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Son Of Sardaar

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Had the apple seen Son of Sardaar first, it would never have fallen on Newton’s head. Talking about the film is as predictably pointless as the film itself. The exaggerated action sequences and silly comedy may entertain some of the audience, but as a film-crazy nation, we surely deserve far better.

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Comments (4)


The promo doesnt impress much, seems another stupid comedy by Ajay Devgan and a dumb remake of a telugu film, may work afterall a diwali release....Ajay Devgan's comedy films never impressed me so far... I didnt find Golmaal 3 funny... a big torture actually....
Lets see if it wins the clash over JTHJ


@Silvan yeah, I don't like those kind of comedies either. Don't know about winning over Jab Tak Hai Jaan, I just hope we get to watch two good films this Diwali.


"With Sonakshi Sinha as lead lady, we can forget all about entertainment in the form of dance because the woman has a knack of juicing the grace out of dance."

That was quite a strong comment :P or may be it sounds so only because I seem to enjoy her lack of imhibitions for those crazy moves which clearly belong to the 80s ;)) can't think of another leading lady today who dances with such abandon (except for Anushka, maybe)


@Harsh Does one have to let go of grace while dancing to do so with abandon? To me she makes the dance look disgusting. I have caught myself looking the other way when she's on screen in this particular one.

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