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Rangrezz, surprisingly puts a solid effort in writing a decent story. Yet, it takes the events to extremes towards the end, makes it too long and loses the plot. Some witty dialogue and a few well-timed performances keep the interest alive in an otherwise uneven second half.



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71 tweeters have given Rangrezz an average rating of 3.2/5.0(?)

42 yays
23 nays
6 so-so
  • _badmashi: Watch RangreZz at your own risk..."!!!!
  • womkerr: Priyadarshan's 'Rangrezz' is downright rubbish. My review --- http://womkerroncinema.blogspot.in/2013/03/colourless-emotions.html
  • VIVECKVASWANI: Rangrezz works on all levels! Priyans best effort in a long long long time!
  • vinzykavya: No offense to jackie but only good thing about rangrez was the title itself jackie is a great actor he should b choosy about his films
  • varun_k02: #rangrezz Bhagnaniji..itna paisa hain toh koi punya ke kaam main lagao na..aisi barbaadi kyu kar rahe ho?!
  • varaddongreshiv: Rangrezz is gud film
  • upsidedakshin: #Rangrezz bad plot, tried giving a message but turned out to be shaddy. Performance wise Jaccky was pretty good and his friends were good.
  • uMi_lOvErS: aWsUm mOvIe......RanGReZz........:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
  • Time_To_Prove: Rangrez : shit of a movie..
  • TheTanna: Saw Rangrezz yesterday... Very nice movie... And yeah a good lesson to be learnt...
  • TejShirodkar: #rangrezz -a brilliant movie on friendship,betrayal and ofcourse revenge. killer action and a movie with a perfect story.
  • Tarun0886: Rangrezz is so unlike Priyadarshan's make.. Good concept but sad plot, bad direction and even worse Ending..!! Not again sir jee...
  • sunitachoudha12: rangrezz is a beautiful movie
  • StretfordEnd112: Rangrezz- So many flaws, so many.
  • SNEED87: Rangrezz an awesome movie must watch, am sure @jackkybhagnani a superstar in the making #respect
  • sjoshipura: #Rangrezz Could Have Been So Much Better !! Average !
  • Shujeel: #rangrezz is just out of the world better den any other versions a must watch
  • Shubh_Aarambh: #Rangrezz was seen today. Liked it.
  • ShubhamBelekar: Rangrezz._its a must watch movie ..characters have presented friendship in very true way..I thnk 4 stars ll justify d film. @jackkybhagnani
  • shivangchopra99: Don't know about others...But I LOVED #Rangrezz And @jackkybhagnani 's Acting! :D
  • shalini50301104: Rangrez a good movie to watch.....
  • saifu_rm: Done with Rangrezz - total disaster ! Now heading towards Jolly LLB to neutralise !
  • Robin_aries: 'Rangrezz' is too bland to impress you
  • rblvineet: Rangrezz such a ossom movie, for best frnds.
  • RamuKakaOnline: #Rangrezz Unpredictable, interesting plot. Natural performances. Recommended watch!
  • raje143: Just saw RANGREZZ. was an excellent movie...full of emotions,drama,twist and frndship 3.5 from me:-)<3
  • Prtk_Live: #Rangrezz is definitely a film to watch.. nicely directed by priyan sir and @jackkybhagnani,Vijay Verma and Amitosh Nagpal acted brilliantly
  • PrashantTdixit: Rangrezz ... Movie with some good Direction, Action, Writing/Script. #Rahul #ChachaJaan
  • ParthGoel5: Saw rangrez horrible, horrible , horrible, God save the viewers
  • panarac: Day start from RANGREZ.its wonderful movie.
  • OQSpot: I'd high expectations of #Rangrezz but a bit disappointed. Jackky was fab. Priya Anand had a small role but story let it down. Tepid watch
  • noHITdhARMANI: #Rangrezz is @jackkybhagnani's best performance by far. He proved himself as an actor in this one. But Priyadarshan failed big big time..!
  • NiteshBose: Watchd #Rangrezz Osum movie.. Dosto kuch sabak lo..
  • Neeka_15: Rangrezz! Haha epic good stuff.
