out.



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The concept itself is so human. That of the waiting room in a hospital. That of caretakers waiting with bated breath for someone to care for. And this midst, two people in the waiting room befriend themselves. The most unlikely two people find connection in their grief. In fact, they befriend each other enough to bicker and pick a fight with each other.

I am really looking forward to watch Kalki Koechlin and Naseeruddin Shah together. It so turns out that I am out on a vacation when Waiting releases and will be able to watch it only after I am back, hopefully the following Monday. Yes, the vacation will be fun, but I still am pulled towards feeling a little bad that I am missing it on first day. Yes, I love my job!