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Noir taken to such a grim level that you disconnect after a bit and begin to look at it as someone narrating a gruesome story. Unfortunately, the story and its characters are just that – gruesome, not interesting.



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99 tweeters have given Titli an average rating of 4.6/5.0(?)

89 yays
6 nays
4 so-so
  • ZeeTVRetweets: 'तितली' (रिव्यू) : थ्रिलर अंदाज में सामाजिक मुद्दों को उठाती है फिल्म https://t.co/UnOgsMrbBb
  • wsaboyu: Titli: A thriller with multiple layers
  • voompla: Synonymous with good films, @konkonas supported yet another good movie #Titli at a screening https://t.co/QuKpWKH9px https://t.co/RQfworRhw9
  • vishabthappa: TITLI is unarguably one of the best films I've ever seen.
  • VijaytaL: #Titli is a wonderful film. The recurring music theme is really good. Go watch it!
  • ThinkOMania: Movie Review: ‘Titli’ – Brutally honest portray of emotions, Bollywood craved for! https://t.co/tOcdOf0Vz3 via @ThinkOMania
  • TheWeekLive: Set in Delhi's disturbing underbelly, #Titli is hard to watch, harder to forget https://t.co/7xjPYmhmVQ https://t.co/sZf2yB96xw
  • thelawofmurphy: Titli is a fantastic movie. Well developed characters and gritty, realistic drama. Unbelievable performace by @RanvirShorey.
  • thehistoryboy: Can't remember the last hindi film where all the actors were soo good. #Titli is absolutely brilliant!
  • sunetrac: Just watched #Titli and havent seen that kind of violence since irreversible. Not for the squeamish but worth the fuss
  • stormborn____: #Titli boasts of great acting! well done team @RanvirShorey was amazing as usual.. Thumbs up!
  • stanlymoore: #Titli is brutal and haunting cross sectional view of real life. At the same time it also as sweet as a fairy tale ! Kudos to entire team !
  • Sojitra_Deep: 'Titli' tweet review: Ranvir Shorey, Shashank Arora anchor this engaging film with their powerful performances https://t.co/ELx3ptOQFG
  • sociofuzz: A great story, good editing and uncompromising execution makes this a film not to be missed. It is harrowing but... https://t.co/xWFsjLjcI5
  • siddharth3: Go watch Titli.
  • shubhaS: A powerful film...not for the faint-hearted...my review of Titli....https://t.co/eVxPAouUJA
  • ShitHogaya: #MovieReview: A family drama with a difference, #Titli is a must watch: … https://t.co/1CTdHyixHX) https://t.co/Y1TFldgYAP
  • shesturningblue: Dark, depressing but gorgeous! Titli, must watch! https://t.co/PKq4TGhf7C #movieftheyear
  • shahromil123: Movie: Titli, My Rating 3.5/5. good movie......... https://t.co/aArBGenEPC
  • scroll_in: Film review: Savagely brilliant ‘Titli’ presents a family like no other https://t.co/mOudWlUxgz https://t.co/0UOQvMFqk1
  • sanjivanibooty: We watched #Titli today and had a discussion on it at home. A must watch movie! @mottledmask https://t.co/EzllJYzly0
  • SandeepMertia: #Titli tasted like a dark chocolate. Cheers to good cinema! @TitliTheFilm
  • sahaabhishek: Titli - pretty hard hitting and deep plot... Must watch!
  • SaadHussainSays: #titli a must watch https://t.co/R4EJxphmvn
  • r_laroia: Titli-Best movie of thisyr-Movie abt breaking out &fly away from darkness.Newcomer Shankar is Awsum n Ranvir Shorey Super!! 5/5 @safiranand
  • RohitavSharma: #Titli is violent, poetic, engaging & thoroughly full of surprises. Ranveer Shorey is absolutely brilliant. Don't miss! #Replug
  • rawat_mak: #Titli A must watch for everyone. Awesome direction, awesome acting. Thanks team Titli for such a good movie.
  • rakshitraina: #Titli The best Indian film of the year, hands down !!!
  • rajeshtahil: #Titli is the best hindi film of the year https://t.co/F9f8OGEkvt
  • rahulbiddappa: Have not seen a better film than Titli coming out of Bombay this year. Searing and compelling. Fantastic story telling. #Titli #Bollywood
  • prabhateinstein: Go watch Titli..
  • pawanism_dnk: #Sher - 2/5 #guddukigun - 2.75/5 #bettaganere (kannada) - 2.5/5 #mainaurcharles - 2.75/5 #titli - 4/5
  • PavanSurvi: #Titli was a hard piece of a film to digest. Gripping raw performances all around, but the movie itself felt so underwhelming by the end.
