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What's done well is done pretty neatly, what's not is pretty average, even mediocre. And yet, the entire set-up kind-a, sort-a works.



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  • WalavalkarRohit: Rock On 2 just ruined my sunday evening
  • VJBishal: Rock On 2 is Rocking---enjoyed☺☺
  • thewire_in: Although Rock On 2 tries to convey that ‘music can save lives’, it can barely save itself. https://t.co/ONzRQbDdLs
  • TheAnushkaDesa1: I have a crush on @Purab_Kohli @FarOutAkhtar and @rampalarjun. Can't pick between them. Rock on 2 was so goooood.
  • TELLYEXPLO: Rock On 2 review: Strictly Average https://t.co/ZwOmRTizWD https://t.co/i4Uv07mE6I
  • TaniaGermany: RnM News: Rock On 2 review: Understated music in an exaggerated drama https://t.co/j8DYCsV8a2
  • tammsrinivasan: Rock on 2 Nice Movie
  • Suman_Kher: Rock on 2! Why..oh...why! The world could do without something like this!!
  • suhas1602: Please don't watch Rock on 2.....faltu movie ever
  • Su4ita: Dunno man, I really quite enjoyed Rock On 2, and here's 4 and half minutes of reasons. https://t.co/3byPF8OMg6 (Sorry for loud bg music)
  • Sp33dDem0n: Rock on 2 - decent movie, second half was a bit slow :(
  • souravshakti: Rock on 2 is the kind of movie which people won't watch even if they start accepting their old 500/1000 notes at ticket counter.
  • sonthaliarahul: Rock on 2.. one of the worst movies I have seen this year.. a complete let down compared to the first one... please avoid..! Total crap.!
  • sonalivishwaka7: Rock the movie rock on 2, l love it movie.
  • sk25_: ROCK ON 2 was hard to watch. Some great characters reduced to a haphazard script and a terrible soundtrack. HOW DO YOU GET THE MUSIC WRONG.
  • SinghAvijit1992: After long 8 years rock on 2 rocks ... :)
  • Shanayaax: 12) I could go on..But honestly speaking if your tired of romance, horror & want some inspiration movie in your life. GO & WATCH ROCK ON 2
  • shalinidixit: BO update: Rock On 2 starts on a disastrous note - https://t.co/m2CqKbLMes
  • Schoudhury986: rock on 2 movie......is amazing....maine toh dekh liya....jisne nahi dekha jaldi jaldi dekho
  • saurabhkalra5: Rock On 2 leaves just one question unanswered... Why was it made!!!
  • SakshiPost: ‘Rock On 2’: Not Rocking Enough https://t.co/1dWhb2ZWKF
  • SahilGa56906932: Watched rock on 2 wonderfull movie, Can't manage for first show coz no currency. But awesome movie. Paisa vasul!!!!!
  • r_pranoto: Adi, Jiah and Joe ... Good movie .... ROCK ON 2! / 12.11.2016 #cgvblitz #grandindonesia… https://t.co/bf5J8CV0mS
  • rucsb: I watched Rock on 2 and liked it. @iamrana
  • ruchikokcha: Rock On 2 is pathetic. Pro level pathetic.
  • Riya_skgem: I have watched Rock On 2 guys ❤️
  • RichiMunshi: Rock On 2 quick take: A musical journey that keeps you grooving https://t.co/41L97XiOgi
  • RenukaJain6: Guys if #DeMonetisation has stressed you. You are a music lover. Go & watch Rock On 2. Amazing movie. @FarOutAkhtar thank you. You Rock
  • P_aras_enal: Rock on 2. Every single frame. Soulful :) Thank you @FarOutAkhtar for this movie.
  • prof_peeves: Rock On 2: A sequel that did not need making! #Bored #WhyDidIWatchIt
  • priyaadivarekar: #RockOn2 is real, relatable and entertaining! @faroutakhtar @rampalarjun @purab_kohli @shraddhakapoor @excelmovies https://t.co/jwEOalN38S
  • Prem_Tips: Rock on 2 didn't all at rock.
