Toilet Ek Prem Katha - Preview

wogma rating: Even the keen, wait for DVD (?)
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Brings up many important issues related not just to religion, culture or even sanitation. It points a huge finger at sexism and the politics of both home and nation. But, is extremely preachy through most of it.



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Another film that wears a social cause on its sleeve. A boy meets girls story which isn't marred by the rich-poor divide, which isn't separated by caste or religion, but rather by the toilet or no toilet question. Anyone who has been to a public toilet in India, let alone one in a public bus or railway station, knows the dire state of affairs. The topic of women's toilet is best left undiscussed. That's when there is a toilet. What when 'not having a toilet' is the norm? What when superstition/religion requires that there be no toilet inside a house?

Toilet - Ek Prem Katha takes on an issue that is finally receiving some attention from the government too. The trailer at least seems like toilet humor has been completely avoided. That constraint is laudable. Almost off-sets Akshay Kumar's distracting uneven accent. I am surely looking forward to Bhumi Pednekar's performance.

I do worry though that the trailer has covered all that has to be said and understood. I hope there is a lot more to it and the inevitable toilet humor will be non-slapsticky.

Toilet - Ek Prem Katha releases on 11 August, 2017.

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