  • Nandini_Bundhoo: Rangrezz: a must-watch movie wiz a powerful story abt true frndship & love.enjoyed [email protected] best performance till date
  • MTANSHIT: Thanks dude for making us all feel #Rangrezz @jackkybhagnani :-)A must watch for indian teens
  • MrTHAR: its a nice time pass movie....jab kisi se umeed nhi krte to jara sa bhi milta h to kushi hoti hai #rangrez
  • Moviezpedia: Here are the ratings for the weekend releases! Aatma - 2.5* Rangrezz - 2.5* Django Unchained - 4* Olympus Has Fallen - 2* Sona Spa - 2*
  • MonsieurAwasthi: #Rangrez ,not so good afterall. Vague ending. #average
  • MissSwtSoul: Rangrezz was good. I liked it, Must watch!
  • mirzasuhail45: Awesome movie.. (: #Rangrezz.. ;)
  • MayurKashyap: The 1st half is excellent but the 2nd half is dull.The movie could've been finished in the 1st half itself!Overall an 1 time watch.#Rangrezz
  • ManiacRockstar: Was forced to watch Rangrezz with my cousin today. *Tweeting from a mental asylum now*
  • malinijohri: Rangrez -- don't miss! Another friends story with message !
  • madhukarpandey: #Rangrezz : Very impressive. A good flick by Priyadarshan after long.
  • LalitMangeshkar: #Rangrezz @jackkybhagnani gr8 movie
  • Kronosthelord: Rangrezz is without a doubt, the most crap filed movie of the year.
  • Kattar_Hindu7: Dear @jackkybhagnani #RAngrezz is Awesome Movie made by Priyadarshan. But Weakest Part of Movie is your Worst acting. So It became Flop-est.
  • Karankashyyap: #Rangrezz superbbb Movie...
  • InsaneMovieGeek: #Rangrezz becomes unwatchable with every passing minute.
  • Indiafana: I watched Rangrezz, very good movie should watch it !! (@YouTube http://t.co/da9DK3HRsJ)
  • Im_Ridhi: Awsome movie #rangrezz @jackkybhagnani u rocked man!! Loved it.. A must watch wid friends... #friendship_rocks
  • iAshh: Entire Rangrez team shld b given life imprisonment for culpable homicide,illegal confinement for 2hrs&abetment 2 suicide.
  • himeshmankad: Rangrezz has a very good 1st half and a average 2nd half whch lets us dwn bt over all it has a v good message whch mkes it watchable
  • hemal1986: Just say this Hindi movie called rangrezz was like one time watch !!!
  • harshjk: Saw rangrezz great [email protected] acting is really good in the movie.
  • freakishmee92: Yaar Ke Liye Kucch Bhi Karne Wale Ko Rangrezz Kehte Hain Really! Awesome Movie @jackkybhagnani #Rangrezz
  • FarazSalat: #Rangrezz is a typical bollywood's mechanical flick, and fails to show anything fresh. A waste of time.
  • DreamyNisha: Jackky watched Rangrezz yesterday it was amazing! :D the story was heart touching :') @jackkybhagnani
  • dhunji: Also Rangrezz is a story of friendship and betrayal - Priyadarshan and Santosh Sivan's friendship and their betrayal of the producer
  • deepesh_11: ...enjoyed the movie.....Pakkya rocked & MaanSingh too... #Rangrezz (:
  • ChhaviBhatt: rangrezz is a superb film
  • beingchaturvedi: Today u had lunch with my friends and after that we all watched rangrezz :) the film was not good at all
  • avneeshw: Rangrezz - A movie which starts on a bad note and gets worse as the movie progresses.....till you realize that you... http://www.facebook.com/avneeshw/posts/10151298962765685
  • Arunking000: hello all of u guyz must watch RANGREZZ the awesome movie who taught u about the friendship wht its man wht it is? so go and watch
  • anuragsingh1910: RANGREZZ s very simple,enduring,tragic .if u have a take on friendsp ,watch it.enjoyd d movie & extend friends r willing 2 go 4 each other..
  • AnishRoy17: rangrezz is one of the best movie of this year.seriously outstanding.and sir i like your acting so [email protected] bhagnani.
  • akshaybafana: #Rangrezz Never watch a movie starring the producer's child as protagonist. Atleast b4 reading the reviews
  • aishpokharna: #rangrezz........watchd with ma cousins.....liked the movie......!!
  • aca_rajnish: Rangrezz.. A nice movie.. Nice story .. Nice direction....
  • AaHanECtaa: Guys one time RangRezz zarur dekhna if you truely Love your Friends :)))