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Hansal Mehta’s latest film Shahid, based on the life of slain defense lawyer Shahid Azmi, is a powerful story about a man who stood up for what he believed in and paid the price for it. Powered by the belief of the director and a convincing cast that manages to suck you in, the film is the kind that will stay with you long after the lights turn back on.



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  • _yash_sharma: Another best in itttt.... @shahid_loverz @shahidkapoor
  • YashVyas99: Hands down, respect to my mama for making #Shahid. I'm off to the cinema for the 6th time.
  • vishakhasingh55: #Shahid gets a unanimous #ThumbsUp !! Truly well deserved!
  • Vimarshmunsif19: #Shahid deserves all d accolades..picture perfect..sheer reality..such movies need to be considered for Oscars & applauded..small 1s r best
  • varunvarghese: Also, every performance in the film is a standout be it even for a few minutes and Rajkumar Yadav , Bravo! #Shahid @utvfilms
  • UnknownRtist: #Shahid Amar Rahe...
  • Tutejajoginder: R...Rajkumar is seeing some hype building for it on a gradual manner. The film would undoubtedly be Shahid Kapoor's biggest opener till date
  • TimesofBullshit: Go and watch 'Shahid'. For your Sunday morning kick-in-the-gut. Bravo @mehtahansal for having the courage to tell this story.
  • tikulli: Two must watch movies #Shahid and #Gravity
  • theonlysmartass: Shahid - Reality! On so many levels... - Saw Shahid yesterday. Its a really really good movie… The crux,  as...
  • SuthirthaGhosh1: Thank u Hansal Mehta for giving us #Shahid , bollywood need it very much , it's one of the best film of the year !
  • SushanSushant: Congrats Raj Kumar, Akash Sinha, Hansal Mehta, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub for the awesome film Shahid....
  • suhailkk: "Shahid" -Dont miss this newly released film... #Shahid - He must b the role model 4 all justic loving youth of...
  • subhashish_sap2: Saw #Shahid good movie . #rajkumaryadav is of the same league as #irrfan or #nawazuddn . Shows a diff side . Great acting by every1
  • StorytellerAman: Not every film aims at showing mirror to the society, #Shahid has, and has done it well.
  • SomyaSaxena: #Shahid is a brave film. RajKumar Yadav gives another power performance! Very convincing
  • siddharthbharti: What a movie !!! Shahid
  • shrootishenoy: But, but, but, #Shahid! WHAT A MOVIE!
  • SanketMinion: A really good movie #Shahid
  • samee5892: plz watch movie SHAHID
  • RuchiToshniwal: #Shahid good movie and so was #Gravity
  • ritesh404: Shahid is a must watch movie. it gives you insight, of which we didn ever get any sight of it.Raj kumar yadav in d role of Shahid is cmndbl
  • pragatiwari: #Shahid .. Such a brilliant peice of work.. #recommended
  • PrabhleenSandhu: "@krnx: Don't wait for the review. Just watch SHAHID."
  • PoohBear_Goa: #SHAHID a winner from Hansal Mehta who makes it engaging,poignant yet entertaining.Inglorious chapter of an activist well portayed @utvfilms
  • path2shah: SHAHID- eye opener .All who criticised sushi kumar shinde on writing to state govts regarding arrests of innocent people should watch SHAHId
  • Nikhil4uJain: #Shahid Is a biopic that deserves all the accolades. Picture perfect. Sheer reality & amazing showcase of acting. Deserves a watch!
  • mohapatrapratik: Go watch Shahid if you like real, de-glamourized cinema and superlative performances.
  • MiVijay15: watched Shahid Yesterday !! One of the finest film of the year !! Fantastic performance by RajKumar !! A must watch film !!
  • mithilng: While the mumbai folks are busy diving in the pool of best of world cinema,I caught up with one of our indian best- #Shahid TY @mehtahansal
  • mehtahansal: Do watch #Shahid today!
  • MaybeUrWrong: This is what i call quality cinema.This is wat a muvi shud be.But then,it takes a lot of guts to make a muvi as strong as #Shahid @utvfilms
  • maqsoodmk: #Shahid I really got tears in my eyes. Minorities are really helpless. We need more lawyers like shahid azmi.
