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Student of the Year

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Student of the Year picks of several themes of love, friendship, parenting, unhealthy competition in society. But it does no justice to even one of them. It turned out to be pretty bad eventually but yet not as awful as I thought it'd be.

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182 tweeters have given Student of the Year an average rating of 3.8/5.0(?)

132 yays
39 nays
11 so-so
  • __K_am_: Just watched Student of the year! Cute movie..go see!!!
  • _adiz: Student of the year is such an owsum moviee !!
  • zoyarehman: KJo's new movie anything but intelligent, but still - money well spent! Super entertaining, even if it was no KKHH. #SOTY
  • zoya085: Watched SOTY lovedd da film and also varun dhawan was amazing '-' xx
  • ZOOPERRMAN: #SOTY: A typical Karan Johar flick! Larger than life! Complete entertainer! Brilliant music! Definitely worth it!
  • ZHidayatullah: #SOTY Fun movie. Great soundtrack! Beautiful locations. Film was like @iamsrk 's Mohabbatein. Alia Bhatt seemingly looking like KK from K3G
  • ZainDeez: Student of the year is not good it reinforces my dislike for Bollywood
  • zaiinnasiir: Student of the year what a brilliant movie totally loving it hats off to the cast and crew
  • yums4s: Saw #soty yesterday itss a feel good movie typical kjo one dnt try to find any logic, just go and enjoy :-)
  • Yujir_R: Just watched Student of the Year for the 2nd time! @SOTYOfficial I could die in Kajol's eyes.. And I'm head over heels in love with @aliaa08
  • yfqueenie: "Student of the year" is a good one-time watch! Bit entertaining too! Or may be JUST one-time watch..!!! :/ :D
  • Yamiskr6L: Loved abhi character lottt abhi sey best lover koi nahi hai and abhi sey best frd koi nahiiii #soty sid wasss perfect
  • xsharondhillonx: seen student of the year in was brill.defo one to watch..also got myself a new bollywood crush aswell..haha(;
  • xoSanaBananaxo: OMG STUDENT OF THE YEAR!!!! :D I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it <3 bromance ftw :D
  • xoKanzaJxo: Story, characters, chemistry, and over all acting was just FANTASITC! Varun and Sid stole the show! Fav actors from now on! :D #SOTY
  • wearebuffaloz: #SOTY was a dencet watch ! Utterly cliched but enjoyable 2nd half ! Rishi Kapoor, take bow for that very last scene of yours. 3/5
  • virus16x: Saw SOTY with the latest love if my life. Ghatiya movie spoilt all my post movie plans. Karan Johar go die
  • virkalisha: Student of the year #awesomemovie
  • Venkta_s: Avoid SOTY. poor star cast, below average music, predictable story.
  • VeenaMoorthy: just watched english vinglish and soty with satish and thinu. Omgggg they were too good.
  • vdcricketer: "Student Of The Year" shud b awarded "The worst film of the year" title..... A complete disgust and idiotic piece of work
  • vaish_patel: Was in love with Abhi in the first half and then in love with Varun in the second half... ♥ *sigh* #SOTY
  • Unexceptionull: SOTY was POTY
  • umi_reetard: Saw SOTY yesterday. I liked the movie. Alia Bhatt is really very cute.
  • UmangMevada: watched #SOTY last night... One of the best movies of 2012. Varun dhawan & Alia bhatt :* are next superstars.
  • U4ricHeartache: Big thank you to @kjohar25 for the hot new talent Sid and Varun in #SOTY. Finally a movie for the girls to fully appreciate. <3
  • tubzhoney: Go and see #SOTY if you haven't! Loved it ♥ Sidharth & Varun & Alia, take a bow!
  • TonySethi31: went to see student of the year...great movie.... beautifully written and directed....all Bollywood lovers should go and see it
  • Tnvrrhmn: Wow!!Awsum...Mndblwing...It cmprises wid a pckage of cmdy,frnshp,luv <3 n cmptitn widin frnz..Guyzz!!Da flm is - "Student of The Year"
  • TheTopspinner: You don't swim and race guys and girl in the same competition. #SOTY ... I'm disgusted with this movie. Gudnite!
