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Son Of Sardaar

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Had the apple seen Son of Sardaar first, it would never have fallen on Newton’s head. Talking about the film is as predictably pointless as the film itself. The exaggerated action sequences and silly comedy may entertain some of the audience, but as a film-crazy nation, we surely deserve far better.

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102 tweeters have given Son Of Sardaar an average rating of 3.1/5.0(?)

58 yays
35 nays
9 so-so
  • zoomphatak: Haha I liked son of sardar...#lulz
  • vijaycvijay: son of sardar rocks
  • vidyabhushan17: I like son of sardar
  • veereshmr: bakwas movie = son of sardar
  • VarunMody2410: Wow what a movie son of sardaar Never to make such movies plzzzzzzz For god sake actors no doubt good but a waste movie
  • vanillawallah: Son of Sardaar was a good time pass movie. All did a good job :D
  • Urban_Stifler: Even a son of Sardar wouldn't dare to watch jab tak hai jaan. #sigh #facepalm
  • townbowy: No no. .dnt go 4 son of sardar. .
  • thesouthreports: SOS ! Save yourself from `Son of Sardaar’ #entertainment #films #ajaydevgn #hindi
  • TheLameStooge: As expected, Son of Sardaar was fail movie.
  • takyar: Son of Sardaar - treat for the kids!
  • suzziii17: Son of Sardaar...!!!! Superb Action... Ultimate Comedy... Too Good Movie... Must Must Musttt Watch... ;-)
  • sunilphy: most happening movie experience ever @son of sardar
  • sudnigga: Son of Sardaar doesnt deliver anything that it promises - My Short Review - #replug
  • Stylish_Ranjha: Son Of Sardar!!! Sorry Yaar Puri Film Bekar "Son Of Sardar"
  • soumitri1: saw the movie "Son of Sardar" today. waste of time,didn't expect that thing from Ajay Devgn....
  • SonuPanwar10: Son of sardaar is so beautiful movie.
  • SlashSrishti: Son of sardar sucks to the core!!! #hatedit
  • skashap: Son of sardar is hilarious
  • singhcd: Son of Sardaar -(cnt)Director Ashwni Dhir doesn't seem to know where to stop. The scene just before interval is around 30 minutes long(cnt.)
  • Shubham31375192: Don't miss jab tak hai jaan or son of sardar
  • shubham3122927: wasTe N BiLkUL bEkaAaR........... . . . . . . SOn Of SaRdaR........!!!!!!!!+ gUd nYt
  • ShreyanshChoura: Son of sardar rocks..
  • sanwat: Son of sardar worst movie of the decade.
  • sanjay_ff: Jab tak hai Jaan, Son of jane kya soch kar film banate hai ?
  • sammer_rocker: jab tak hai in the air.....awsme truly....diwali bekar bina son of sardar...have a filmy diwali
  • sahilv9: son of sardaar-the ultimate """bakwaas""", total paisa ""barbaad""
  • sachinshukla31: today i saw movie son of sardar. fantastic movie. superb “oye paaji kabhi hans bhi liya karo“
  • ritesh_chanana: Nice Movie "Son Of Sardar"
  • RiSHi_ThE_DoN: "Son of sardaar" really a nice comedy movie..... Must watch...
  • rinku_seo: Thanks Ajay for Son of sardar
  • rinku94s: mast movie son of sardaar
  • Reebi_Engineer: Awesome movie SON OF SARDAR........... Fullto comedy With Ajay & Sonakshi.......
  • RayzorzRb: Watched the son of sardar #sos good movie
  • rawalrahul68: Son of sardar is nice movie
  • raviblu11: I joy son of sardar movie u joy it .so good film.happy dewali,...
  • RanaAyyub: Son of Sardar has to be the trashiest film ever made in Indian history
  • Rana009: "SON OF SARDAR" is the full family entertainment movie............Ajay Devgan is a no. oneeeee star...........
  • rajeshsubnani: aap ki film son of sardar maine aur meri family ko bahut pasand ayi
