Review - Sunday: Subtlety - whither art thou?

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Given the humor, Sunday could have done so much better if an elegant approach was used. Instead we have a loud, garish product. A few good laughs Make it a lazy Sunday watch, if at all.



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Wogma Review

Why is subtlety so underrated? Sunday could have been so much more had it been a little less zealous about showing itself off - by misusing the music, giving the colors an extra-shine, and the overall video-album like tone of the movie.

The basic premise is not bad at all, and the writers manage to squeeze in a social message too. However, the 'whodunit' script can't escape the usual suspects - the never-ending chase, the ill-placed songs, and the stretch-till-after-it-breaks rubber-band climax. Keep in mind that I am trying my best to overlook the improbable situations, the continuity lapses, and the glaring loopholes. After all, it’s a senseless comedy which is at least making an attempt at sense. Got to give credit where it's due.

What makes Sunday worth a lazy Sunday afternoon watch is its sense of humor. It ranges from mundane to tongue-in-cheek to witty to hilarious. And the lines are carried off well by the cast - from the top (Ajay Devgan) to the supporting cast (Vrajesh Hirjee). Most of the characters have individual characteristics which help the audience identify them. This is in contrast to characters from other such movies where any character could be replaced by the other.

It’s the other technical aspects which pull down the movie to very low levels. The background score is truly overwhelming and at times completely taking on the workload of all the action - the comedy, the drama, the fight sequences. In all likelihood this was a purposeful decision, but I think the humor would have been better supported if the background music stayed in the background, instead of being in the face and making sure you notice how many songs from yesteryears the makers know.

The camera angles were all over the place and the cuts too many - which can be called stylish if you are watching a 5-minute song on MTV, but not so if it is a 2+ hour movie and you are watching it on the big screen. Also, the decisions of when to use black-and-white and when to bleach the reel seemed rather random. However, some of the transitions were interesting and creatively executed.

One thing that can be surely said about the songs when you have two item numbers is that they are going to be arbitrarily placed. And Tusshar Kapoor for an item number - now that's what I call creative! Music and lyrics are something that you wouldn't remember a couple of minutes after they are over.

I see Sunday as something that could have been much better. Especially, considering it had decent dialogues - an essential for comedies - and an adequate cast to pull it off.

- meeta, a part of the audience

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Sunday! movie reviews at Blogbharti:

[...] Meetu expected much more from the movie and wonder’s “subtlety - whither art thou?” Sunday could have been so much more had it been a little less zealous about showing itself off - by misusing the music, giving the colors an extra-shine, and the overall video-album like tone of the movie. Linked by BA. Join Blogbharti facebook group. [...]


I've been looking for a good, unbiased review of this movie and I found it here. Thanks, Meetu! If I manage to catch 'Sunday' this Sunday, we can discuss it later in the week! :-D


much like bhool bhulaiya this genre mixing doesnt seem to work. i was afraid they would bring in action too..what with the cars blowing up and all.
the acting was pretty good, some of the scene transitions were very nice and the delhi monuments were well shot. the background score was way too loud, the songs unnecessary and the juvenile gay jokes avoidable.
you should put a "could-have -been-better" in your rating scale.


So, did you catch it over the weekend, Ideasmith?

Chugs, the blowing up did make it action...and don't forget the autumn-leaf-fight-scene! "could have been better" - so tempted to add one under each rating, so i can have a nine-point scale!


Meetu: Nope, didn't manage it. And this weekend and the next and any time in between are reserved for the Kala Ghoda Art Festival. :-p I guess I missed a Sunday after all!


Oh, you have so many better things to do, then! How does a missing Sunday matter?


Nirmal, I can actually imagine foreign backpackers cramming in to save on money. I personally know a couple people from UK who have travelled on top of buses!

But yet, I know what you mean. Even if this one can be argued out, there are surely many more which cannot be. Thanks for taking the time to have this discussion.


@ nirmal

>> I haven’t watched enough of the movie

good for you!

Thanks and will do!


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