  • ParvezChowdhary: Bhakts heckled @DibakarBanerjee see #Titli his AD Kanu Bahl made a brilliant film,judge him https://t.co/rL7gTyJxy5 https://t.co/HHfqXQUUak
  • PamulaSatya: #TITLI raw,brutal, realistic yet insanely awesome..it has everything.. Family,love,violence, betrayal @KanuBehl @yrf @anuragkashyap72
  • oneindiaHindi: तितली मूवी रिव्यु: बेहतरीन https://t.co/78OjxWKW7t #Titli #Titli review
  • OBlahMaa: Though #Titli was abrupt in parts, the film is too real and in your face. Performances are beyond amazing.
  • nitishjain007: #Titli Brilliant and Different
  • nileshsirius: Movie Review: A Family Drama With A Difference, Titli Is A Must Watch. But Not For The Fai… https://t.co/ltOLRcL34X https://t.co/8K3tBUHMr1
  • NikhilNaz: #Titli is a masterpiece.
  • news24tvchannel: 'Titli' - An intensely dark, disturbing film (Rating - ***1/2) - https://t.co/pGgts9Dfx5 https://t.co/ZJzD95PnPM
  • navodayatimes: Film Review : आपने देखी नहीं होगी ऐसी जबरदस्त ‘तितली’ https://t.co/Pa9u9GziU4 https://t.co/2HzwkmYQVC
  • namashi_1: Watched Kanu Bahl's #Titli Today. Mixed feelings about the film, but A National Award should chase @RanvirShorey. ASTOUNDING PERFORMANCE!
  • MunishBhardwaj: #Titli. So dark. So edgy. So new. So good. @Sharatkatariya is a fabulous writer.
  • moments85: Take a bow @KanuBehl #Titli One cant afford to miss it!
  • MildlyClassic: There is crap like Shaandaar and then there are gems like Titli. Hard to believe it's the same industry.
  • mdarifkhan87: #Titli is dark,harsh but real. Pretty different from what u use to see in a bolly flicks. Must watch stuff by @KanuBehl
  • mbhardwaj19: Movie: Titli, My Rating 3.5/5. Good movie https://t.co/La71f6eVQP
  • MANOJRIJHWANI: Movie Review: A Family Drama With A Difference, Titli Is A Must Watch. But Not For The Faint-Hearted https://t.co/6VULobZPpv
  • maariasayed89: #Titli is a must watch for #independent #indiancinema aspirants! https://t.co/MbEgOXAs2w
  • lol_guard: Indian cinema just levelled up #Titli
  • kirtiarora: #Titli is the latest gem from evolving Indian #cinema. Don’t even think of missing it. @KanuBehl @RanvirShorey https://t.co/ovHrERxXdn
  • khalidrafiq140: ‘Titli’ Movie Review: Shashank Arora Steals the Thunder in This Haunting Film https://t.co/IIdUKsRjiN
  • Janardan010691: meri haliya dekhi gai kai filmon men #Titli sbe behtreen rhi.....
  • JaisiAapkiMasti: Titli. What a stunning film by @yrf and @DibakarBanerjee Major contender for the movie of the year.
  • IT_Kabootar: Watched Titli. Pretty dark. But good.
  • IssaMwangoo: #Titli i totally enjoyed the film. Must watch for everyone
  • irrevocable_guy: Ranveer Shorey is superb in Titli.
  • informalfanboy: #titli is a well made, written, performed haunting picture. #mustwatch
  • IamCharla01: Ok so within a few weeks time... #Bahubali is not anymore the best film of the year... now its #Titli ...
  • iabhishekdshah: #Titli is good. So is @RanvirShorey. But he has as much role in the film as Rajinikanth has in Kuselan. You'll like it more without the hype
  • hits_sharma: Go and watch this #titli https://t.co/g685OPNDOZ
  • hishh: #Titli - Reality extracted as it is. The other side of a family. Witty of its own.Brilliant direction by @KanuBehl .Great acting. Go watch.
