Toonpur ka superhero - Preview

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Even if it might be the best animation film to come out of Mumbai, it is not good enough. There's an attempt to cram everything seen in films from Hollywood in one film, whether or not there's room for the concept. Yet, it might not be a bad entertainer for kids with some caramel popcorn handy.



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Munni vs. Sheila isn't enough, is it? We have to have a Loveena vs. Katrina, in a kids' animated film, no less. Is the idea to develop our kids into thinking it ain't a movie till it has an item number in it?! Even if the article is speculation, the trailers do have a Loveena character trying to exude oomph and get Aditya (Ajay Devgn) interested.

So much so that Aditya's wife (Kajol) is actually insecure with Loveena dancing around her husband. Not to mention that Aditya himself is insecure about his role as a father. All of this could lead to a good story, but that only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I'm excited to see any kind of development in animation. The characters look like they are right out of an Indian comic strip. They don't look primitive and they don't make you cringe like say they did in Krishna. Unfortunately, the way they talk and the things they talk about are pretty much like your every other Hindi film - exaggerated and loud.

Not to mention, one of the other main characters who is a child is a Hindi movie buff. So, it's only a warning for us to gear up to a lot of Bolly references. Ajay Devgn has been tweeting a lot about his characters. This one and a few before it give us glimpses of what we can look forward to other than a few funny lines and visuals from the promo.

We here cannot harp enough that moviemakers need to spend their more of their budget on writers. But when it comes to animation, no justice can be done to the story without a handsome share to the animators. And yet, you need a good writing - story and dialogue - to be anywhere close to the kind of entertainment that animated films from the west offer.

Even with animated films from Hollywood, I've always enjoyed the film better if there was a specific reason for the film to be animated rather than a story in which animals just replace humans, like say our very own Roadside Romeo so that the film can be in animation. Toonpur Ka Superhero looks like it has a good enough premise for cartoon characters to run the show. Let's hope I enjoy it with my kids.

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