Review - Tare Zameen Par: A lesson for parents & teachers

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Classy and charming. Composed and elegant. Aamir Khan delivers his first baby with élan. The hard labor shows in a compassionate portrayal of a sensitive issue.



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How can one not love a movie about children crafted with utmost compassion - children with special needs at that? But, is that the only reason I liked Tare Zameen Par? Maybe - maybe not. What I know for sure is that a strong one-line story is narrated extremely charmingly. It is truly uplifting when spirit wins and yet, it is not all about the spirit of winning.

Tare Zameer Par is about a child who suffers because no one around him recognizes that he is a slow learner. The beauty of the narration is that the message applies to all children - learning disability or not. How can creativity not deserve a place in academics? It also points a very subtle finger at how we build conformation in our system right at the roots.

The pace of the first half gives you time to think of normal children who are just not academically inclined. The resolution in the second half, however, comes by too quickly compared to the trauma shown earlier. But, I guess, if the point is to show that difficulties can be overcome, you don't necessarily want to show how difficult it is to overcome them.

About 45 minutes post-interval, Darsheel Safary (Ishaan) said a line which made me realize that he hadn't said a line in the last hour or so. There I was feeling sorry for Ishaan, feeling like yelling at someone to give him a big hug while I fought this lump in my throat that had been there for the longest time. All this based solely on Darsheel's expressions and body language!

Kudos to the director for taking this decision and many such with brilliant confidence. And, finally we have a dialogue writer who knows when not to give the actors a helping hand. There are a couple of verbose, preachy scenes. But, they made the point because they were well written.

Aamir Khan's entry into the movie seemed over-the-top and forced, mainly because it was in absolute contrast with the tone of the movie thus far. But after a little while you realize that you can't distinguish between the actor/director Aamir Khan and his character Nikhumb. They are both fighting the same cause. Passionately. The other characters serve their purpose as caricatures - stereotypical father, loving mother, understanding sibling, ruthless teacher, and jeering peers.

No matter who or what the focus of the camera is, the love it feels towards its subjects shows in each frame. And, in turn, you fall in love with what you see on screen. Compositions, lighting, angles, colors all work successfully together to engross you and very often to enchant you. The lingering camera might have added a good 10-15 minutes to the run-time. But you will be hard-pressed to point out exact scenes which the movie could have done without. Everything is building character or atmosphere or both.

The songs too contribute to the narrative. The lyrics are sheer poetry. I know-I know, that's what they are supposed to be, but can't remember the last time lyrics brought me to tears. "mein kabhi batlaata nahi" kept me speechless (and we all know how difficult that is!). And rock-style guitar strumming to a kids' song - that's what I call creative.

Yes, that dash of seemingly inevitable melodrama exists. The side-characters transform for no apparent reason. The climax is exaggerated and is as unrealistic as it could get. However, the aim is to show not reality of life but reality of the condition that this child suffers from. Once you get that, you pardon the make-up a mother is wearing at 6 AM while doing her chores. And anyway, most of this is towards the end, by which time you are willing to forgive. Because, above all else, it makes you think.

When did we grow up? When along the way did we forget what it felt like to be yelled at, to be put down, to be ridiculed? And why did we choose the next generation for revenge? Will we recognize the child in us that is struggling to get out? Will the sensation that the lump in the throat created, stay after the credits roll?

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Naina, done! Thanks for the link.

Pooja, I know exactly what you mean!

TinuAnand, I in variably have at least one review out on Friday evening. The only Friday I have missed as far as I can remember is November 9th because it was Diwali. So, do check every Friday! Do not miss this one in the theaters and do come back and let us know what you thought!

Biswa, absolutely!!

Anupam Alone:

i think the movie is fantastick......... it makes the audience to think out of the conventional box at least in the matter of children ........ the children those who are weak in the conventional studies....... it is also an well directed by the debutant Amir Khan as director...... as a actor he is my hero........... it will be sad if move will not be hit ......... but it is imperative that movie will not be as hit the other bollywodd movies are .......... reat is well made movie............


Taare Zameen par was a heart touching movie. It is brillantly directed and the movie is as perfect as Aamir Khan. He has always been a powerful force in making his movies a complete finished product and now we see his total dedication in bringing out one of the best movies Bollywood or rather the world has ever seen. This is Oscar material.
check my blog: for moview review on Taare zameen par

Taare Zameen Par… everyone loves it:

[...] Meeta Kabra [Without giving the movie away] [...]


