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Too much of the same thing over and over again - loud music, close-ups. How many underworld sagas can we watch? It has good acting and good twists in the plots but they are not enough to warrant a trip to the theatre.



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An excess of anything causes indigestion. Then may it be the loud drums and violins trying to follow the pace of your heart-beat or the close-ups / top and bottom angles. Note that I am not even complaining about the bloodshed and the gore. In fact, I missed the profanity. Hard core Mumbai goons and no abuse? The only things that make Risk watchable are the fantastic performances and a few twists in the plot.

The story is nothing new. Two gangs wanting to beat each other down as if that is the primary business they conduct. But, what scores is the way in which they beat each other. Through the two hours, the audience is wondering, “oops…now how will he get out of this one?” and that is what a drama should do. The only issue is that the end does not leave anyone surprised.

Watch out for some marvelous performances. Randeep Hooda need not prove himself any more in this genre, he has most certainly mastered the serious character - the dialogue delivery, the timing. Vinod Khanna plays his part with elegance and style. The rest of the supporting cast looks perfect for their roles too. Oh yes, there is Tanushree Dutta too, or is there? I am pretty sure, she too will forget that she had a role in this movie, very soon.

What on earth was a song like ‘hichki’ doing in a movie like this? It was point-blank out-of-place! Are we so desperate to please the masses that not only do we bring in an absolutely out-of-place love angle but have a Miss India who has no qualms about gratuitous show of skin? ‘out-of-place’ is the only phrase that seems in the right place!

Vishram Sawant uses music to cover conversations that the audience don’t really need to listen to. The same technique was used in ‘D’. Surely, there is no problem with reusing a technique from an earlier movie, but doing it through the movie? Was there a lack of talent in the dialogue department? Sort-of. There were some really good dialogues mixed with regular, very forgettable lines.

Agreed, like love triangles, there are only so many ways in which gang-wars can be treated. But, today we need something, something more to make the movie stand out. And that is what Risk misses. Or maybe it is time for the director to move on to another genre…

- meeta, a part of the audience

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