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wogma rating: The keen should rent; else TV (?)
quick review:

Children finally have something worthwhile to occupy themselves with in the summer vacations - well, at least for three hours. Parents won't have a bad time either, especially if they don't mind the formula combination of action and songs. Nothing out-of-ordinary from the performances or the script but an easy one-time watch nevertheless.



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This page has additional observations, other than the ones noted in the main review.

Warning: this section has some details that could distort your experience while watching the movie. I strongly recommend reading this only after you have seen the movie or if you have decided not to see it.

Plot Summary

RV (Saif Ali Khan) an ace racer falls in love with Radhika (Rani Mukherjee). Life has a few ups and downs in store for them. We see them enjoy the ups and fight the downs.

I wish I knew a little more about racing before I went in for this movie for me to point out what was close to reality and what was not.

What Worked

  • The aerial shots of RV driving through New York lanes in his taxi (unless of course, they were animated).
  • During the first race, the camera turns around to capture a victory. The shot looked pretty cool.
  • The juxtaposition of black and white and the color scenes. Black and white has been used very well to symbolize bad things that happen to the characters.

What did not

Note: This section simply lists the things that I did not like in this movie. This is not the overall impression about this movie. Please read the full review here

  • Is it only me who is bothered by dramatic entries? I would just love to fast forward these entries so that characters would walk normally and turn their head the way a regular person does.
  • How come with all the racing around and damage that RV causes on New York roads, he doesn't get a single ticket?
  • For children who were born and brought up in Manhattan, they did not have a trace of an accent.
  • Some things are way too predictable - when Radhika refuses to go to RV's race, we know she will be there for sure, isn’t that her destiny after all? When Radhika is presented a cheque from her dad, we know it is destined to be torn.
  • A couple of good jokes were spoilt by over-explanation.
  • Why was Harry (Javed Jaaferi) giving a tutorial on wind direction when RV had been racing for 10 years?
  • Sudden intrusion of crass comedy post-interval. Mercifully, it is not overdone.
  • The set of RV and Radhika's second house - it looked way too artificial.


This section lists things that I think are not important to the overall impact of the movie. In most cases, it could be explained away by something like, "we noticed the glitch after the scene was shot and there were schedule/budget issues and thus we could not re-shoot it". I like giving the makers the benefit of doubt, but I am amused nevertheless. Hopefully, they will tickle you too.

  • In "ab to for ever" why does RV drag Radhika into frame?
  • Whatever happened to the practice race that Harry had organized for RV at 8am?
  • The first time they show RV in the first car that he purchased, it is red. Did he repaint it to silver before it got home? Because it was silver in the next scene.
  • In the races, cars looked too close one moment and too far apart in the next
  • The children covered RV's face in some sort of a cream (shaving?). They just apply it to his cheeks. When he gets up though, his whole face is covered with the cream. How come?
  • A lady hires RV to get her to the airport at top speed. She is not shown "in" the cab at all on the way to their destination.
  • How does RV get access to the toy store?
  • However macho you are, there is no way you can carry two babies as comfortably as RV did. Especially, since these kids were by no means little.
  • There were way too many people carrying wads of cash in a city like New York.
  • Where does Princess (RV and Radhika's daughter) get a car racing suit from?!?
  • Why was ESPN covering only RV's car in the final race?
  • Why is there an Indian flag behind RV's team during the final race? Sometime earlier in the movie he claimed to be from Manhattan and not India.