  • TheBankerBaba: Really! I thought it was awesomely boring! RT @rukiee7: @rukiee7 soty was amazing !!!
  • ThatKidAamir: Watched Student Of The Year. It was such a good movie.
  • thatdarkcoffee: If you liked SOTY, I am already judging you.
  • tanvisingh231: loved loved #SOTY.awesomest movie of the year.couldn't take my eyes off varun dhawan!
  • sweetlykeu: Watched student of the year anddd LOved it! !!!
  • sunilganesh: Student Of The Year : there was nothing worthwhile in the movie. Lacks a good story and acting. Forgetful stuff.
  • Sum_1_special: #SOTY wz so so ... At times looks stupid, at times fresh, at times very enjoyable .. Not karan's best work. Newbie s did fantastic job !!
  • Suhair_Rehman: #SOTY ★★★★★
  • sudhirsyal: Just saw Karan Johar's Student of the Year. Wondering why on earth did he make this movie?
  • StaissyFrancis: Simply & Cute #SOTY Movie *_*
  • SooHotNia: #SOTY was fantastic i loved it!!!! Hot guys fab cloths glossy movie Yumm Siddharth Malhotra<3
  • sonaholic23: Really really really enjoyed and liked #SOTY it's not a perfect film but still liked it a lot 3.5/5
  • sohu46: karan johar is back with bang.... @Student of the year.....@Aaliya bhatt muah.......
  • siddhi36: i dont know how people liked student of the year X_X that movie was the DEFINITION of lameness X_X
  • Shweta_SRK_SOTY: Saw #SOTY last Night.Absolutely Entertaining film...Gave me a Lesson that there should be No Competition in Friendship.Friends are Our Life
  • shumaila_abidi: Student of the Year - Bakwaas - only thing to look for in the movie is Varun Dhawan
  • Shelina_x: Student of the year alright film buh those 2 guys are LUSH!..Only reason i went 2 watch it!!! #hotstuff
  • Sharonkarlish: Student of the year...what an awesome movie and I'm loving the music
  • shaildesai: #SOTY- all i could say is that i am really thnkful tht it ended!! I want my sunday evening back!! #DontGoEvenIfBored #fb
  • shailak_: Watched #SOTY ♥Fabulous Movie. All three debuts are awesome!.Friendship n love are defined soo well in d movie! Thts Y must watch. @aliaa08
  • SeemaxGupta: #SOTY totally unrealistic but thoroughly entertaining and a feel gud movie. Thumbs up 2 all 3 newcomers in particular #VarunDhawan
  • sanjaypal8082: Watch SOTY.... its awesome yar:-):-):-)
  • saketkore: #SOTY nt worth d hype.. one tym watch.. Sid n Varun r good.. Alia's cute bt can't act.. Story Ok-Ok.. Expected something better frm KJo..
  • SaifBanaNahi: Lucky U, make the most of it. And do watch #SOTY with your kolg friends. You will enjoy nd feel blessed RT @Rane_Shradha: @saifbananahi Yep.
  • Sagar_Sharma16: watched Student Of The Year..!! awesome movie :)
  • RychykM: Ok need to confess kind of enjoyed SOTY. It's all so incredibly ridiculous and done with such confidence that you cannot but like it.
  • rumeh: Finally saw student of the year.. Kept me entertained throughout #varundhawan is fantastic he's our next super star! #bollywood
  • ronakchoudhary: Called some school frns after watchin #SOTY.. Its only @kjohar25 who can make such a success wid such experienced lookin newcomers!!
  • riyaa_g: I want a friendship like Rohan and Abhi's #soty
  • rippling_joy: #SOTY is a one time watch. alia bhatt is beautiful. story just ok.
  • Reemkapoor: Omg need to watch student of the year look so good! ;)
  • RAW_nak: Watched Soty . Liked it. Not bad. 3 on 10 .
  • rapmenace: SOTY : Reviews in short- Ch, uu ki matra, T, ee ki matra, Ya, aa ki matra... #SOTY
  • Rakesh4al: Just saw #SOTY quite a good first half N asusual bolly second half, good work Karan ...
  • Raja_Alee: student of the year , makes my sunday cooooollll at da end.....
  • qisamukhtasar: #SOTY - Not impressive! KJo wasn't required for this subject...
  • pritipatel11: A super filmi #SOTY.. But I loved it :)
  • pratik_chhabria: Just saw student of the year..brilliant movie..fell in love with all the characters...@kjohar25 direction is outstanding...kudos.
  • PratikHPatel: Awesome work by all new comers in Bollywood. Nice music and rhythm. Enjoyed Student of the year.
