Summer 2007 - Preview

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quick review:

Sure, we can choose to close our eyes once again to the farmer suicide issue because seems so distant. But, just like we read about it in the newspapers, write about it on our blogs, we should watch this movie because someone dared to make it.



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Of course my interest in this movie is more than average because I interviewed Gul Panag, one of the lead characters.

A quick glance through the official site tells you that Summer 2007 is about 5 young doctors from the city who go to the village to do their rural training. It certainly sounds different.

According to the director,

It is a tale of these five self-centered, fun-loving and ignorant youth who go through their metamorphosis.

Hmmmm..."metamorphosis"....I find transformation in characters very interesting. Is it one incident, is it a series of smaller ones. How much is just told, how much is shown using dialogue, situations, acting?

And then, he adds,

The protagonists never lose their humor and exuberance throughout the struggle and keep the momentum upbeat.

And the producer says,

Cinema to me is either about provoking a serious thought or to mindlessly entertain. With Summer 2007, I could probably be held guilty of entertaining and provoking a thought at the same time.

Oh nice! The last time this happened was in Lage Raho Munnabhai. If Summer 2007 turns out to be anything like that, what awesome entertainment that would be!

Another interesting aspect is that almost all the cast and crew are debutants or relatively new. The producer says,

One is extremely fortunate to be entering in to the film making business at a time when the cinema is changing and one wishes to carry the trend forward and also contribute to make it irreversible....It is changing because more and more people from the film industry as well as the audience are willing to experiment with unconventional stories, actors, technicians, soundtrack, etc... ...I compliment myself to be choosing to work with extremely talented and competitive new actors and technicians.......actually the list goes on and on.

Here's looking forward to something fresh this Friday...