Tahaan - Preview

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I wouldn't mind the leisurely picturesque voyage had it not been towards a sudden end. Yet barring the discontent sensed by the climax, the other 115 minutes were well spent.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just inquisitive about the combination of a serene trailer and a chaotic backdrop

Tahaan's trailer looks so close to earth and has such a calm feel to it that it arouses curiosity. To add to it the story sounds like one of those that captures the world around a child through his eyes. A child who is barely surviving in Kashmir. The director's note captures it in this short sentence.

I aim to explore and bring out the paradox of our times very stylistically.

Santosh Sivan, the director, writer and cinematographer of Tahaan talks about the pros and cons of capturing on camera a film that he's directing himself on his official representation as -

The bottomline is to be able to translate the directors vision into the visual.

I'm always weary of any derivative of the word "style" in connection with a movie and that too when used by a director of photography. Style brings visions of slow-mo entries of stars. Not to mention, the not-so fond memories of his Asoka.

But, I thought the trailer had a very Iranian cinema feel to it, only to find out that Santosh Sivan's earlier work The Terrorist has been compared to internationally acclaimed, Abbas Kierostami films. Now this prospect really excites me, because it promises to be something unlike the weekly humdrum of Hindi cinema.

Also, on speaking of low budget films having to deal with first-time actors, Santosh Sivan says,

A carpenter, your mailman, friends - anybody can act in the film if they are game enough and have an interesting face. Financial constraints leave you with little choice. You can't change their basic persona, but they have to be dealt with a certain degree of sensitivity while facing up to the camera... ... Low budget films have this uncanny ability of turning non-actors into actors.

We'll see how it all feels in just a couple more days.