  • prateeksingh54: i like the movie STUDENT OF THE YEAR TO MUCH..LOV IT
  • pmnivas88: Wow..."Student of the Year" Movie of the year 2012, enjoyed Sunday Evening
  • Photocanic: #SOTY bad ...
  • phanksp: one tym watch movie........had lot of expectations from #student of the year
  • peskyme: Liked #soty
  • pariksha10: SOTY IS THE BEST FILM EVER!! Every scene is just soo perfect!!
  • OldBruceJenkins: I watched " student of the year" yesterday and today as well in same theaters two times wid same friends . it was nice moovi , I liked it
  • nybby96: Student of the Year was amazing!
  • nisargsoni: SOTY ~ Crap !!!
  • Nimraali118: #SiddharthFever #AliaaFever #VarunFever :0 @aliaa08 What Have u Guys Done Its Like Evrywun Is Hypnotized Lol <3 #SOTY
  • Nikhil_Dhanoo: student of the year was good :D
  • nicsspace: Student of the entertainer
  • Nicey_NiceTashu: Varun. Siddharth & @aliaa08 are d shining stars of #SOTY They all look Incredibly Marvelous in d movie. Dazzlingly Beautiful Personalities.
  • neeraj076: Soty is fresh movie with next gen stars......
  • Naz_Guman: i have no regrets that i went in the morning in the cold rainy weather to the cinema to watch #SOTY :D it was worthful
  • NamanVerma: ~ Watched Student Of The Year ! . . . . Its all about Passion, Love n Friendship ! ;-)
  • myraabedi: student of the year was such an awesome movie. ahhh
  • mudasser_smd: #SOTY nice movie...!! "K"magic worked again, @AliaBhatt Got every thing,Dawanboy and siddharth were starring. Totally a grt #LaunchOfTheYear
  • mthomas428: "Student of the Year" was a good movie
  • ms_makda: #SOTY was gr8 entertainment, but the eye-candy was the icing on the cake for me.. #SiddarthMalhotra - watch the movie to #WitnessTheFitness
  • ms_ahuja: Student of the year.. Lil disappointed with you Karan.
  • Mohi_rox: loved SOTY! Esp Siddharth Malhotra! <3
  • mohitdharmani: Student Of The Year is WOW.. Siddharth @aliaa08 & Varun don't give that debutant feeling to the audience.. Well done @kjohar25..! SOTY.
  • Moheena_Mona: Student of the year ☑ #brilliant
  • mehr_malik: jst watched #SOTY...varun n sid are awsome...full of entrtainment...
  • Megha__A: Student of the year was amazing <3 Siddarth Malhotra, is one sexy guy ;)
  • meetmanik: #SOTY. A good watch !!
  • MeDeepak56: Student of the year..awesome movie :) must watch! :D
  • mauveblue2020: completely underdeveloped doubt SOTY is Karan Johar worst...he steals from 3 idiots, jane tu, Goblet of fire, kuch kuch...
  • Maryam_748: : Uff, Student of the Year is such a paisa vasool film.
  • MarionMegaplex: Bollywood fans - our Bollywood movie this week is 'Student of the Year' - this is a brilliant Bollywood Rom-Com...
  • maria_awan97: #soty is the best thing ever siddharth malhotra ommmgggg died
  • mannandhoot: Finally watched #SOTY !!! Nice movie, brought back some old memories :)
  • manisha_jha: Wish KJo gave the money for #SOTY to Anurag sure he would do wonders with it...he would have produced 3 movies for sure :):)
  • Manindervir: Just watched student of the year, amazing movie ;) its a must watch and @xXBijalPatelXx x ill facebook you the link , go and watch it ;)
  • MahekChandak: SOTY...felt too old for such schoolish stuff :P ...only good thing abt the movie was Varun Dhawan.
  • MaaNey: #SOTY =3.5/5 Karan Johar the real hero. Entertainment at its full youth! Friendship, college, love and looking back at it all. Don't miss!
  • maahaul: If u r a mechanical engg. student, do watch STUDENT OF THE YEAR...It has got all what u have been deprived of in these 4 yrs.
  • luvtackersobti: Student of the Year has gotta be one of the best movies I've seen! Siddharth Malhotra & Varun Dhawan are freaking HOT! ;)
  • k_nandini: Farida Jalal and Rishi Kapoor are the only positives in a film where underage sex parades as puppy love #SOTY
  • kunalbhandari88: Student of the year a complete waste of time ...
  • kishan2404: Student of the year was such a good filum
  • Keep_hate_away: Student of the year is kinda boring -.-
