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Shaurya dishes out a strong flavor of anti-fundamentalism with a negligible measure of sermons. That in itself is a rarity. While it might not rise up to the standards of "A few good men", it has its intense moments that work.



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NOT A REVIEW - just some thoughts from a look at the official website...

Shaurya, which means courage, seems like a movie with a backdrop of war or border politics. While war movies are not for me, I love it when they have a story set in context of the army/military life. If done well, it can be great cinema. I enjoyed 1971 for instance.

This line in the director's note caught my eye -

I don't know about the box office success of the film but even if 40 people see the film, I want 39 to say that the film touched them.
I think saying that out loud takes courage! Of course, makers want their movies to be seen. But there are only a handful who accept that they haven't made one for mass appeal.

We have a delicious non-"star" cast Rahul Bose, Jaaved Jaaferi, Kay Kay Menon, and Minissha Lamba. What's more some of these people have individually written at the movie blog! While the word Shaurya means standing up to your pre-defined morals to Rahul, it's all about sacrifice and selflessness for Kay Kay, Here's what G. R. Khairnar and Sabrina Lall have to say about it in short paragraphs. Amrita Rao sees courage in the little things that make life and Rani Mukherjee is smitten by the courage women possess.

All very good...unless of course, it is written by someone in PR. But, even if we give them the benefit of doubt, I hope the movie is not as preachy as the site reads. I seriously hope some energy is reserved for actual dialogues in the movie and hasn't been all spent on the voiceover at the website.

I don't like reading the synopsis of the movie, but since it was the first thing on the site, I read a couple of lines. They, in combination with the background picture, instantaneously reminded me of one of my favourites - A few good men. Could be a good thing or a bad thing...hmmm...