Siddharth The Prisoner - Preview

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It's dark and it's abstract and it'll make you think. What is it that will liberate you from the trappings of life? An outstanding performance by Rajat Kapoor and some thoughtful yet simple background music keep you company in this extremely slow-paced film.



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NOT A REVIEW - Just looking forward to a 'different' movie...

There isn't much buzz around this film on the web except for this little bit here. Isn't that a shame considering it won the 'Jury Grand Prize' at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, 2008 and Rajat Kapoor won the best actor award at the Osian's cinefan, 2008?

The film's premise as expressed by Rajat Kapoor is extremely intriguing -

The idea is of imprisonment, and how that relates to the human condition. It’s an abstract film.

Also turns out his look has been inspired by Che Guevara, the Latin American revolutionary. In director Pryas Gupta's words -

The central concept of Siddharth - The Prisoner is freedom from the complexities of life and who better than the god of freedom, Che Guevara, to represent that spirit. Rajat's character is all about the journey to actual freedom

I'm certainly looking forward to this one. Enjoy the trailer meanwhile,