  • premjithkollam: Rock On 2 Movie Review, Rating is 2/5 https://t.co/6vSvmIf9Kq
  • PrathyuLovesSk: Stay positive my baby @ShraddhaKapoor ❤ Rock On 2 is very good and it is inspirational Be positive
  • pranabsahoo: Rock on 2 awesome hindi new movies 2017: https://t.co/Zeh5fYRWWn via @YouTube
  • prakashgowda: Rock On 2, twice!
  • PRABHAKARMUNISH: #RockOn2 Rock On 2 Review: Insure Your Ears And Brain If this movie is played in hospital ICU every one will die https://t.co/XR28M75mBT
  • Poonamchandel74: #farhanakhtar Saw rock on 2. Good movie. Blame #PMModi if it does not do well. There were only 20 people in the hall.
  • Plebeian42: Rock On 2 was quite disappointing (and Farhan Akhtar should do something about his shoddy dialogue writing). Review… https://t.co/bZKC0abQf9
  • pkverdicts: #Rock On 2 – Dark Depressive Documentary. Rock-On had the soul, the crux of the plot was friendship over musical... https://t.co/1Q8bLaWrUG
  • Philmy_In: #RockOn2 fails to live up to the expectations set by the original #RockOn! Due to a weak script and musical score https://t.co/M2yvlcjr4k
  • nishparadox: Rock On 2 excavates the soulful heart with deeper scars to sow the seeds beyond the rhythms of feelings.... There you go. I said it. 2 > 1
  • nishapa90604503: rock on 2 is amazing #RockOn2 @ShraddhaKapoor you are great https://t.co/C7HtFfiBn8
  • MukherjeeJhilam: Too excited for rock on 2...
  • md_minhaj: Rock on 2 was okay.. Great effort put on by @FarOutAkhtar wasted in slow dim story telling.
  • mbhardwaj19: Movie: Rock On 2, My Rating 2.5/5. not good. https://t.co/pgyBau0LAD
  • marin_lane: Rock On 2 Is A Rocking Sequal https://t.co/KzB2He9P84 https://t.co/ftImK3T8ao
  • madhavgmail: Loved Rock on 2! Shraddha and Farhan simply brilliant performances and singing . Kudos to the crew . Audiences pls go and appreciate !
  • Lassitude_: Rock on 2 was unnecessary
  • kp1200: Rock on 2 is such a fabulous movie. Loved every bit of it. Thanks @FarOutAkhtar for making such cult movies.
  • kiagiacom: #RockOn2 Movie review: As a standalone film it is far from being something that can be dismissed. Rating: 3/5… https://t.co/I4uyNIxpbs
  • jhoana0408: Rock On 2 is out with my lovely @ShraddhaKapoor. #MustWatch #RockOn2 #ReliveTheMagik #Jiah
  • JairajSinghR: Rock On 2 isn't horrible or pathetic, it's nothing: @akhilsoodsood https://t.co/868PeKioKH via @dailyo_
  • JabTakHaiKhan: Extremely disappointed with Rock On-2. Opputunity lost! Farhan and Purab were great though.
  • itshammadd: chutyaapa karenge toh yehi hoga...Rock on 2 = disasterrrr https://t.co/5gEVlOKx0x
  • iamrana: By the way I saw Rock on 2 and loved it
  • HorrorGeek12: Rock On 2 was surprisingly good & Arjun Rampal was brilliant. And fantastic cinematography!
  • hanimayuni18: Rock on 2 super film! music, performances, direction! Loved it. @cruzmonica03 @cruzmonica03 congrats!
  • Gulli_khatri: Rock on 2 = Sulk on for 2hrs!!
  • GujjuBoss: Rock on 2 ... 2/5
  • greatbong: Rock On 2 seems to be the perfect movie to buy tickets for with demonetized currency bills.
  • GoodVibra: 'Rock On 2': A Rocking Sequel #News https://t.co/foDl8GcSnO
  • GmaneGawade: I got a good print of Rock on 2. Hence it has been watched. Why do I make such choices?