  • juhilalka: #SOTY: a delight to watch Varun & Sid! <3 typical Kjo flick! Larger than life! Complete entertainer! Brilliant music! Definitely worth it!
  • Juheeezy: I'm trying to get @akhaaaam and my mom into Student of the Year, so I can go re-watch it. #cuties #FOB
  • JeetenSheth: Student of the Year? Just BS!
  • JathuzLilTrigga: Student of the year #WTF :/
  • JashanSGrewal: just watched #StudentOfTheYear! definately1of the best films ofda year! @aliaa08 @kjohar25 #VarunDhawan #SiddharthMalhotra #AliaBhatt #SOTY
  • JanNewaz: Absolutely loved @SOTY_FC superb acting!! #awesome
  • I_Nupur: Student of the Year REALLY surprised me! Sure it ws unrealistic in places bt it ws good! Definitely worth a watch! Siddharth and Varun= FAB!
  • i_m_vinay_bhatt: Today went 4 Student of the year. Loved this movie nd specially #AaliaBhatt
  • itssumant: Just saw 'Student Of The Year' with Aashique and Sahil. Good movie!
  • iSaumya: Have seen Student of the year. Good time pass. But only 2 thing to learn never trust any grl, specially rich ones.
  • ImSwetha: Watched Student of The Year last night! It won't disappoint KJo fans, the movie had all the elements of the usual Kjo movie!
  • imfizz: #SOTY has a fresh movie looks but nothing new beside the faces . Liked some lines and scenes overall just one time watch .
  • imdabest_ksp: Friends can actually make you happy when you are sad! and not marks/trophies! #Student of the year #realizeBeforeItsTooLate
  • imanzarh: jus watched Student of the Year... nice flick.. somewat seein d condition in my college #SOTY
  • ILUVMBPM: Just watched STUDENT OF THE YEAR and all I have say is WOW! Amazing movie with delicious star cast!
  • iamSanjivSharma: #SOTY. KJo does what he does best .. An enjoyable roller coaster ride with spectacular new talent. Siddharth, Alia, Varun ... Too good.
  • HussainBaloch: #soty was pretty good
  • hkudrati: But again if u love bollywood romance .. Its certainly charming attempt and hippie ! #SOTY #Bollywood
  • HinaTahir5: definitely a good night , Student Of The Year was a really good movie
  • harshpatel_26: Student of the year....... plz dont go for it! Save d money for garba passes!
  • HAdiwarekar: Shitty movie of the year #Soty
  • guptavikaas: Watched #SOTY, well .. feeling #SORY for myself !
  • Guidryhayley12: 2 hours of this student of the year crap and still doin it... #lastminute
  • GorgeouS_alina: Loved ur movie Student of The year .. I seriously watched it 3 times superb loved it sooooooo much .... My best movie
  • flynavy1983: student of the year rocks. . a must watch
  • filmypedia: #SOTY a total KJo blockbuster..u'll luv it if u go wid tat b'wood masala mind set..must watch 4 #Siddharth's amazing performance.. contd
  • EvilDentalist: SOTY:Bakwas wala flop
  • eveharlin: Student of the Year (5.0 Stars): good - Raymond Mohamed [...]
  • Ek_Tha_Baba: sHIT! I took nap in #SOTY . #oksorrybye
  • drunkie_junkie: Watched #SOTY and actually liked it a lot. Varun Dhawan, what a strong actor! Screenplay also good and Aliya Bhatt fluffy but cute
  • Doaurdopanch: Student of the year seems one first Indian movie comparable to intl stds Goooood ! @iamsrk @deepikapadukone @priyankachopra @TandonRaveena
  • DHRUVSHARMA1: SOTY is a 5 star movie.........
  • dancedreamerluv: Student of the Year was MINDBLOWING! <3 Go watch it now!
  • crystalheart31: Student of the year was Amazing.... Love it!! I cant believe people saying that its a flop... @sotyofficial @siddhartamalhot
  • Cliffer_94: Student of the year was amazing :o
  • ChinkyPadda: "Student of the Year" was really good, surprisingly!
  • cherriemeh: Just watched student of the year. ..loved it @kjohar25
  • Cementsmell: There is a beautiful 10 min silent section with a piano score in SOTY. You shud watch the movie for that.
  • BinnyPuri: What a pathetic n boring film... K Jo has disappointed totally... Weak story, weak acting and very weak music.... Was such a drag... #SOTY