  • raj9901: SON OF SARDAR , just like its poster !..good !
  • rahulbanglewal1: Super movie son of sardaar
  • Radhika_AZian: Sorry yaar Son of Sardar is bekar interval k baad!
  • Prudhvisagar: Son of Sardar easily the worst remake of a south movie #fail
  • prembaweja: watched son of sardar today. Must watch, full full comedy and nice actions
  • pkjsony7771: Son of sardaar, mast movie h yaar, action aur comedy ka bharmaar,aap v dekho yaar
  • PETERMOLYNEUX1: Review: Son Of Sardaar is not so funny: If you fancy jokes on Sardaars, the kind that are regular in joke books ...
  • Nikhil_R_T_Vem: Watched son of sardaar too.watchable..expected some more.....
  • Nicool_Joshi: Entertainment, Entertainment Entertainment Son Of Sardar...:)
  • nastishan: Saw Son of Sardaar last night (yes, I can see Hindi movies 2nd day of release even in Paris) .... brainless action comedy ... full timepass
  • Murtuzamithaiw1: Son of sardar is awsome movie
  • Mourudra: Over stretched, stupid but hilarious is the #movie Son of Sardar! Now I will watch Jab Tak Hai Jaan tomorrow may be
  • mauveblue2020: both not GREAT... Jab Tak Hai Jaan #jthj has an OFT REPEATED story dragging for 3 hrs & Son of Sardaar is just TIMEPASS...u choose!
  • Manal_mansoor: Son of sardar was pretty good.
  • makhijaaman: Son of Sardar..maha bakwas movie...khaa li poori ki poori...
  • luckyashish1: Son Of Sardaar.. Family Entertainer.. It Has Fun.. Second Half Is Little Bit Slow But Its OK With That.. And Ofcourse, Can Watch It Once..
  • KumarVipuk656: soñ of sardar ,,,,,,,,,,comedy movie! i like it añd my all friends!
  • kareena_786: Out of all @sonakshisinha movies, she looks absolutely beautiful in son of sardar. Good film, good acting well done sonakshi. xxx
  • Jibrran: Punjabi Hit hai, Son Of Sardar Super Hit Hai
  • jguptallb: Son of Sardar - No script overstretched comedy with some moments of fun
  • Jeetu_pa84: Son of Sardar: One of the worst movies I've ever watched.
  • JaydeepKataria: Son of sardar is super duper hit
  • janki_hirpara: Housefull son of sardar @ajaydevgn @sonakshisinha awsome comedy movie...
  • jakesprime: Still reeling under the impact of a Hindi-English-Punjabi onslaught on human intelligence - in Son of Sardar (SOS).
  • jaiswalsunil002: Son of sardar bahot badhiya hai
  • I_Nupur: Son of Sardar was funny sure but it really didn't make that much sense.
  • imvikashh: last night watched SON OF SARDAR ,nice movie .sardar ji ki baat hi kuch aur hoti hai !!!! hahaha
  • ImHalalBrother: Son Of Sardar Was Funny ;D
  • iamSRKp: By the end of the inning, Sehwag looked as bored as most people who watched Son of Sardar #IndvsEng
  • IamSidz: Sorry yaar Diwali bekaar bina Son Of Sardaar!! Entertaining enough to watch this Diwali :D
  • hetals: Son Of Sardar - Horrible.. pathetic movie where senior veteran actors like Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt make a...
  • Gurvind84719807: son of sardaar so beutiful picture
  • grv8591: Son of sardar is rocking movie Jthj most boring movie
  • gautam0092: jab tak hai jaan and son of sardar both r fantastic movies,,this diwali i will remember life time thank u srk and ajay,
  • GappistanRadio: So Son Of Sardar has been watched.. Salman Khan got more whistles in 2 minutes than the rest of the movie combined..
  • From_Dreamdth: Son Of Sardaar - One time watch for Ajay Devgn: USER REVIEW
  • Ezaz_me: now 15 days without any new release Talaash on 30 nov..will watch Son of sardar again in between....