  • geetu_iyer: Rock on 2 was worth the wait.. Relieving magik was euphoric..! @FarOutAkhtar you were amazing! #RockOn2
  • gambaroo: Just back from rock on 2. Magik comes in parts .. a bit too serious .. but great music .. tentative performances... not a typical FA movie
  • fipuqotydov: Rock On 2 quick take: A musical journey that keeps you grooving
  • famesky_: Review- #RockOn2 is HIGH on emotions. Amazing performances make this film a must watch. *** https://t.co/A0MRyR9Iwr https://t.co/JINzPtBQrU
  • EvilYogiBear: Avoid Rock On 2! #JanhitMeinJaari
  • Eenadu_English: Nothing in @RockOn2TheFilm to cheer an ordinary cinemagoer https://t.co/y7ERFBuSQF #RockOn2 #RockOn2 review https://t.co/SXuMh03OyP
  • dayal_my: Rock on 2 is the kind of movie which people won't watch even if they start accepting their old 500/1000 notes at ticket counter.
  • coolprady06: Watched rock on 2 yesterday. Seriously disappointed, slept in second half. Lost faith in @FarOutAkhtar. One of the worst movie i have seen
  • chhabs63: #RockOn2 Rock On! Gave us catharsis. Rock On 2 takes you on the journey after. Brilliant movie. Music sucks.
  • chawlaaman721: Finally Saw ROCK ON 2 ; Really Osum Movie
  • charu3101: Rock on 2 for people who understand and love music and I watched it for @FarOutAkhtar loved it
  • chaaykarak: Rock on (1st part) was such a good film with good music. Rock on 2 is a wasted film. Farhan was… https://t.co/y0dylFAp7j
  • breenz01: The only thing good about Rock on 2 was Arjun rampal..he's so handsome. The rest of the movie was so crappy..totally bakwas
  • BhartiNavaid: #RockOn2All of have to see Rock on 2. It's a fantastic musical movie.
  • BEINGCHANDRA: Rock on 2 ..realistic beautiful movie about the Life #Aimbition# love #friendship#relationships.. inspiring, motiva… https://t.co/U9JDppvsP2
  • baigyriders: Rock On 2 is a disaster...
  • BabaAnealChe: Don't watch Rock On 2........... BAKWAS
  • AsliAnup: Firr bhi rock on 2 flop hai
  • ashismohapatra: Very disappointed with Rock On 2. Ruined an otherwise cult movie with complicated plot and pointless characters. #RockOn2
  • arnabbashistha: I really loved everything about Rock On 2!!
  • Arjun_dixit_kkc: Bollywood ki bhi lag gayi. .Rock on 2 flop ..Tum bin 2 n force 2 will be flop also
  • ArbazKh50781499: Best film rock on 2
  • apynchofmadness: #RockOn2 was disappointing. The 'magik' didn't work out the second time around. My thoughts on the movie. https://t.co/nCwChPg64b
  • apotofvestiges: #RockOn2 is a highly entertaining film with a lot of heart: https://t.co/StHP6PElqa
  • Anu_rag7: what was Farhan Akhtar thinking when he made rock on 2? Tbh movie could have been over in 15 mins.
  • Alaknanda_Inst: Ok!!!! Some people will kill me BUT I L❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️VED " ROCK ON 2" A
  • ak_akshay07: Rock On 2 is the Kind Of Movie You Shouldn't Watch Even If The Theatres Start Accepting Old 500/1000 Notes
  • AficionadoYash: Rock On 2: Lull, Dull and not ‘Magik’al
  • AakashJha11: Rock on 2 is a good movie,but the 1st half is kind of boring. #RockOn2
  • aaashishh: Rock on 2. # epicfailure # utter nonsense #5 thumbs down.
  • 5315c296d04a43a: Rock On 2 is a decent watch. But there are indeed few highlights which are worth mentioning - "Shillong", "Arjun Rampal"..