  • bhavik_999v: I watched " student of the year" yesterday and today as well in same theaters two times wid same friends . it was nice moovi , I liked it
  • bhak_sala: Somebody should tell karan Johar that the word student is derived from the word study and not from stud #SOTY
  • Beingstar86: SOTY amazing movie , stars and director ... Well done guys
  • ballerina_menks: Student of the Year was so perfect. #brownpeople #amazing #abhimanyuismynewman
  • Author_Purba: Eye candy <3 Loved both of them in the movie SOTY #IshqWalaLove
  • ashleyraheja_xo: Student of the year was tooooo sick
  • AshisshRulz: SOTY was 2.5/5
  • ashishgarg_m: So finally done with SOTY movie, awesome movie, I wana see again, shall set program 2 watch it again tomorrow.
  • archana19o3: Student of the Year!!! :3
  • appy70890: I am wondering now who will make classical romantic movie like #YashChopra ?? K.Johar is out league, Student of the year was trash.
  • AnuragRekhde: Watched SOTY almost puked candy:p!! Now i know what Kjo dreams about. Oh the horror!! I GOTY a headache now. Not kiddin!!
  • anubhatia28: Trying to recover from bollywood fever in the past couple days but #SOTY has thrown me right back #guilty #iloveit
  • Aniket_Bharti: Today We Bunked The College & Watched #SOTY.After A Long Time We Had Watched Such A Fab Movie.Loved The Way U Sid & Varun Performed @aliaa08
  • ambrulz: Student of the Year..... A film that reminds childhood friends... Miss U Guys:
  • alamgirK: Loved Student of the Year! amazing film #SOTY
  • akanshas07: student of the year was a really cute movieeee
  • ajitraner_10: Watched #SOTY again. Recuperating one! @kjohar25
  • aiyeshabahadur: Looper is one of my favourite time travel movies, loved it, what a great way to get over SOTY.
  • aishaamalhotra: The BEST movie I have EVER SEEN in 18 years of my lifetime. STUDENT OF THE YEAR. Feeling so good ! Bravo ! @kjohar25 @aliaa08 @SOTYOfficial
  • aimii_sk: Loveddddd #SOTY...@SOTYOfficial and sid is now stucked in my head♥. ISHQ WALA LOVE
  • agrawaladiti: Ishqwala love <3. @kjohar25 What a fabulous film #SOTY.Thoroughly entertaining with all of your drama and bling :)
  • AdilQureshi15: Student of the year nyccc
  • ADI0207: Had a great tym,watched student of the year
  • aarush1aggarwal: Student of the Year was actually a really good movie! the guys were hot, now only if there were hot guys like that at my school #SadLife
  • Aarti139: Student of the Year - Not Bad! #BetterThenExpected
  • 9e3k: For what it's worth, #SOTY was extremely pretty and entertaining to the brim. Well done, the Dean of Bollywood bromance musical - @kjohar25
  • 9a9k: Soty Best movie to watch with friends
  • 4leaffcloverr: Dramatic. Cheesy. Unreal. And i like all of that ;) #SOTY
  • 302Rana: Student of the year <3
  • 29Future: Omg!!! Student of the year was amazing :) I loved Siddharth's performance...:D uffff

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Comments (7)


@Harsh bingo! ;)


O M G! @Swapnil a brilliant pardody after a long, long time. Thank you. Made my day, and made SOTY worth it too :P

Silvan De Souza:

A typical KJO film with overdone stylisation, too many shots of guys showing their bodies, gay jokes.etc
It has a good concept and many scenes are well treated but overall a decent film thatz it
Amongst actors Siddharth and Varun are both fab
Alia is good enough but in 1 emotional scene I felt she could be better
The best part is Rishi Kapoor as the Gay Dean
Ronit Roy and Ram Kapoor are decent


...thanks for the review ... i kind of feared the same...


Btw Siddharth looked far richer then Varun and didnt look a middle class guy.... Again problem of overstylisation in KJO films btw kudos to Keyoze Irani the fat guy a customary joke in Bollywood films... Keyoze is son of Boman Irani


@Saurabh yep!

@Vishal well, there you go...

@Silvan yep!


Direction: 2
Story: 1.5
Lead Actors: 3
Character Artists: 2

Dialogues: 2
Screenplay: 2
Music Director: 2
Lyrics: 2

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