  • krutikapdi: A movie that reli left me speechless and dumbstruck... Shahid. Have tons to say but may be later when iI will be able to think.
  • KiranKumar_AAP: Shahid Azmi:"आप सियासत की लढाई केवल उसमें रहकर ही कर सकते हैं, उससे अलग रहकर नहीं !" #WearAAPCap Do not miss movie "Shahid".
  • khannaved0: if u really want 2 see real movie go watch #shahid its show how mature our #bolyywood these days thanks @utvfilms 2 bring us ds movie..
  • Khadu92_: Watch #Shahid! Such brilliance is a rare sight in #bollywood!
  • jenaanindya: It seems Rajkumar Yadav will sweep all the awards #BestActor #CriticsChoice #Shahid
  • jaanidushman: #shahid film = most excellent and inspirational
  • ishahbaazk: Finally a year long wait has ended and I got to watch the movie "SHAHID" This film is a winner all the way,...
  • IBODatabase: #shahid is fascinating, riveting and a carefully branched film. It's inspiring ...The cruel part is that its a true story... Watch it today.
  • hits_sharma: #shahid ek behtareen movie with superb performances. Great performances..
  • fzlsammy: Terrorist? Lawyer ? or Saviour? Whoever he was but had the guts. #Shahid, is a must watch.
  • eeemajid: Gritty, gutsy, bold and brave. Go and watch #Shahid 4/5
  • dyf_rent: Go Shahid(witness)[email protected] 's #Shahid its a piece of genuine secular work.
  • DocotrEvil: It's been a while since I watched a movie that had a lasting effect. Shahid a must watch
  • deyab29: What a movie #Shahid is!! Loved it
  • dedhpase: #Shahid - makes you appreciate the other side of the coin..
  • curentbollynews: #Shahid picked up well in all circuits.Must watch
  • chiragshah450: Shahid - a nice story put across in a brilliant manner
  • CheeseToast_: Goosebumps.. #shahid :)
  • burnytosif: Must watch the movie "Shahid"...........................
  • bookeeda: An advice. Go watch #Shahid . Thank me later.
  • BhatiaApurv: On a personal note , I loved Hansal Mehta s #Shahid ..leaves a lasting impression.. Raj Kumar was 'rock solid' .. 4* kinda.
  • BeingHash: Pheewwww thank god its fun day happy sunday to all and do not forget to shahid its aswm movie by RT @mehtahansal !!
  • BalaNanban: #MustWatch Rt"@vishakhasingh55: #Shahid gets a unanimous #ThumbsUp !! Truly well deserved!"
  • AzmiShabana: Shahid is a MUSTWATCH film. The actors director DOP producers take a bow! Heartened dat films like Lunchbox and Shahid are finding takers
  • azeem2112: Thank u for a story untold , thank u for making us believe in Indian cinema Rajkumar best actor of the year Thank u for shahid @mehtahansal
  • ashumishraswt: " SHAHID " must watch... with Muhammed Dhaiya
  • ashishraikar: #shahid is the best movie this year much better than #lunchbox and definitely better than #boss but.....#shahid a must see
  • Ashishonmap: Shahid was a memorable film. I would rate it way higher than Lunchbox which was the other much lauded film that I recently saw.
  • anyjain: #SHAHID : Hansal Mehta’s film on real-life slain lawyer Shahid Azmi is a masterpiece of fearless work.. A MUST RECOMMENDED MOVIE @utvfilms
  • annavetticad: Despite one grouse against #Shahid's Hindu-Muslim equation, I found it a lovely lovely film:
  • ankitbit73: #Shahid is a very important film . A story which needs to be told more regularly. Do watch it.
  • Anis_Husain: Yesterday watched shahid, excellent movie a must watch, court room never ever look so real in indian cinema.
  • AltamashHKhan: #SHAHID - A very neat and 'focusing only on facts' film by @mehtahansal. No 'one particular community is the victim' business. #TakeABow
  • abhifilmy: A brilliant philosophy behind #Shahid: “By subjecting me to injustice, the Lord taught me the importance of fairness.”
  • AawaraChora: And shahid have the best starting I have ever watched.
  • TrulyAditi: Also, saw #Shahid yesterday. Though a tad bit stretched in between, its a film which stands our for its simplicity.