  • Evi_Sood: Its a request from Sikh community, please don't judge/hate us on the basis of Son of Sardar!
  • dreamleica: and there..Indian Cinema touches a new low with Son of Sardar.
  • dewanshbansal: Son of sardar way better than jab tak hai jaan...not to be missed people :p
  • Dev__singh: ONLY SRK fans r excited abt Jab Tak Hai Jaan #jthj and its gyan about love...its boring at 3 hrs and Son of Sardaar is TIMEPASS !
  • deepakprabhak24: hello... sonakshi..... nice movie...SON OF SARDAR
  • deepakmasih2: Son of sardar film is very nice movie becouse this movie is mix commedy,love,fight
  • dark_neight: Jarur movie vekho son of sardar...... Nyc movie......
  • chitrangadasing: Son Of Sardaar Is not "SON" its a Baap of All Entertainment. #SonOfSardaar #SOS
  • brajend89876511: Son Of Sardar is the best movie
  • bikashdahal: son of sardar really awesome..........ajay rocks
  • BeingAbduljalil: Son of sardar perfect movie , entertaining !!
  • avinash00805303: #sonofsardar "If you liked Wanted, Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore, chances are you will relish Son of Sardaar as well.
  • ASIN420: son of sardar rockinggggg
  • ArjunPadaliya: i see the movie of son of awesime ...
  • AnuradhaMalhotr: Son Of Sardar hahaha nice yaaaaa :) :-) ;)
  • ankitkatyal: Horrible!! I rated Son of Sardaar 2/10 #IMDb
  • amitrsuthar: Ioool Watch hathoda movie today Total time wasters 1 jab tak hai jaan 2 son of sardar Dono bekar movies Shahrukh looks uncle Ajay dhakkan
  • amitabh_mishra: Went to movie Son of Sardar.Ok.Light comedy.
  • amangill20: son of sardar awsme movie
  • akashrt: Son Of Sardar = Epic fail.
  • adityasavnal: And Son.of Sardar makes Rohit Shetty's films look like Citizen Kane in comparison
  • aaryanrokks: 'Son of Sardar' is a laugh-riot..... it entertains in gregarious proportions :)
  • aamir71: #SOSvsJTHJ,,5FACTS..1)son of sardar is a horribly bad movie..even #chardinkichandni was better.saving grace #salmaan&ajay
  • AakashMohata: Dear Unfollower, may Lord force you to see Son of Sardaar continuously 4~5 times.
  • aadeshsingh420: #JabTakHaiJaan #AjayDevgn only churiyas can watch son of sardar heights of chutiyapa in the movie.
  • 0804bhati: Sorry yar duniya bekar bina son of sardar...rockzz #sos..

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Comments (4)


The promo doesnt impress much, seems another stupid comedy by Ajay Devgan and a dumb remake of a telugu film, may work afterall a diwali release....Ajay Devgan's comedy films never impressed me so far... I didnt find Golmaal 3 funny... a big torture actually....
Lets see if it wins the clash over JTHJ


@Silvan yeah, I don't like those kind of comedies either. Don't know about winning over Jab Tak Hai Jaan, I just hope we get to watch two good films this Diwali.


"With Sonakshi Sinha as lead lady, we can forget all about entertainment in the form of dance because the woman has a knack of juicing the grace out of dance."

That was quite a strong comment :P or may be it sounds so only because I seem to enjoy her lack of imhibitions for those crazy moves which clearly belong to the 80s ;)) can't think of another leading lady today who dances with such abandon (except for Anushka, maybe)


@Harsh Does one have to let go of grace while dancing to do so with abandon? To me she makes the dance look disgusting. I have caught myself looking the other way when she's on screen in this particular one.

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