  • HardikHasty: #Titli what a movie bold brutal intriguing got me goosebumps performance of ranveer shorey
  • guneetm: Yes #Titli is a #gamechanger !!!! #MustWatch https://t.co/S8aYVIdNZv
  • graphicalcomic: #Titli Awesome Movie !! perfect star cast & something that has capacity to change you forever. Must watch !! Great work by @KanuBehl
  • gogreenprem: Movie: Titli, My Rating 4/5. nice movie. Kanu Behl makes a grittily impressive debut with this well-acted tale of a https://t.co/qjKDkOcdCO
  • godesi: Titli Movie Review - Titli is an unflinching, insightful chronicle of our times. Do not miss it. https://t.co/LEXrDtpt9n
  • gaydelhi: GayDelhi Titli movie review: This Ranvir Shorey - Shashank Arora masterpiece is not for ... - Bollywo... https://t.co/C9WCvfmGB7 GayDelhi
  • Gajji: #Titli जरूर देखें. जो 99% फिल्में कभी नहीं करतीं, ये करती है. अपराधी नहीं अपऱाध व परिस्थितियों की बात. @KanuBehl व पूरी टीम को धन्य वाद.
  • fundebaj: Go and watch it for Mr. Sajjad Khan is in this movie. BTW, a 5/5 rated movie after a long time. https://t.co/kXjj4OG6A6
  • foolsgreengold: #titli is a gr8 watch to celebrate #Halloween 4 stars
  • FilmyCurry: This #Titli will grip u with its unshakeable & impactful wings ★★★★ @KanuBehl @RanvirShorey @ShashankSArora Review https://t.co/YawIJ74O6B
  • feloniusfunk: I loved #titli and totally recommend it.
  • E_of_a_C: 'Titli' tweet review: Ranvir Shorey, Shashank Arora anchor this engaging film with their powerful performances https://t.co/HdRhCqhS3m
  • creativegossip: #Titli is definitely needs a standing ovation. Brilliant and a Must Watch!! @TitliTheFilm @DibakarBanerjee @RanvirShorey @guneetm @KanuBehl
  • chickoo_chirag: Saw #Titli last night. Brutally honest and a brave movie which might not be everyone's cup of tea. Recommended.
  • cannes: 'Titli' tweet review: Ranvir Shorey, Shashank Arora anchor this engaging film with their powerful ... https://t.co/aALpaNY5g3 #Cannes2015
  • briendrashukla: It will not be wrong if I say #Titli one of the honest film ever made in Bollywood. Brutal dark and ridiculously honest. Well done kanu bahl
  • bollydreamgirl: #Titli Movie Review – Best film of 2015 so far! https://t.co/GPw60fFWs2
  • bhopseudoka: Haven't watched a film like #Titli in ages. Left me speechless. The performance by @RanvirShorey is a masterclass. Kudos to the entire team.
  • balakum3: #Titli is just dark and gritty , brings on a totally different life on screen in delhi suburbs. A must watch for quality cinema lovers.
  • badmanrahul: #Titli is dark ugly n disturbing but impressive.. great performances by @RanvirShorey #ShashankArora n gr8 debut by @KanuBehl #MustWatch
  • aroopkg: Movie: Titli, My Rating 4/5. Nice movie. Watchable. https://t.co/tF5LrzwdnJ
  • apotofvestiges: #Titli is a daring film about losers. It's not very common to make such a film, for everyone is attracted by... https://t.co/dVvlilJW0L
  • AmeyaHarkare: Saw Titli yesterday. Pretty cool movie. Ranvir Shorey is awesome!
  • amardeep66: must watch ... a film by Kanu Behl https://t.co/9VQgzA4ArX
  • AbhishekJSoni: Excellent movie! Loved how every small sequence of the movie could relate to the concept of the movie @RanvirShorey @KanuBehl #Titli
  • abhisek_s: Titli is overwhelmingly powerful. Must watch.
  • valar5morghulis: #Titli amazing but incomplete...
  • javeeth: #Titli surely could have been much. The performances are so damn good. But the narrative looks like it missed the point.
  • dipenambalia: watched Titli. Ok types. was expecting a lot. but very hatke movie indeed.
  • bhaumikshukla: Titli - Movie review - A movie with good cast and awesome screenplay but the story-line & script is weak, a... https://t.co/bYk5LyN45v
  • NavenduSingh_: TITLI Movie is too slow. Boring.
  • heboyme: TITLI - I wish i had not seen this movie. Its an odd, depressing movie - similar to Citylights. Well made,but certain disaster commercially
  • hary103patel: I watched titli directed by Dibakar Banerjee. Its a crap movie. I am returning my ticket as protest. Please refund me.
  • gopalbalaji: #TITLI avoidable
  • Gaali_Leo: Haven't watched a more overhyped movie than #Titli in years. These 'art loving' folks smoke weird stuff. Totally not worth the time & money.
  • atifahm: #Titli #Debakarbanerjee dissapointing