I m speechless, the way the Aamir has directed and acted in the film. It is simply awesome and heads up to him.


i hope the moviev will be outstanding ..i have not seen yet .i m really curious about this movie. i love Amir

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Thejesh GN:

Liked the review except the subtitle "A lesson for parents & teachers".


good movie for every one, must watch, much better than to qualify for the Oscar,


Thanks universelingal!

Thanks Thejesh, it would be great feedback to know why.

Puneet - i think, copying or "getting inspired" is okay if it is done well.

Thanks a ton, Ashish K!


This movie teaches a lesson to the guardian as well as teacher how to behave their child or student, behaving abnormal or very different from the behavior of common children. This movie is really great i love the role of the child by name Ishant in the movie and i admire Aamir, its director and story writter. This movie will be appreciated by every class of the society so this is its beauty.




[...] (old) blog post by Aamir Khan about the process they followed for recording the background score of Tare Zameen Par which I found very interesting: The work on the TZP background score is going rather well I think. [...]


Thanks Sailesh!


its been a very good story in which it has been told about children that all are not the same every child has some weak & strong points also that everyone has different thinking & way of expressing also the parents should look forward to the child and his problems


the best filim i ever have seen.i cried a really became a pain in my heart..i will be always thankful to the whole team for contributing the wonderful story.especially anmole gupta,aamir khan,deepti bhatia and my dearest darsheel safary.its my humble request toanyone for send me any details for conact them.


he is really like my sweet you did a goo job.


i love this movi becoz it is so good i like it and i like the role of amir khan

Tarak Bose:

TZP what a wonderful cinema for children. my baby long time watch this babies r 2.5 years oldand 5+. they like this cinema very much.


Aamir Khan's charm and brilliance has worked yet again.It's not just a movie,it's an advice to follow for generations to come.

best animation software:

great movie!


i like Tare Zameen Par a nice flim,no words to tell about it a good story good direction .i am an fan of Aamir Khan.

Triactol Review:

this movie was in my heart and it is still there. In the modern world we have a lot of problems to accept each other for who and what they are. We need develop then skills. Because only then can we live peacefully


The movie was very an inspirational. Every scene tuoched and soften my heart that i cried hard enough to heaven. the connotes a hearstring and awaken the minds of the teachers who cant understand the individual dirrences. i really love the movie, is best movie i ever seen.I felt so much better after watching the movie. The movie which a child may or may not understand but one which every parent/teacher should watch to understand their child. i recommend this movie to all, spicially the teachers.

James Pearson:

I have seen many hindi movies about the plight of children Mother India was the most powerful, this particular movie has delivered strong messages about the misfortunes and suffering of childern was again.
Aamir Khan is an actor whom I rate very highly as his ability to adapt into character and carry the strong screen prescence is unprecendented amongst the modern Indian film stars. He is definitely one of my favourites his apperance in Lagaan was top notch.

3d animation:

Yeah, it was quite great movie. 7/10 from my side..

abhi nithu:

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it is wonderfull story..................................""""""""""""""""""""""""


Direction: 4
Story: 3.5
Lead Actors: 2.5
Character Artists: 3.5

Dialogues: 3.5
Screenplay: 3.5
Music Director: 3
Lyrics: 3.5


Sad that i missed this movie to watch on 2007. But got a chance to see this movie yesterday. WAS absolutely went to tears after seeing the movie, especially the scene where Ishan got first prize and runs and hug amir khan with lot of tears in his eyes was very touching. A good message for all parents and teachers. As amir khan says to boy parents just look after him, its a beautiful message for each and every parent.

Thanks amir khan for a master piece

Sanjana Misra:

heart touching movie..jst luv it...beautiful message...


Now this one is the pride of my DVD shelf (cupboard).
Every time I watch it i get the goosebumps and the eyes flood. Rewatched it yesterday by chance. Was just swapping channels and hit upon Zee Cinema which was airing the film.

A gem of a film. Reminds me each time that I am human and that childhood must be a carefree age to do and go where the imaginative mind takes you.


its a beautiful movie which gives you mixed emotions.

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