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Sachin – A Billion Dreams review by meeta is expected on 26 May.

Meanwhile, read the preview and check the trailer of the movie below:

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- meeta, a part of the audience

Sachin – A Billion Dreams - Preview

When I first heard of the film, I was really excited. But soon enough, I realised that the film is likely to be uni-dimensional. Not that there can me much of a gray side to someone who seems so grounded and well-meaning like Sachin Tendulkar. Fine, the fan in me is relentless.

Thus comes the question – Will the happy and sad tears, will the lumps in the throat be because of how the film is made or because of the man, and how we perceive him?

To top it off, this looks like a documentary. On the other hand, can there be another way to make a film about an icon of that stature?

Sachin - A Billion Dreams releases on 26th May, 2017. I am away for a bit and will not be able to review Hindi Medium soon. Hopefully, I will catch and review it as soon as I am back.

Sachin – A Billion Dreams - Movie Details

Sachin – A Billion Dreams - Trailer

If you cannot see a video above, click here to see it on YouTube

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